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Part Three: 2021 Primary Election Candidate Q&A Ellwood City, PA news –

Posted: May 13, 2021 at 1:52 am

This is the third in a three-part series featuring a Q&A with the candidates for Ellwood City Borough Council and Ellwood City Area School Districts Board of Directors. Todays Q&A features Ellwood City Area School Districts Board of Directors candidates Barbara Wilson and Claire Fauzey. Yesterdays Q&A featured candidates Kathleen McCommons, Renee Pitrelli, and Kathy Tillia. (Candidates Norman Boots, JoEllen Eichler, and Kathy Pansera did not participate).

Primary Elections are just around the corner. Residents will be able to place their votes on May 18. To find your polling location,click here. To learn more about the voting process and how to cast your vote,click here.

Take a moment to get to know the candidates running for Ellwood City Area School Districts Board of Directors.

Former Experience, Roles, and Years Serving onEllwood City Area School District Board:

Why are you running for School Board? If elected, what will be your priorities?I am running for re-election because I truly believe in public education. Over the last few years, I have been able to give valuable input into very important issues in our community. My top priorities are security, equity, and mental health. I would like to continue to serve my community in this capacity.

Is there a particular issue that motivates you to serve on the board? Yes, several. When I was running four years ago, my biggest issue was equity in our schools. I believed then, and now, that all of our children deserve to become their best self. It is up to us to provide ways for them to achieve this. For some, its academics, for others its sports, clubs, choir, band or the musical. Maybe its not an activity but a person that makes them want to come to school each day. Whatever their reason, we need to provide this in the best way possible for them. This opportunity needs to be available for ALL our children no matter what. Every child, with no regard to race, religion, gender, socio-economic status, deserves to receive the tools that they need to be successful. Now, in addition, I have become very interested and involved in school security. Our students cannot learn if they are worried about being hurt in school. So, I find it extremely important to do everything that can be done to keep them safe and secure so they can focus on learning.

What particular experiences or skills have prepared you to serve as a board member? I hold an Associates and a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I completed a Masters-level Reading Specialist program. I taught for 7 years including 2 years of RTII (Reading Interventions) for the ECASD at North Side Primary. We have 5 children, the youngest being a Senior this year, so I have many years experience as a parents of a school aged child. In addition, I am employed as the Director of a non-profit and work with and report to a Board of Directors, therefore also having that perspective.

In what school district or community activities/organizations have you been involved? My most recent project is planning this years After Prom with a few of my fellow board members and a great group of parent volunteers. I am the current President of the Ellwood City-Shenango Soccer Boosters and have spent the last 4 years working to make the soccer program successful through the boosters and by co-coaching the 2017 season. I have chaperoned many school fieldtrips. Whatever activity my kids were involved in, I tried to help or volunteer including school musicals, dance recitals, and athletics. When my children were younger, I was active on the PTO and as a Classroom Mom. Outside of school related activities, I volunteer regularly at The Ladle Soup Kitchen and participate in many local social justice and food justice programs.

What differentiates you from the other candidates and/or board members? Each candidate is unique and voters look for candidates that reflect their values. My life experiences are individual to me and they have shaped who I have become. I am hardworking and honest. I champion for each and every student in our district to be successful. And I am always open to having a conversation with anyone who has an idea to improve our district.

What issues do you believe your district needs to address in its academic program and offerings? What changes would you recommend? I would love to see more practical hands-on offerings in the areas of Technology/Computers, Family & Consumer Science and Tech Ed (Industrial Arts). I would also love to see ECASDs gifted program grow. I am proud of our partnerships with other educational institutes and would like to see those programs grow as well.

What should your school district do to better prepare students as citizens? Academic skills are important but equally important is teaching kids soft skills such as: communication, cooperation, ethics, teamwork, social skills, creativity, and reliability. Students need to learn higher level thinking to be able to problem solve in the real world. They also need to learn to be kind and helpful and how to be a contributing member of their community.

As a board member, where would you look to make budget cuts? (see next question as I am answering both together)

How does a school board balance the need to provide a quality education with the need to respond to the local taxpayer burden? This is a tough question(s) because I never want to cut from any program that benefits our children. Most of our budget is fixed. Payroll including insurance and PESERS (retirement) building costs, and state mandates comprise the majority of our budget. We actually have a very small percentage that is discretionary. So, I look at what I think our most important issues are at the present time and each year that may change. As with everything, you have to prioritize and ultimately, you have to look at ROI. Are the students benefitting enough for the amount of money that we are spending on this item? I am a huge fan of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose so if we can incorporate these thoughts into our budget, that will help. I find myself looking at the schools budget in the same mind frame as my home budget. We have this amount of money coming in so how do I think it is best spent? What are wants and what are needs? I also am a big proponent of finding grant money and/or business sponsorships. I would rather take those routes verses making cuts.

What attributes are essential for successful school board members? Being a school board member requires a lot of different skills. You must be willing to listen with an open mind. Its important to work as part of a team and keep personal feelings aside when debating topics. You also need to be flexible at times and compromise if needed, but also to know when to stick to your convictions when you feel a topic is important. It also requires a lot of balance. It can be a very time-consuming position, so knowing how to budget your time is important.

How would you handle the requests, if approached, by an individual? Special interest groups? When this happens, I listen to the individual or group. You can learn so much by listening to someones concerns. Sometimes, they just want to know how things work and I happily explain to the best of my ability. Sometimes, they have a complaint. If that is the case, then I make sure they know the proper channels to go through. There are steps to take before bringing a concern to the school board. If they have not received results to their satisfaction (after taking the proper steps) then I encourage them to come speak to the board as a whole at a meeting. I am always careful to let them know that a board member cannot take action alone but only as a group.

How can you contribute to a successful board meeting? First, I always come prepared to discuss the issues at hand. I read all the emails and attachments and the paper packets that are sent to us, which can be quite substantial at times. If necessary, I research the topic further to develop an understanding of the item at task. I ask questions to ensure that I understand the topic before I vote. Then, I do my best to listen to all of the comments on the issue, even if they are different than my own thoughts. You never know when you may learn something new or hear a different perspective that helps you understand another persons position. I try to be kind with my words and how I treat my fellow board members. Its important to discuss the issues and not the person speaking. Last, I have played moderator during many discussions. People come at issues with either one opinion or the opposite. Many times, there is a middle ground that can make both sides comfortable with the final decision. I like to be the person to help brainstorm alternative ideas and find acceptable solutions to our problems.

What do you see as the current challenges facing public education in our state? In our country? There are so many challenges facing public education at this time. I think our biggest challenge is funding. With adequate funding ECASD would be able to better meet these challenges head on. For example, I feel that we need to make students mental health a priority. Our children have faced so many challenges over the last 14 months and they need coping skills. Appropriate funding would allow us to bring in social workers and mental health specialists to support our children and families. When academic materials become outdated, funding would allow us to replace them in a timely manner. We could also update and modernize our facilities with better funding.

What are 2-3 strengths of which our district can be proud? Why do you see these as strengths? Our community is certainly a strength that we can be proud of. I see so many community members cheering on our sports teams, making donations for student events, providing activities to keep our youth engaged; we have such a wonderful library and many youth leagues. I also cherish the ECASD teachers and staff. They do so much for our children, way beyond what their job requires. Some kids do not have positive role models at home and having someone at school that cares for you can make such a difference in a childs life.

What are 2-3 needs that must be priorities for our district to address? Why do you see these as needs? Our needs have changes so much over the last 14 months. Through the pandemic we have seen such major changes in education. Our teachers and staff made a major pivot with no notice. We were able to feed our children, provide Chromebooks and instruction at home, and learned how to use technology to instruct, learn, and communicate better. Now that we are able to begin to return to some aspects of normal, I see mental health as a major area of focus for the foreseeable future. Many students have lost loved ones, faced social isolation, were unable to participate in their favorite activities or see their friends. I believe that keeping the students physically safe and healthy was the priority over the last year and now we will need to address the issues that stemmed from it, such as depression, anxiety and social behaviors.

If elected, what would you hope would be key accomplishments of the board during your years of service? I am so proud of all of the security improvements that the district has made in the past few years and I hope to be re-elected to see these projects through to the end.

Former Experience, Roles, and Years Serving onEllwood City Area School District Board: I have not yet had the opportunity to serve as a director on the Ellwood City Area School Board

Why are you running for School Board? If elected, what will be your priorities?I hope to use my experience as a public school educator and my degrees in education to make educated decisions that not only will benefit our students in a positive way but also promote our district. My main priority is making sure that the district is providing a quality education to our students. We have some of the best teachers and students around and they are deserving of a top-quality education. I will be an advocate for all students.

Is there a particular issue that motivates you to serve on the board? I believe a good board is based on communication, transparency, and always serving to promote the best interest in the kids. As the pandemic is an important issue, a seat on the board lasting four years will outlast issues concerning children returning to school, both academically and in sports. I believe that it is a current motivating factor, it will not be a permanent concern as we continue to return to normalcy. We need to focus on setting our district apart from others, making our curriculum, academics and technology stand out to provide an excellent education for our students. Preparing our students for the future should always be an objective. I believe that being a leader is not standing in front of the people, I believe that being a leader is standing behind the people you serve.

What particular experiences or skills have prepared you to serve as a board member? First and foremost, I think being a parent of school aged children in the district. Nothing is more motivating than wanting the very best for education. I was raised by a 28 year school board member and an Ellwood City school teacher, Tony & Mary Ann Celli. I know the importance and value of those positions firsthand, a director on the board is not something to be taken lightly. I have spent my entire life in Ellwood City, I believe in this town and attend almost every function that it has to offer. I think that is important to not only find the changes that need made, but also to find the goodness and support and promote positivity that already exists.

In what school district or community activities/organizations have you been involved? Before the PTO was renounced, I was a member for the years that my daughter was in school. I also volunteer my time for the ECLW Termite Cheer Squad. I am a member of Holy Redeemer Parish and in years past have volunteered during the parish bazaar. Prior to COVID, I participated in the Ellwood City Library Activities with our daughters and attend our community events to support our town. Also, this past year I had a fundraiser 5k race planned and approved by Ellwood City Borough Council, the plan was to host the Holiday Hustle in November and donate all proceeds to Catholic Charities for our local families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to COVID it was cancelled but I am hoping to host it this coming November. Educationally, I am a member of the International Educational Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi.

What differentiates you from the other candidates and/or board members? I have a multitude of degrees in education; Secondary Teaching Certificate, Master of Education Degree in Professional School Counseling, and a Master of Education Degree in Special Education. I am also currently completing courses for my Doctorate in Education Degree in Educational Leadership & Administration. I am a current public school teacher and have been in public education for the last thirteen years. I also understand the importance of a sound school board from a parent and tax payer point of view with two children who are and will be attending ECASD.

What issues do you believe your district needs to address in its academic program and offerings? What changes would you recommend? As the pandemic fades away and we resume some normalcy, there is still going to be a need for an online cyber program through the district to serve those students who learn best in that modality. Adjustments can be made to our cyber program to be more user friendly for both students and families. The goal should be to retain our students and not have students unenroll to attend other cyber charter schools due to frustration in our district. What are the parents and students looking for in a cyber program? What are they looking for in our district? That is what we should be offering. When we lose students we are losing thousands of dollars in funding to our schools. Another ongoing purpose is to keep up with the latest curriculum. Education is everchanging and we need to be changing along with it, offering our students the best. Also, not only are core academics important, but also do anything in our power to keep the arts our musicals, promote art programs, and allow students to excel in each of their own areas.

What should your school district do to better prepare students as citizens? We need to focus preparing students not only for four and two year colleges. Trade schools, the work force, and everything in between should be celebrated and supported just as much as traditional four year college choices. There needs to always be an emphasis on preparing those students for those options as well. I think that our district does a good job at this and it should always be important. Students need to be prepared for every day living outside of high school and they need to be learning soft skills. How to handle situations that dont go as planned, how to handle the unexpected, better coping and soft skills can not only help with life challenges but are great for students mental health as well. Also, encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities, whether it be a sport or club. This helps build responsibility, team building, resiliency, and social skills that can be used far beyond high school.

As a board member, where would you look to make budget cuts? I think that overall, as a board director we need to look at the funds we have to deal with and see how we can use them most efficiently. I think that cuts would be a last call solution to budget issues. It is important to utilize grants, make sure that our students are staying in house to guarantee our tax dollars are staying in our district, and that our hires are not only beneficial for our students but also that contracts are within our realm of appropriate spending.

How does a school board balance the need to provide a quality education with the need to respond to the local taxpayer burden? Look into grants. There are grants provided for resources, especially during this time that are underutilized and can benefit our students. Spending money efficiently and in the necessary areas is important. Also, it is important to keep our students in ECASD and not transfer to a charter school. When our students are unenrolling, not only are we losing the importance of students and families in the district, but there is large dollar amount of our tax dollars that leaves our district to go to the charter school. With a better cyber plan, our students can have the option of a quality online education in house. We keep our students and we keep our tax dollars.

What attributes are essential for successful school board members? I believe that you not only need to have the education and knowledge, but you need to be able to listen to understand. You need to hear the parents and teachers and know what is going on the good and the bad. It is important to not be a yes man and if you need to stand alone because you are willing to fight for what is in the best interest in the kids, then so be it. In addition, being transparent without hidden agenda or goals is a necessity. Being able to work together and collaborate with other board members allows for goals to be reached together and successfully. I think having a background in education is important as well. We are serving in the field of education, the more educational background one has the better informed decisions can be made.

How would you handle the requests, if approached, by an individual? Special interest groups? Regardless of who or what, it should be given the same attention as any others. Listening to the request and more importantly the reason why behind the request. If the request is necessary and beneficial for the students, it is then not about if it is feasible or not, its about how to we make it happen.

How can you contribute to a successful board meeting? I listen to understand and listen before responding. It is important that before an informed decision is made, all information must be presented and all situations are analyzed as to what is the best for our students. I know how to agree to disagree, nothing should be taken personally as I hope that we all have the same goals in mind to have the best school district for our students. Choices should not be taken lightly and should not be made to benefit the few but the majority.

What do you see as the current challenges facing public education in our state? In our country? Both locally and nationally mental health is becoming a crisis in our youth. We are on the upswing of a global pandemic that no matter what situation you are in, it uprooted your world and created instability and the unknown. For children this is even more significant. Recently I attended an education webinar, Teacher Toolbox Series: 6 Strategies to Social-Emotional Care for COVID-19 and Beyond. As we see school days looking more normal, it does not mean that all students emotional and mental wellbeing are also going back to normal. We need to take care of our students, only when a students social and emotional wellbeing is in good standing, can the best learning take place. I think that it is also important to emphasize individual strengths. Not every students strongest subject is Math or English Language Arts. Our district needs to always utilize courses in all areas so students can excel in their areas.

What are 2-3 strengths of which our district can be proud? Why do you see these as strengths? Number one is our students, all of the time you see our kids in the newspaper for their accomplishments. Whether they are academic, sports, or any other extracurricular I think that these accomplishments should never go unnoticed. The kids have worked hard especially this year, they have adapted and accommodated in ways that sometimes adults cant fathom. Our kids are the future of our town and our most prized possession. Our students should be praised and recognized for their accomplishments big and small. I am proud to say that both of our daughters will be students in ECASD, this is the school district we chose for them. Just as proud of our students, I think that we should be proud of our teachers and faculty. They are the backbone that make our school what it is. I am fortunate to have graduated from ECASD and was able to be a student of some of the teachers. I am also lucky to know these teachers on a personal level, as well as professionally. They are hands down some of the best people in the world.

What are 2-3 needs that must be priorities for our district to address? Why do you see these as needs? I think that one thing that has taken a back seat of school safety, as students were at home or in a hybrid model, there was little need but that does not make it less of importance. Security and/or police presence is important in all buildings in the district. As mentioned earlier, I think that with the push of in person learning and sports for mental health, I think that additional resources need to be available for those who need it. What can be done to provide our students with the supports that they need to succeed? Do we need additional guidance counselors to ensure that there is always one in every building if needed?

If elected, what would you hope would be key accomplishments of the board during your years of service? I think it is important to look far beyond this year, the pandemic will not be the issue in years to come (we hope) and issues need to be addressed as they evolve. How can the school improve its academics, what extracurriculars and sports can be added or incorporated to what we already have? Can we increase and improve our technology? I hope that open communication is something that becomes a norm and that parents feel are not only heard but also respected when approaching the board with questions or concerns. The only way we can achieve goals successfully is if we are all working together. I would also like to see the district gain money and resources through grants, they are out there and would be beneficial to receive. We can use these resources to always be updating and improving curriculum and technology. Most importantly, I want to see that students are staying in our district. That they want to be here because they enjoy the education, the enjoy participating in sports, and they enjoy the activities that are available. In turn staying in Ellwood and raising their own families to also attend our district and watch our town grow. I will be an advocate for all students, regardless of the situation and will fight for them to always have the best education and experience possible in the Ellwood City Area School District. I believe in leaving something better than when you found it.

Continued here:
Part Three: 2021 Primary Election Candidate Q&A Ellwood City, PA news -

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Community joins together to help someone in need – Brunswicktimes Gazette

Posted: April 15, 2021 at 1:55 am

To the Editor:

Thank you to everyone that helped make the Brunswick Stew fundraiser for Philip Kallam a HUGE success on April 3, 2021. All supplies and ingredients were donated/paid for along with extra donations.

With everyones support we were able to donate $6,508 to them. We know this will be a help to them during these challenging times. This would not have been possible without the support of these generous friends and businesses of our community: Emory Samford, Len Hobbs, Randy and Melinda Clary, Debbie Douglas, Craig Martelle, Kell and Nancy Fleshood, Ed and Judy Carroll, Rebecca Yonker, Robbie Pecht and Becky Akers-Pecht, PL Baisey, Employees of Benchmark Community Bank (Lawrenceville Branch),Virginia Pallets, Rozier Termite and Pest Control, Commonwealth Exterminators, Lake Country General Store, EE Vaughan, Alberta General Store, Virginia Custom Thinning, B&J Cash & Carry, and Parker Oil Company.

The following people helped prepare, cook and sell 617 quarts! Tracey Powell, PL Baisey, Hubert Moore, Scott Martin, Austin Elmore, Jerry Clary, Colby Elliott, Norby Nelson, Lynda Elmore, Rhonda Elmore, Linsey Carroll, Jinx Baney, Amy Williams, Kay Clary and Anne Rylands.


Thank you to all involved!

Please keep the prayers coming for Philip and his family!Rodney Elmore


Read more from the original source:
Community joins together to help someone in need - Brunswicktimes Gazette

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If India was socialist all these 70 years, how is 73% of all wealth owned by 1% Indians? – National Herald

Posted: February 14, 2021 at 3:53 pm

Editor ji goes hyperbolic over one budget speech to sweep away the miasma of failed economic policies, and horrendous disasters, to hail the dawn of a new era. Amit Shah continues to termite his way through the nations foundations in West Bengal. The Chinese have won their argument and reinstated their 1959 claim to our territory which we have contested for last 60 years. And probably won it as Lt Gen. Panag explains. We have a pandemic ongoing, and hundreds of thousands of farmers at the borders of Delhi, clamoring for a hearing.

Is there a case to consider Editor jis rather pernickety vision of el Dorado as an elaborate diversion from objective reality to something more phantasmagoric in order to distract and amuse the gullible?

The point is Editor ji pulled a similar trick in the run up to 2014, lending the emperor robes of reform that he never had. So, this would not be the first time.

SG: Indian politics, generally since 1947 but particularly since Indira Gandhis hard Left-turn in 1969, has been unipolar economically. First Nehru serendipitously got rid of the Right in his party and then his daughter carried out a full purge. In the same period, using her brand of social-populism soaked in nationalism, she destroyed the one opposition party of the libertarian Right, Swatantra.

SR: The cheap rhetorical legerdemain of using straw man arguments need not detain us. The proper context for Modis alleged reformist impulses is the 90/91 package of economic reforms put into place by PVNR and Dr Manmohan Singh. Has Modi moved the process forward? Or diverted it from the beginning of a road to market-based reforms, to crony capitalism.

Much water has flowed down the Ganges since Indira Gandhi left the scene. Fact is Editor ji would have a rather hard time showing how Modi has moved the needle forward since 1990/91. So, he sets up a straw man to beat to show his messiah in better light.

One expects this kind of chintz dodgery from party quacks, not erudite editors, with some claim to objectivity and relevance.

SG: Her most vocal rivals since were also various socialists, Lohiaites and Communists. She was so smart, and the Communist parties so torn between Moscow and Beijing, she split them as well. The pro-Moscow CPI backed her fully, even over the Emergency.

SR: Irrelevant gibberish. Indira Gandhi is the straw man here for the Editors argument.

SG: There was little scope left for an ideological polarisation in Indias political economy. It was essentially a challenge of which side could be more socialist. This pull became so irresistible even the Jana Sangh, and later BJP, walked into the same tent.

SR: Continuation of the rubbish straw man argument. If have the courage, try comparing Modi with Dr Manmohan Singh, and Modis reforms with those of 90/91. And let us see if your contrived thesis holds up.

SG: For five decades each side fired at the other from its own socialist trenches. Meanwhile, they all talked of reform. Reform with a human touch, inclusive reform, reform with socialist flavour. Mostly reform by stealth.

SR: What is Modis Farm reform Bills if not reform by stealth and deception, carried out in the middle of a pandemic, without discussion or consultation, and rammed through parliament without a proper vote?

Has Modi dared explain why prices of cereals must be brought down to reduce cereal production and diversify into other crops? Or has he plied lies upon lies? How is deception & outright lies better than stealth?

SG: Or, as the late Sitaram Kesri had said to me in an interview why he thought the Chinese communists were like DTC bus drivers: They signal left and turn right. The sad fact is, we were not even turning. We were moving straight, at a crawling pace, straddling multiple lanes, which is typical of driving with Indian characteristics. This also describes Modis first six years. If anything, he had put the clock back on even the post-1991 reform. Indias economy had stalled, as did its politics.

SR: This also describes Modis first six years. If anything, he had put the clock back on even the post-1991 reform. Indias economy had stalled, as did its politics. I marvel at the persuasive powers of Modi. One speech, and the Editor ji is gushing all over the place in awed reverence.

SG: Thats now changed. One side has declared itself to be an unabashed backer of private enterprise and the other socialist. Lets not be confused by whataboutery in terms of whos coming from where. Lets pick up the thread from this session.

SR: Hallelujah. Here is the moment of chamatkari epiphany!

One speech that says private sector has a role to play in development of the economy makes Modi the Capitalists champion, never mind the fact, that India has always had a robust private sector since Nehrus era. In fact, Nehru even went & created developmental banks, that Modi has only thought of now, so that the private Capitalists could borrow long term public funds to finance their businesses.

Capital goes to the credible. The sad fact is faith in Govt in Nehrus era was high, and private sector low. Since the British were anything but socialists in India, the lack of faith in private sector had nothing to do with ideology. Tycoons for the most part then, with the exception of a Ghanshyam Birla, largely were happy to do business with the British and made their fortunes under them in such diverse things as opium trade with China, to textiles mills in Mumbai.

Consider the close connection between Capital, tycoons, all invaders since the dawn of history, you couldnt blame the public for not trusting them. Capitalists will always back power, and all power will back Capitalists. Even Xi will do so, his problems with Jack Ma notwithstanding. The crucial thing is how does power control the Capitalists.

When you use free markets, based on open competition among them, to control the excess of Capitalism, the system works fine. On the other hand, when you use power to insulate Capitalists from the discipline of competition, you get crony capitalism - a run-away, predatory sort of Capitalism, where firms gouge consumers to make profits and depend on the state to make business cozy for them.

Modi is doing both: protectionist tariff walls to protect firms from competition, and using coercive power of the state to make farm produce available cheaper to trade.

SG: First of all, the budget talked of privatisation and not disinvestment. I said on budget day that it was the first time an Indian government had unapologetically used the word privatisation instead of disinvestment or some other euphemism. For the record, Yashwant Sinha messaged me to say that he had also used the word in his 2001 budget speech. But still, it wasnt stated as a formal policy and used in that sense.

SR: A rose by another name is still a rose. But I will concede the point. The word privatization was used. So what?

Most of the public sector in the last 6.5 years, and even earlier, has been systematically not only denied additional capital, but has also had its internal surpluses drained, to finance Govt. regardless of where they were need to be deployed. This shows in the pathetic PE multiples that these firms command even at the top of a booming market.

Policy has been to kill off the public sector by stealth for a long time. Many have been allowed to perish unsung, starting with Scooters India & the famous Bicycle Corporation of India.

But the rapturous Editor ji forgets his history. Modi has used the word privatization. And more importantly RG as opposition leader, opposed him. So that makes Modi pro-Capitalism and RG the detested socialist. Why should facts come in the way of a rhapsody to the Messiah?

SG: Second, the prime minister made the most forthright case for the private sector. He said it needed respect and the days when calling entrepreneurs names got you votes are over. He said if the whole world is gratefully buying Indian made vaccines, it is because of the private sector. He also gave us a view on the public sector hitherto not spoken by anybody at top levels in power. Why should IAS officers run businesses, he asked? If they are Indian, so are private entrepreneurs. They also contribute to building the nation. Dont diss wealth creators, he said. Because, if wealth is not created, what will you distribute?

SR: When Gorbachov came visiting to India in the 1980s, he had a specific query for Rajiv Gandhi. Show me how and why the private sector works so well in India. So, presentation on the topic was arranged for him by two people. One was the Chairman of Hindustan Lever. The other was an upstart entrepreneur named Narayan Murthy.

So, forgive me if I cast a skeptical eye over the editorial balderdash. Such gobbledygook belongs in political rhetoric not an editorial column.

Private sector has always enjoyed the respect it deserves. In fact, Indias socialism was always more crony capitalism in its real treatment of capital. Redistributive justice was mostly lip service, largely because crony capitalism never produces sufficient economic surplus, [as opposed to profits that can be siphoned away abroad & recycled back as capital in another firm] to enable effective redistribution.

Instead, price controls & black markets went hand in hand, making empty socialistic rhetoric possible in tandem with much money making in black markets by Capitalists.

It is this duality that was ended by 90/91 reforms. And the duality will be duly back under Modi as the protectionist tariffs & PLI kick off smuggling, over & under invoicing, linked deals abroad etc. But who can explain economics to an editor who is determined not to remember?

Has there been a Narayan Murthy under Modi? How many Narayan Murthy have been chased away to Singapore under Modi?

Editor ji should ponder such deep questions before selling us the same old poisoned chalice of crony capitalism as the new Capitalism. If one looks carefully, the same old Bombay Club has changed its name. Nothing else has changed; except that under the old dispensation, all comers were welcome, but now only two are.

SG: Now, you might argue with good reason that while saying this he is taking enormous taxes out of the pockets of the middle class by way of petrol-diesel taxes and distributing it to the poor. But that is a secondary argument in the larger debate today.

See the article here:
If India was socialist all these 70 years, how is 73% of all wealth owned by 1% Indians? - National Herald

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Modis inability to critically think matters is satanic revenge from hell – Global Village space

Posted: February 9, 2021 at 6:50 pm

There is no balance of wisdom in PM Narendra Modi. Either he is facilely imitating for the physical appearance of Swami Vivekanand to celebrate some anniversary in the future or trying to stage a retreat into a monastery, as it is his wont. Foot and mouth disease of cows exciting unlettered and obscene reply not from him alone but the horde, which follows up in its misplaced zeal of his. There is no mizanehikma or balance of wisdom, which you find in al-Biruni. His satraps like the chief minister of MP Suraj Pratap Singh and Pragyasingh Thakur go to the verge of making a laughing stock of India. It contrasts with the pioneering invention in the vaccine against the coronavirus by Poonawala.

A fanatic would sabotage such a premier center of relentless endeavor. The prime minister leads from the front as the laboratory is bellowing smoke as if Israel has bombed Syria or Beirut. The Sabarmati Express was burnt from within but he invented that it was burnt from outside. In the background is a strange venture that government buildings would be sanitized by cow urine phenyl. That is a great advance made by the cow cabinet. This is antipodal to the quintessential of critical thinking.

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There is notafakkuror contemplating,tadhakuror taking of heart,tadaburor pondering,tafaququ or contemplating or nadhar or considering, ittibar or ranking a lesson, tawassum or reflecting. Asking questions is a means of precise comprehension. Modi never held a press conference. He passed it to his lieutenant Amit Shah, the so-called chankya of the termite era.

He is made of the stuff of prevarication. He was unable to clean his image and suffered dehydration. He refused to throw light on what transpired in the meeting at his official residence. He hid from the public that he had a wife until the right to information at filing nomination form at election forced him to name her. What he spoke to Ahsan Jafri is still Gordons knot to cut. He challenged Sonia Gandhi to prosecute him for killing Sohrabuddin beating his 56-inch chest. Essentially he is gloomy, saturnine, and forbidding!

There is of course consistency in the violence in the Gujarat genocide and the fake encounters. They are the two sides of the same coin made in Hindutva mint. Bajrangi was so awed by the bold step Modi had taken for such a daredevil work that he called his chief minister a real man (mard aadmi hai). Like master like a servant. His most trusted cop was Vanzara who has been now known for having killed many in fake encounters for which he was in jail for several years and proudly says that he had performed manly work (murdowala kaam).

Like master like servant. Modi has been performing fasting session full ten years later. There is no atonement nor is there any remorse for what he did. Vanzara was busy with Gita program. He passed an examination in Gandhian philosophy of nonviolence and is propagating grey cloth for the people. Gandhi used to weave grey cloth or khaadi on his spinning wheel and so he is doing it as a penance, perhaps. He got distinction in the examination, as he stood first with seventy marks scored in the same examination. Is this a section of rajdharm?

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Modi was never honest with himself. Prevarication is the stuff he is made of. He never tried to tell the truth of the meeting at his residence preceding the pogroms in 2002 or what he spoke to Ahsan Jafri.

Yes, plastic surgery was in the Hanuman era. There was no logic when a glass of water lying on the table and still he demanded one from Karan Thapar.

Al-Biruni worked with several rulers and was meritorious and objective and scientific because of critical thinking while Gujarat rulers of yore invited Mehmud Gaznavi to plunder the Somnath temple.

Modi government has introduced bills and passed them into law that discriminates against Muslims. For example, a Muslim landlord cannot evict his premises if Hindus occupy them. Transportation of animals or meat is forbidden. The new regulations also stipulate how transactions of property should take place in disturbed areas. In all this, the priority is to secure control of Hindus over the property. In contrast, it has violated many human rights of the people who were victims of the genocide.

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The showbiz of the Gujarat chief minister Modi inviting Chinas president to visit was that Gujarat has left even India behind in its march of development. That he can have a direct talk with the Chinese leaders in order to earn a fast buck. This proved disastrous for India. His reckoning shows he has no critical thinking.

Critical thinking is objective and scientific while Modi using Newtonian law as justification is satanic revenge from hell. Equally so is sacrificing innocent Ishrat Jahan: it proved to sacrifice of her at the altar of Hindu Moloch.

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

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Modis inability to critically think matters is satanic revenge from hell - Global Village space

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ACROSS THE BAYOU: There’s an art to killing time – The Daily Iberian

Posted: February 1, 2021 at 9:54 am

Todays Tuesday and my columns due Thursday and I have nothing to write about. How can I when most of my hours are spent tossing expired medicine and hiding from the mailman and making sure the labels in my pantry are all facing the same way.

But then Ted Viator called early morning and we exchanged belly laughs and talked about what we just ate. I had just eaten a bowl of smothered pork and rice and gravy and a hunk of lemon Doberge cake from Guidrys and Ted had just finished off a whole King Cake from Pouparts. We were both very nauseated. But what I really like is that Ted knows when to hang up. His signature closing is, We Shall Talk. On one of our phone conversations I was making him laugh when he said, A cop just pulled me over, and hung up. He called back and screamed, Dont ever call me again. I was laughing so hard I got a speeding ticket.

Then after that I got to visit with The Cox Communications fella and I got to watch the termite fella perform his yearly treatment. I also roamed around Hobby Lobby in a hypnotic state until I ran into Ginger Comeaux. She asked me what I was doing and I said I was killing time. Then she asked again and I told her the same thing. I also ran into Francine Garzotta in the fabric department where I leaned against a column that had a phone any Tom, Dick and Phyllis could answer. I was very tempted to pick up and say, Notions Department, just because I never hear that word anymore. Then after that, I just hid from people.

Then I went to Rouses and introduced myself to Audra, the operator of the floral section where I bought four glittery and sequined Mardi Gras porch cushions, one candle named Back Porch and another one named Orleans Tea. I gave Back Porch to Brother Bo because I hate tea. Audra even walked me through how to make garland out of some grapevine and I told her that wont happen unless she comes along with it. Yall should swing by and tell her I sent you. We arent offering any discounts though. Then a nice girl who saw me talking to Audra thought I worked there and asked where she could find the Velveeta. I told her I was just chatting with Audra but she could find the elusive Velveeta on the refrigerated cheese aisle or near the #7 Luxury Brand Macaroni. As she walked away I heard her say, Youre gonna have glitter all over the place.

Then when I got home two KATC TV3 cars were in front of my house and I thought maybe I had forgotten to pay for my artificial flowers at Hobby Lobby so I casually asked, What yall doing? She said, I just spoke with your husband Jason about Main Streets Yardi Gras Project, as she pointed toward Jason Bayards house. I simply said, Quite the age difference, huh? She was at a loss for words. Then a few days ago I sat in a closet lit by a small lamp because the fluorescents were out, and you know what they say about changing the fluorescents, and for three hours I rummaged through two gargantuan garbage bags of beads separating the ones I hate, like the white ones and the ones that are broken from hitting some parade goer in the mouth and nose area. I couldnt help but mumble, Thats what you get for your annoying shouting of, Throw Me Something Mister, then I questioned my sanity and how I was going to get up from the floor.

PHYLLIS BELANGER MATA was born at the old Dauterive Hospital and grew up on Wayne Street. She is a 1974 graduate of Mt. Carmel Academy and is a chili dog without the wiener aficionado.

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ACROSS THE BAYOU: There's an art to killing time - The Daily Iberian

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Method Statement for Anti-termite Treatment

Posted: January 27, 2021 at 2:53 am

One important activity on site is the application of Anti-termite. By the way, this is always written in the specification.

This activity shall be done before the Blinding Works. But before we submit a Method Statement for this activity to the Engineer we should first read again the specification in order to comply with the specific requirements being written on it.

Here is the Method Statement for Anti-termite Treatment.

Method Statement for Anti-termite Treatment

So I am hoping that the above Method Statement has brought information to the Engineers and if you have any comments please put your comments below. You may subscribe to get a new post in your inbox. Thanks for visiting this site.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Noel Mades and Im the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession but Ive specialized and taken the journey in the field of Quality Engineering. Ive worked as a Quality Engineer in the well-known companies in the United Arab Emirates for almost eleven years.

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Method Statement for Anti-termite Treatment

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Is democracy in the US still sound and resilient? – The Irish Times

Posted: December 23, 2020 at 9:57 pm

For nearly five years now I have been writing about Donald Trump, as candidate and as president. From the very beginning of his bid for the presidency, I was filled with fear and foreboding. There was something about him that seemed to threaten the very foundations of democracy in America and wherever it exists across the world. We are now in the last five weeks of his term of office. But the threat is still there.

Practically no printable adjective is excessive or unwarranted in describing this truly detestable man. Evil, amoral, loutish, cruel, self-obsessed, lying, arrogant, hating, greedy, cynical, and dangerous these only tell half the story of the man.

But even in these last weeks, the danger persists that he may attempt to set aside the democratic rejection of his presidency.

The New York Times revelation that Trump summoned General Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser and convicted felon whom he sacked for lying and has recently pardoned, to a meeting in the Oval Office attended by the monstrous legal fantasist, Sidney Powell, and at which was discussed the possible appointment of Powell as special counsel prosecutor to investigate voter fraud, the seizure of voting machines, and Flynns suggestion that the November election in certain states might be re-run under martial law, is all truly awful.

How did America come to this pass? How come nine out of every 20 voters last month supported his failed bid for re-election? They had a perfect opportunity over four years to assess Trump. They saw all the lies, all the sackings, all the idiocy over coronavirus, all the chaotic international diplomacy from Khashoggi to buying Iceland, from subverting the European Union and Nato to backing Netanyahu, Bolsonaro and Duterte. They saw him cosying up to the militias, the Proud Boys, QAnon and the racists. They saw him abjectly fail to deal with the pandemic.

What is it about him that his voters found so attractive? His coalition seemed to be built on a spectrum of reactionary emotion. Ultra-conservative Catholics and evangelists, the greedy wealthy and the fearful have-nots (who want to remain on the second-lowest rung of the social ladder, one step above the immigrants), all made common cause with those who put deficit-led economic growth ahead of tackling growing inequality.

And the truth is that this coalition would probably have had a convincing win over a fractious Democratic Partys candidate were it not for the pandemic. The religious right might reflect on the reality that divine providence allowed the pandemic to rob them of their dream result.

We have learned in recent days of a massive hacking attack on US governmental IT systems in which malware bombs have been seeded in the cyber infrastructure of American administrative bodies.

The as yet unsacked secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, must have hugely disappointed Trump when he said last week: We can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity.

However Trump, ever anxious to deflect attention from Putins Russia, tweeted that the cyberattack was being exaggerated by the fake media. Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant when anything happens because Lamestream is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!).

It is increasingly hard to discount the suspicion that the Russians hold what is termed kompromat on Trump. His own department of homeland security had called the massive hack a grave risk to Americas IT critical infrastructure.

Trump nonetheless tied the hack to his stolen election theory, tweeting: There could have been a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election, which is now obvious that I won big.

So there you have it China sent the China plague to sabotage Trumps efforts to make America great again economically and then China robbed him of victory by hacking the voting machines, with Venezuelan assistance!

Trump still clings to the demented theory that he won the November election. So does the group of hard-bitten fanatics still left in what remains of his inner circle. So does the group of wealthy donors who have contributed $250 million (204 million) to his coffers to persuade the courts to invalidate Bidens victory.

Is the edifice of American constitutional democracy still sound and resilient? One would like to think so. But that edifice is showing signs of an unaddressed political termite attack which threatens the structure. Racism, extremism, xenophobia and anxiety are gnawing away at the very beams and boards of democracy.

The irony is that the malign forces which have now been released or unmasked seem to be aided and abetted by the cyber revolution. If the print media and the broadcast media can be dismissed online as fake, the implication must be that some other medium is more genuine and reliable. On the evidence, that implication is false.

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Is democracy in the US still sound and resilient? - The Irish Times

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Digital Denial: The unsettling truths exposed by ‘coded bias’ – LA Downtown News Online

Posted: at 9:57 pm

Oodles of people, joined by a coalition of religious organizations, gathered at a nonviolent protest in front of the wedding cake-like architecture of Pasadena City Hall. We were there protesting the murder of George Floyd and many others. It was the end of May, there was beautiful spring weather, and I was standing front and almost center. I remember wondering, Is my face being scanned by someone? Probably. I had friends who didnt want to attend because of that very reason.

I would not let anything prevent me from being in the socially distant and masked crowd of thousandspeople of all colors, ages and sizes. I exulted in the excitement; the fierce calls for justice; the wafting odors of shampoo and aftershave; some peoples dogs decked out with protest harnesses. We were chanting, singing, being together. There was nothing obvious to fear from the crowd. Surveillance? Thats not so obvious, a frightening factor that goes beyond protests. Which brings me to the striking new documentary film Coded Bias.

We go about our daily lives on a spectrum of trust regarding our computers and smartphones and the tech that powers them. One end of the spectrum is unconscious of it; the other end is paranoia. As with many things, many of us are in the middle.

Enter Coded Bias, which has already made a big splash and put the Silicon Valley Google-Facebook hegemony and its white male bias under a veritable social microscope. The film could be called Coded by Us, the us in this instance being predominantly cis white men of privilege. Up to now, it was a given that artificial intelligence reflects so-called natural intelligence. This film reveals so brilliantly the hidden side of AI and its algorithmsmirroring its creators bias and bigotryand how that flawed tech is being used to negatively impact lives worldwide.

Directed by Shalini Kantayya, Coded Bias was a hit at Sundance. It features the ebullient and whip-smart Joy Buolamwini, who as a child dreamed of one day joining MITs legendary Media Lab. Joy had seen a whimsical robot the lab had created, and realized that was the life for her, then made it happen. Ms. Buolamwini is the Queen of Tech Nerds who is so kinetic on screen. I wanted to stay with her for hours.

One aspect of the film is tracing Joys journey from Media Lab computer scientist to becoming a digital activist via her nonprofit, the Algorithmic Justice League. It started innocently enough when Joy decided to create a fun art project: a mirror that would recognize her face. What she found was that her dark skin rendered her, wait for it invisible. Then she tried looking into the camera while wearing a white mask and voil! The more she dug, the more she found that AI and its attending facial recognition algorithms (another word for rules) reliably only recognized white male faces. The metaphor of being invisible as a woman of color couldnt be more apt. You cant make this up, right?

You may wonder, Who cares about algorithms? These days, companies use them to hire and fire; universities to sort through admissions; law enforcement to assess threats. In Coded Bias, you see first-hand the hiring process using these algorithms that automatically rejects anyone who is not white and male. Seriously.

In a particularly upsetting scene, a young Black man on Londons streets is detained because a facial recognition surveillance bot thinks he looks like a suspect. He is only 14 years old and is visibly shaken by the plain-clothes cops who yank him off the sidewalk. They grill and fingerprint him, regarding him as a criminal. In other words, the AI-based system treated him just like a bigot would in real life.

Silicon Valley tech nerds are notoriously sexist and racist and dont have much interest in transforming their cultures as it works for them. In fact, one of the films talking heads is a recently fired woman of color who worked at Google. A highly regarded researcher, Timnit Gebru was sacked after criticizing Googles approach to minority hiring and the biases built into todays artificial intelligence systems.

Ironically, Ms. Gebru was a co-leader of Googles Ethical AI team! That would be like firing a house inspector for reporting a termite infestation. On a positive note, some major companies have hired Ms. Buolamwini and her team to help them delete their mechanized chauvinism.

The films theme resonated with me, as I have been trained to see bias after years of studying media and its hidden codingthe subtle messages that become obvious once you break the code. Heres a classic example: The most recent Costco Connection magazine cover features an altruistic, tall white man standing next to an Indigenous woman. He is named; she remains nameless.

Do we really want to allow the unfettered and nonconsensual capturing of our faces for commercial and law enforcement profiles? This column is too short to dive that deep. That is why you really must see Coded Bias.

Ellen Snortland has written Consider This for a heckuva long time, and she also coaches first-time book authors! Who knew? Contact her at ellen@

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Digital Denial: The unsettling truths exposed by 'coded bias' - LA Downtown News Online

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America must save it from itself | Columns | – Theadanews

Posted: December 22, 2020 at 3:53 pm

How could anyone believe that Gov. Stitt, Attorney General Mike Hunter, State Reps. Bob Ed Culver, Chris Sneed, and David Hardin, and our Republican legislative leaders, supported the Texas attorney generals lawsuit to contest presidential election results in states other than our own?

My shock has nothing to do with Joe Biden; it has everything to do with the fact that it was a threat to democracy. I tell you this out of love, not animosity.

President Trumps termite army is hardly able to open its mouth without declaring its devotion to the U.S. Constitution, but since losing the election, they have done nothing but try to eat its heart out. What our radical right wing seems to be telling us is that truth is whatever they say it is, no more, no less. They seem to be telling us only they have the right to govern our country. They seem to be telling us we should overthrow democracy and embrace a dictator who will make everybody do what they want them to do They seem to be telling us that if their president is rejected by the voters, he should refuse to surrender power, fan the flames of division, encourage armed insurrection, and even pursue unconstitutional means - including sedition - to overturn the vote of the people. I do not agree with any of these propositions.

I am a Democrat, because I believe the Democratic Party best reflects biblical teaching and supports laws that contribute to a successful society. At the same time, I have screamed from the housetops for years that both parties are destroying our economy and financial system, and our culture is riddled with corruption, but Republicans are more guilty by several degrees of magnitude. This is not because I say so, but because our system is closer to collapse than at any time in history.

President Nixon, at Wall Streets insistence, took the dollar off the gold standard; wages have been stagnant for 40 years; and we accepted the disastrous substitution of a credit economy instead of a cash economy. This opened the door for counterfeit money, international economic failure, and corruption of every kind. Far from having the strongest economy in history, ours is built on an endless supply of counterfeit money, and the longer we take to correct the problem, the worse the correction will be. We will never get back on track until we stop believing fairy tales and stop fighting one another.

Even before the pandemic, Trump was the biggest spender in history, and now the national debt has jumped from $20 trillion to $27 trillion. Trump has done a few good things, but he has been allowed to do an enormous amount of harm, including threatening democracy. He is neither a god nor Superman, but a failed president. Why cant people understand that his policies are not far from those of Alexandria Cortez - endless spending on the wrong goals?

If America can be saved from disaster, we, with Gods help, must save ourselves. Let the discussion begin, let hate end, and lets act like we have common sense.

Fred Gibson is a retired educator with an ongoing interest in U.S. and world politics.

We are making critical coverage of the coronavirus available for free. Please consider subscribing so we can continue to bring you the latest news and information on this developing story.

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America must save it from itself | Columns | - Theadanews

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Dick Law: During 45 years of working in local real estate, I’ve never seen anything like this – The Union of Grass Valley

Posted: December 10, 2020 at 10:00 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced dramatic changes in the real estate industry, which was deemed an essential business by the governor and his health advisers when the coronavirus first hit the United States.

An overview

Areas such as ours are called Zoom Towns, an acknowledgment that Zoom and other video-audio conferencing platforms are changing the composition and culture of rural areas due to urban flight. People who are able to telecommute are relocating to regions more desirable than the cities and suburbs where their companies are located. Nevada County boasts many of the amenities coveted by that niche market of remote workers, and the exodus of city dwellers is boosting local home prices and residential rents even higher.

The demand that is driving up prices will continue into 2021.

A growth of the telecommuting trend is an exacerbation of the current glut of office space. Why go to an office if you can work from home?

Commercial real estate is not in high demand, and construction of projects such as office buildings has nearly crawled to a stop.

Yet as with all things, creativity can breed success. I know one local commercial building that has been 60% vacant for the past decade, but its now seeing new life. Its owner is reconfiguring the space to include a varied menu of options, from executive offices to shared cubicles, all with incredibly fast internet service. The building is now a hot spot.

More complex

Before they begin to view properties, potential buyers sign forms acknowledging possible risks. The California Association of Realtors released dozens of pages of disclosures, declarations, and best practices designed to keep customers, as well as Realtors and brokers, as safe as possible.

After seven decades of an open-door policy, Paul Law Realty now works with our door closed. Upon appointment, we meet with customers outside on our porch. In many ways, business has become more hectic and fast paced.

In other ways, we have slowed down and taken steps to be extra careful. My staff and I work with clients to establish a list of properties potential buyers want to see with a serious eye to buy, and not embark on long days of perusing homes that may not meet customers needs.We teleconference. We discuss details and options. Marketing tools such as virtual home tours used to be luxuries. Now they are essential to successfully promote properties for sale.

Government role

Without more government financial intervention, some homes and businesses are likely to fall into foreclosure or face short sales. Contrary to popular belief, there is no eviction moratorium in our state.

Eviction rules are ever changing, by the Legislature or interpretation of the courts. Tenants in California are currently required to pay 25% of their monthly rent, as long as they sign an agreement acknowledging they are obligated to pay past-due rent.

Those tenants are immune to eviction, but landlords are not immune to their mortgage responsibilities. Unless changes are made to existing procedures and regulations, some landlords will lose their properties and some owners will lose their businesses.

Some tenants will be evicted, and that black mark will remain on their records. Unfortunately, some people worry the future end result may be an increase in homelessness.

Sellers need to know

More than ever, sellers must have their house market ready. Eager buyers dont want surprises. They dont want to wait for inspections that could have been done before the property was listed for sale: termite inspection, whole house inspection, well testing for water quality and production, septic pumped and inspected, etc.

Its also incumbent on home sellers to have their properties professionally staged. Even in a sellers market in which most offers exceed the asking price, its vital to have a home that appears on paper and from the curb that its move-in ready.

Buyers need to know

In this hot market, buyers must be ready to buy. Theres no time for lookyloos; they lose every bidding war. People moving from out of the area are wise to choose a local Realtor who is an expert in the local market and can easily share comparable properties. In that way, buyers understand the value of the property on which they make an offer.

Buyers should be pre-qualified by a lender, and preferably a local lender whose reputation is on the line with every transaction. Local lenders know the local market and choose local appraisers who understand local market nuances.

An out-of-town appraiser doesnt understand the intrinsic benefits of, for example, access to a Nevada Irrigation District ditch or connection to the PG&E grid that serves the hospital.

Whats next?

As our nation continues its buying sprees via the internet, warehouse space will remain scarce as companies seek procurement centers as close as possible to customers homes. Large spaces that can accommodate manufacturing businesses will also remain in limited supply and high demand.

The urban exodus that has seen many remote workers relocate to Nevada County has hyper-energized our home real estate market.

Previously, there was a glut of homes priced over $600,000. Now there is high demand and a shortage of inventory in that price range. Some people relocating here from more expensive cities consider local prices chump change. They plan to telecommute and earn as much as they did in the Bay Area, while selling their expensive homes and buying a house here for much less.

Paul Law Realty has existed for seven decades, and Ive seen many ups and downs during my tenure here. Ive never seen a market like this. We need all hands on deck because the market is so active, yet COVID-19 has tied one hand behind Realtors backs.

Dick Law is the owner and president of Paul Law Realty, a third-generation Nevada County real estate agency specializing in home sales, commercial property sales, and investment property management. He can be reached at 530-212-0710 and

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Dick Law: During 45 years of working in local real estate, I've never seen anything like this - The Union of Grass Valley

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