Prevent and Treat Termites to Avoid Damage to a House …

Posted: January 21, 2018 at 9:44 am

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Termites can cause substantial damage to a home if they are not detected early. These insects can be difficult to detect so homeowners need to be vigilant in searching for them to kill an infestation. There are a few signs of termites homeowners must be aware of in order to detect early signs of an infestation. There are also some effective ways to prevent termites so they dont damage the house.

The first and most important step every homeowner should take is prevention. Physical barriers may be effective if they are incorporated when the home is being built. If those steps werent taken when the home was constructed, property owners can use an EPA-approved pesticide to treat the soil and wood outside the home to keep termites away.

Its also important to keep firewood away from the house. Termites thrive in wood like this and they can be hard to detect until there is a serious infestation. An ant swarm may be mistaken for termites. Learning the difference can help a homeowner know whether they need termite or ant control for their home.

If termites have been detected in or around the house, it is critical to start treatment right away. Addressing the issue promptly with safe and effective termite control products may help prevent serious damage to the home. Families that have children or pets should be sure the products they, or their pest control specialist, uses to treat the property. There are many safe products available that wont hurt children or animals.

Homeowners must be careful to choose an exterminator who has experience eliminating termites. Ineffective treatment may make the problem worse or contaminate the water supply. Pest Control experts will give a client tips and advice to help them prevent future infestations. A licensed contractor can help a homeowner get rid of the termites they have and keep them from coming back.

Good home maintenance may help keep termites away from a home. For example, keeping the gutters clean and ensure the water flows away from the house when it comes through the down spouts may discourage termites from infesting the wood near the foundation of a home. Homeowners should check the wood around their home regularly for signs of termites, such as hollow spots in the wood. This can easily be checked by poking at the holes with a screwdriver and looking for ant-like insects with long wings and straight antennae.

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Prevent and Treat Termites to Avoid Damage to a House …

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