Tracking Guelph’s 2017 termite zones –

Posted: August 31, 2017 at 6:40 am

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Sector 30 (Edwin St. and Woolwich St.)

Sector 37 (Norwich St. E and Cardigan St.)

As a result, sectors 19 (Extra St. and Woolwich St.), 22 (Mont St. and Woolwich St.), 25 (McTague St. and Woolwich St.), 27 (London Rd. W and Woolwich St.), 31 (Charles St. and Woolwich St.), 32 (Norwich St. and Norfolk St.) and 40 (Woolwich St. and Cardigan St.) have each moved from having properties in the blue zone, to being part of neither zone this year.

Sectors 2 (Clarence St. and Dufferin St.) and 24 (London Rd. E and Cardigan St), while still containing properties in the red zone, have both seen a decrease in the number of those locations from 2016 to 2017.

In order to prevent the spread of termites in Guelph, the City advises residents in termite management areas to properly dispose of wood, and for all residents to use caution when receiving or donating any wood or wood products that have been left outdoors.

According to the City, proper disposal of wood from termite zones involves first scheduling an inspection with a termite control officer, before delivering the wood to Guelph’s Waste Innovation Resource Centre.

For further information about termite zones and management, visit

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Tracking Guelph’s 2017 termite zones –

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