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Posted: October 26, 2017 at 5:46 am

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Sydneys humid summers and mild winters are favourable to an array of pests, and in particular the most destructive of all in Australia, the dreaded termites, also known as white ants. Combining this with urban sprawl and the green corridors of wider Sydney, close proximity of bush lands, parks, and golf courses, pests can make an easy journey to both domestic and commercial properties. Living around the greenbelt is most enjoyable, however additional vigilance and pest control is required to ensure that nature is not pervading from park lands to our doorstep.

Older homes in the inner suburbs are also cause for concern, as the inadequate old building standards, poor sub floor ventilation and dampness strongly contributes to all pest control issues. Constant demolition for redevelopment adds to the problem with rodents and even termites looking to relocate to neighbouring properties. Sydneys inner city and surrounding suburbs are vibrant with restaurants, cafes and takeaways and every one of these eating places have commercial waste awaiting disposal. Rats, feral pigeons and other pests thrive where food and shelter are readily available. Large populations of these critters establish themselves scavenging around where we love to go out to eat.

We cherish our homes, protect our businesses, all of us strive for clean and healthy surroundings. We all make an enormous effort in creating a perfect, warm and comfortable environment for ourselves, but in doing so we often forget that at the same time we are creating the same perfect environment that is inviting to all the pests we loathe so much. Urban pests can be more then just a nuisance, they can damage our homes and contaminate food, instil fear, and most of all have an adverse effect on our health and well being.

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Pest Control Sydney | Termite Treatment & Protection | Pestworks

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