How to Kill Termites in 7 Easy Steps (Expert Advice …

Posted: February 4, 2021 at 10:51 am

Termites are actually easy to kill, Wilson says, but you need a termiticide to do it. Unfortunately, good pesticides are not available to the public. Most home stores sell termite spray, but those are watered down to meet public safety specifications, so theyre not as effective.

If you have an infestation that is isolated to one part of your home, say the door trim, you can replace the trim, Wilson says. But if you have a full-on termite infestation, you need a larger scale treatment.

Subterranean termites have to be cut off from the house at the soil. Pacific Coast Termites makes a chemical barrier between any areas of dirt and the house, as well as around the entire house. It acts as a shield that the termites cant break through.

Drywood and dampwood termites can be killed with a wood treatment product such as XT2000 Orange Oil, which is injected under pressure into the wood through ink-pen-sized holes. This product saturates the wood and will prevent future infestations. Treating a moderate infestation this way takes about four to six hours.

Homes that are massively infested (you can see termites everywhere) can require fumigation. Either a massive tent is placed over your home, or all the doors and windows are sealed, and the home is gassed with pesticide that will kill all the termites. This process can take anywhere from six hours to one week, depending on the type of infestation. This only kills the current inhabitants, however, so Wilson recommends a prevention program after your initial treatment so you dont have another round of the creepy-crawlies.

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How to Kill Termites in 7 Easy Steps (Expert Advice ...

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