Termite Control, Protection & Inspection Services

Posted: July 11, 2017 at 8:42 am

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Termite Pest Control Program Overview

Whats the best way to handle termites? Western offers 3 innovative termite treatment programs that do the trick! With Westerns Zone Defense Program, the treated zone technology allows the termite to either ingest or carry the termiticide directly to the colony. This leads to 100% control in less than 120 days. Western prides itself on being the leader in innovative pest control techniques and taking that extra step to insure a first quality job!

Westerns Advanced Termite Baiting System takes another approach to termite control. After placing termite baiting stations in key locations around your home, Western monitors these stations for termite activity. Termites feed on Recruit IV termite bait and send other termites in their colony back to feed on the bait. As the termites continue to feed on this bait, the colonies decline. After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new electronic monitoring devices and Western will continue to monitor those stations on a regular basis.

Finally, Western offers a third treatment option, Westerns Targeted Defense Program. This program offers a full liquid treatment around the perimeter of the house. Liquid treatment is then followed up with targeted interior treatment within the garage wall that is connected to the structure (where needed).

Perfect for homes with unfinished basements fight termite infestations where they happen.

Westerns Targeted Defense Program includes:

Western will utilize its Targeted Defense Program if there is termite activity or if the structure of your home falls into any of these categories:

With Westerns Targeted Defense Program, homes with unfinished basements and other factors can fight termite infestations where they happen.

Three lines of defense that offer immediate protection backed by advanced termite warning systems.

This plan offers immediate protection backed by advanced termite warning systems.

Detect any new colony that might invade your property.

Step 1: State-of-the-art termite bait stations, using the latest in termite baiting technology, are placed at strategic intervals around your home. These eco-friendly bait devices provide long-term protection from termite colonies through regular service visits and inspections by Western.

Step 2: We closely monitor areas close to the foundation of your home with Westerns Termi-Teller Monitoring Process. Wooden stakes are set in the soil and are examined periodically for termite damage.

Step 3: Our technicians conduct specialized interior inspections to ensure total protection. At Western, we believe its not only important to inspect the baiting system, its also important to keep a watchful eye on the very thing we are trying to protectyour home.

ProActive At Western, were not waiting for swarms, says Sal Presti, Regional Sales Manager for NY/NJ. Were actively hunting for termites. This is the mantra of a pest professional who knows that termites can quietly invade a property and cause thousands of dollars of damage before ever being detected.

Well turn over tree limbs, kick up the mulch, move boxes in basements and garages, Presti says. Its wise not to wait for swarms.

Proactivity can be the factor that saves a homeowner from a costly termite infestation. In some cases, that involves identifying the difference between flying ants and termites, a common source of confusion for homeowners. It also means taking action quickly. Presti notes that in general, homeowners are well educated about termites. Perhaps tellingly, he says that people on their second homes are generally much more proactive about termite pest control. All it takes is one negative termite experience to underscore the importance of termite control.

Termite protection to date has been working and office staff in Paramus NJ has been easy to work with. Paramus, NJ

Your team is excellent particularly the gentleman who came to treat termites and carpenter bees the past 2 weeks. Berkeley Heights, NJ

We installed your termite defensive a number of years ago and have not seen even one termite since the system was installed. And all of your technicians are friendly and professional. Edison, NJ

After a year no sign of any termites. Wilmington, DE

Techs are professional and knowledgeable. Products are effective in eliminating termites and preventing them from returning. Succasunna, NJ

Western did a preventive termite treatment on our home. The application was very thorough. Our technician worked very neat and was very pleasant to deal with. Galloway, NJ

Very knowledgeable and helpful service professional, and the results keep the termites and pests away. Hockessin, DE

We havent had a termite problem since service began. Employees conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner. Denville, NJ

Since Western took over my termite service so, so many years ago, I have a peace of mind because I dont have any problems so far. Also, I am confident my property is being checked every year. Kearny, NJ

Our technician has been doing our service and termite inspection since 2004. He is always polite, friendly, and professional. He does a very thorough job. Western always works with me and is considerate of my schedule. Middletown, DE

Your service men are the nicest. I miss them when they leave. Over the past 10 years or so, you have always found no evidence of termites, so your job is well done. I have a crawl space and its very difficult to access, but your guys occasionally even check it. I appreciate that. You even reduced my services to help me reduce my cost. For that I also think you try to work with your customers. Broomall, PA

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Termite Control, Protection & Inspection Services

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