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Posted: February 3, 2018 at 10:40 pm

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Termites Background Information Feature films Antz Television programs Shorts Video games Park attractions Designer Animator Vocals Charile Skanker Inspiration Characteristics Other Names Physical appearance Huge, green, large tubes on forehead, large eyes, purple pincers and legs Behavior Destructive, voracious, hungry, mysterious, dangerous, cruel, herbivorous, loyal, ferocious, insectivorous, creepy, peaceful, excessive, atrocious, defensive, scary, rude, protective, nasty, omnivorous, wood/grass-eating Occupation and niche Workers, Militia Alignment Bad/Neutral Goal To defend their colony, even if that requires killing all of the ant soldiers Home Termite’s House Notable members Natural Abilities Squirting acid Weapons Mandibles, Acid, Claws Fate All of Killed in battle along with the ant soldiers, leaving Z the only survivor [Source]

The Termites are the tertiary antagonists from Antz (despite this, the Termites were never shown to have taken any action against the ants, as they were seen still in their colony at the battle).

The Termites were first mentioned by General Mandible and Colonel Cutter. The General and Colonel said that the Termites were desperate for foraging grounds (despite the fact that they lived in a wooden stump), and the coloniel had gathered up a list of all platoons loyal to the queen, and not General Mandible. The General and Coloniel sent the troops to attack the termite mound, in order to kill both the Ants, and the termites, who may practically attack the Ants after the rebellion, as it was the queen who made and kept peace with the termites.

At the Termite’s colony, the ant soldiers (including Z) attempted a siege, they marched for several minutes, an hour or even possibly several hours. When the ants finally reached the termite colony, a large piece of wood, they yelled battlecries and charged in. Everything was quiet inside and everyone wondered where their termite prey were.

A termite engaging ants in combat.

All the termites were presumably killed, though the Termite queen was never shown to be killed, and all the ants except Z were killed. It is however stated later that the enemy was eliminated, and seeing as a survived queen would have meant that the termites could have rebuilt their colony, this probably means that the queen was killed along with the rest of her colony.

Stock footage of The bar scene and termite war

The Termites are huge, and green, they have large tubes on their foreheads to squirt acid. They have large eyes, but these eyes are almost the same color as the heads, which almost looks like they’re blind. Their pincers and legs are purple and they can stand on all of their legs or just their hind legs. on each of their two front pairs of legs they have 3 fingered hands, while the back pair looks more like feet.

They are stronger and better armoured than the ants, and even though they appear to be outnumbered 3/1, they still kill all the ants in the war except Z.

They must also be sufficiently heavier than the ants, as even though ants can lift a giant wrecking ball made out of ants, they were never seen lifting termites. And the termites used their weight to crush several ants to death, as seen when one was killed it toppled on its murderer and sprayed acid over several others, crushing the former.

Termites | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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