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Posted: November 6, 2018 at 7:49 pm

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Arrow Controls Wood-Destroying Termites In NJ

Termites are a wood-destroying insect that cause extensive structural damage to homes and businesses in New Jersey and throughout the country. In fact, each year billions of dollars of property damage are attributed to termite infestations. Yet, by the time most people realize they have a problem, its too late! If youre concerned about termites or have discovered termite damage, contact Arrow Pest Control. Our team of pros are NJDEP certified and are trained in termite habits and biology, and provide the most effective termite control in New Jersey!

If you suspect termites are active or youve discovered termite damage, contact Arrow to schedule your free termite evaluation. An Arrow technician will inspect the interior and exterior of your structure to identify conducive conditions, where these insects are coming from, if termite damage is present and if so, how severe. Well report our finding and provide you with a termite control estimate which includes information on how well treat, where well treat and the cost.

The first step in your termite control plan will be to schedule a treatment day. Before that day arrives, well provide you with a termite preparation checklist.

Next, well treat your property with Termidor, Americas #1 termite defense product. Termidor will be applied along your foundation or the exterior perimeter of your structure, creating a zone of protection that is undetectable to termites and unavoidable. Once termites have come in contact with Termidor, theyll be eliminated!

90 days after your termite treatment, well return to make sure the process was effective and termites are dead.

When you partner with Arrow for termite control, your receive a one-year renewable warranty against re-infestation. Each year when you renew your termite warranty, we will send out a technician to inspect your property. The termite warranty is transferrable should you sell your home or business.

When you have a valid termite warranty:

You greatly reduce the possibility of future termite damage.

You dont have to pay a large price to have them treated again.

You receive an annual termite inspection.

Your new home or commercial facility deserves the best protection from termites. Start strong with a termite pretreatment service while its still under construction and save yourself the stress of dealing with an infestation and termite damage later on.

If youre buying a home, we recommend having a wood destroying insect inspection performed before you sign on the line. Your realtor may suggest one as well and your mortgage company may even require one. WIth good reason, you dont want a new home riddled with termite damage and/or active termite infestations. Find out whats going on before you move in, not after! When you schedule your inspection with Arrow, a highly trained termite expert will inspect the premises for active termite infestations, evidence of termites and termite damage, conducive conditions (moisture issues, wood rot, etc.), and other wood-destroying organisms. Youll be provided with written documentation of our findings including the completion of the NPMA-33 report. Contact us today for more information and pricing!

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Today, your technician, Gary came to our home and I am left very happily with the service he provided. He was friendly, competent, professional and very thorough. He did not have very good news to share but made us feel that the problems we have are not insurmountable. He’s a stellar employee and I hope that I am able to request him for future service calls. He’s the type of technician that will keep my business with Arrow.

Julia Beynon

Holmdel, NJ

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