In the nick of time: Woman, dogs rescued from inferno by Kingsport, Church Hill men – Kingsport Times News

Posted: December 15, 2020 at 8:54 pm

BEAN STATION Jon Hamblin and Ray Watson happened to be traveling along Lakeshore Drive in Bean Station at the perfect time on Monday to rescue a woman and her two dogs from a burning home.

Hamblin told the Times News on Tuesday that by the time he and Watson reached the woman, they were about 30 seconds from being engulfed.

Watson, of Church Hill, owns Service Plus Termite and Pest Control. He and Hamblin, who lives in Kingsport, were in Bean Station at about 12:15 p.m. on a job when Watson spotted a house on fire and went to check it out.

When we pulled in, nobody else was there and the house was going up, and the lady was stuck, Hamblin told the Times News. As I went to get her and I carried her, the flames had already engulfed everything. We literally dove through the flames to get her out.

Hamblin added, Ray got in and let the two dogs out and checked for anybody else as long as he could. It was very hot, and I got a few little burns on me here and there, and fortunately Ray was unscathed. Her hair caught on fire as we dove through, but it went out. It was pretty intense.

Hamblin:"If you watch the video, you'll see the house and then an outside decking. It looked like she had a divide there, I guess for her dogs. She couldn't make it. She had hooked her pants. She said, 'I'm hooked, I can't get out', and the flames are shooting up behind her and the smoke.

Hamblin:"I grabbed her and picked her up, almost like a bouncer would throw you out of a bar. As we were running across, the front window blew out, and that's where it engulfed us in flames, and like I said, I got a few little burns here and there. No big deal. Her hair actually caught on fire, but I was able to throw her free, and then dive under the flames, and by that time Ray had already checked as much as he could inside and rescued the dogs. So we got her and moved her to a safe position.

Hamblin:"She was trying to come out onto the deck. But she was stuck, still rather inside. I used the decking for the escape."

Hamblin:"If Ray hadn't spotted that, she was a goner."

Hamblin and Watson left and continued about their business after fire and police personnel arrived on the scene. Hamblin said there was nothing more they could do and they didn't want to get in the way.

Bean Station Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jim McWhorter told the Times News that the woman, whose identity wasn't available, wasn't seriously injured and wasn't transported to the hospital. McWhorter said a family member picked her up, and her home was a complete loss.

The cause of the fire wasn't known.

Hamblin is an Army veteran and Watson is a Navy veteran. Hamblin said he believes their military training served them well Monday.

"At one moment we were literally engulfed on all sides and I literally threw her to get her clear, and I dove under (the flames)," Hamblin said. "She and I both basically went through the fire."

He added, We were just glad that we were able to get there in time. I really believe she wouldn't have lasted much longer."

See the article here:
In the nick of time: Woman, dogs rescued from inferno by Kingsport, Church Hill men - Kingsport Times News

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