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Posted: July 6, 2017 at 8:48 pm

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As development of the 2018 version of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is underway, Home Innovation issued its first NGBS certification of a home to the 2015 version of the standard. The Atlanta-area single-family home is that of designer and NGBS Green Master Verifier Carl Seville.

Sevilles 2×6 wood-framed home was designed by Thomas Hood and verified by Rick Stepp to ensure no conflict of interest in the third-party verification process. Below are some of the green building products and techniques Seville used in the home.

Insulated Envelope Interior walls have Owens Corning blown fiberglass insulation, with continuous rigid foam insulation on the exterior walls. The R-value of the walls is >22; 49 for the ceiling. The windows are low-E aluminum clad, and the home was air sealed and reached an ACH50 of .88 (~400 CFM50).

Foundation and Exterior Finish Siding and exterior trim is Boral Tru-Exterior, made with coal fly ash and recycled polymers, installed over a Homeslicker vented rainscreen for enhanced moisture protection and durability. A combination vapor and termite barrier by Polyguard was installed on top of the foundation slab, and nontoxic borate termite treatment was applied to all wood in contact with the foundation.

Efficient HVAC Heating and cooling is provided by high-performance Mitsubishi ductless mini splits, with SEER ratings ranging from 19 to 26. A Broan Energy Recovery Ventilator provides fresh air to maintain indoor air quality.

No-Harm Finishes Paints and finishes are low- or no-VOC, and no carpet further enhances air quality. Spray foam insulation for minor air sealing avoids the use of petroleum products and toxic chemicals. A radon vent system protects from carcinogenic soil gases. Energy Star bath exhaust fans are controlled by humidity sensors to maintain healthy indoor relative humidity.

Exterior Benefits The carport keeps car fumes and dirt away from the home, and includes a hybrid electric car charger. A screened porch provides living space that does not require heating and cooling, while an open porch at the rear holds a grill with a Broan range hood to keep the area clean and free of grease.

Energy Savings Energy Starlabeled Bosch appliances are used, including a condensing clothes dryer with no exterior vent, thereby avoiding depressurization of the home. The cooking surface is an electric induction range, and all lighting in the project is LED.

Water Wise The American Standard plumbing fixtures are WaterSense certified. The delivery system is said to provide hot water to all fixtures within 20 seconds without requiring any pumps. Landscaping includes native or drought-tolerant species with no turf grass to reduce irrigation and fertilization needs. The pervious paved driveway reduces storm runoff.

Over 80% of all construction waste from Sevilles project was recycled.

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Atlanta Home Goes Green – Builder Magazine

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