Letter: Cooperation is key to beating pandemic – Grand Forks Herald

Posted: December 13, 2020 at 7:56 pm

Success. E.O. Wilson, Ph.D., (sociobiology) has written about some of the 19 most successful species on this planet. One thing they all have in common: individuals cooperate and will even sacrifice their lives for the species.

Cooperation. Thats how they defeat larger and more formidable species. Thats how they deal with natural disasters. That's how they have spread across the planet.

Just 19 species out of over 1 million known. Nineteen. Human beings and 18 species of invertebrates: ants, termites, wasps, bees, et al.

Have we suddenly forgotten what the other 18 know so well? Why cannot we cooperate? All will benefit.

Cooperation is the key to controlling the pandemic. Cooperation is the key to rebuilding our economy and restoring our wonderful small businesses and communities.

The Greatest Generation has always described WWII in terms of the heroic individual sacrifices made by so many. Google Churchill. Winston was more than elegant. He was right. And he knew it takes more than just sacrifice to win (Google Banzai charge).

It takes cooperation and coordination to make those sacrifices effective. It took a lot of cooperation to win WWII.

On a smaller scale, isnt the key to success in team sports based on cooperation? Every play in football starts with a script and a role for each player. Is not a double play in baseball one of the most beautiful examples of cooperation? Or Magic Johnson leading the fast break?

In 2020 those heroic individual sacrifices are being made every day in our hospitals and nursing homes. If we all remember the old lesson to cooperate, we can validate those sacrifices and kick this bug deep into history.

We are seeing the consequences of failure to cooperate. The decision to cooperate is an individual choice. It is not a law. It is not in the Constitution.

Its only the key to success.

The rest is here:
Letter: Cooperation is key to beating pandemic - Grand Forks Herald

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