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Posted: May 15, 2017 at 2:43 am

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My home was tented for fumigation. Aloha Termite was professional, on time, and efficient. The office staff and on sight personnel that I dealt with all had correct information, which eliminated any stress about getting the job done. I appreciate the consultant, sold me what I wanted without ever trying to push other services I wasn’t interested in. They have a smooth operation, a good price, and I’m glad I went with this company.

The last time we got our house tented for termites was about 6 years ago, & we’d started noticing droppings again…so I decided it was high time for us to get the house re-tented!! My brother called the company that we used last time, and their estimate was definitely cheap, but the last time we did a fumigation, our house was almost broken into…& there are still crowbar marks on our back door to prove it! I suppose I could’ve called around more, but after I met with Aloha Termite & Pest Control–and saw all of the glowing Yelp reviews re: their tenting / fumigation work–I was more than happy to go with this company, even though their estimate was about $200 more than “the other guys”…and I have absolutely no regrets! Their estimator Mitch arrived on-time (actually 15 minutes early), and gave us an estimate in about 20 minutes. I should note that he initially started talking to me about the problems we were looking to address, different options that are available, etc…but I told him we really needed / wanted to tent, so he didn’t press the issue, & dove straight into taking measurements. Mitch was very nice, professional & knowledgable. He patiently answered all of my questions (& I had A LOT, ranging from liability insurance, workers comp coverage, products used, years of experience that their workers had, who would be on premises to do the work, etc), and he explained their 5-year warranty in detail. (FYI, they’ll re-tent for free if there’s any new termite activity within 2 years–which he said is extremely rare & should not happen–and if new activity is found in the following 3 years, they’ll spot-treat for free. This is better than the other company we’d contacted, whose 5-year warranty broke down to 1 year re-tent, 4 years spot-treatment.) He even called into his office to see if our desired treatment date was available. (It was, but because we waited an extra day to book, that date was no longer available the very next day, and we ended up getting a treatment date one week later than we’d wanted…which was nearly a month after our estimate was done. I’m guessing the long wait is b/c we ONLY wanted it done on a weekend.) Once we decided to go with them, everything proceeded like clockwork. Mitch came back 2 weeks later (15 minutes early again) to sit-down with my entire family; he explained Aloha Termite’s fumigation procedures, timeline, gave instructions on bagging food, etc. He even answered all my mom’s questions (which she kept asking over & over), very patiently & professionally…I was impressed! Although Mitch brought plenty of bags for us to store our food, we still ended up needing more (I know, piggies). I just called the office, and Mitch dropped off more bags that day. I should also note that their office-staff always answered their phone or phone messages promptly & were very nice & helpful as well. The day before the tent went up, the staff called to let me know what time the tenting team would arrive (“sometime between 10am and noon”), and the day of tenting, the team supervisor called to say they’d be arriving in 5 minutes (10:35 am). The entire team of tenters (about 6 or 7 guys) was very courteous & professional, and their supervisor even answered a few more questions that we had. I stayed to watch the entire process, and was very impressed by their efficiency & thoroughness, as well as the quality of their tenting materials (no holes or noticeable wear, and only one tear, which they sealed up very well)…my neighbor is a retired fumigator & even he was impressed by the quality of their tenting materials / workmanship. They were also careful not to put a “seam” near any of our doorways. The next morning, the tenting supervisor called to let me know that the tent was coming down…& didn’t seem to mind when I called him back about 90 minutes later, to confirm that the tent came down without incident (& without any signs of anyone trying to break-in). About 4 hours after that, the air-gauge guy called me to give us the all-clear for re-entry; he also didn’t seem to mind when I asked if there were any signs of anyone trying to break-in. 0=) Haha, call me paranoid. When we got back into the house, there were no signs that any workers had worn shoes inside (another bad experience with a prior / different company), and everything was exactly as we’d left it, but with a couple more windows open, which we’d forgotten to open. That was almost a month ago, and we haven’t noticed any signs of termites since then (not even the pushed-out droppings that Mitch said might happen). Assuming everything goes well, we’ll definitely be calling these guys again in about 5-6 years!

From the initial termite consult and estimate, to the treatment, Stacy and Ivanhoe gave terrific customer service. Stacy took her time to inspect my home and gave so much information on what to look for and how to prevent termite invasion. Ivanhoe walked me around my property to tell me what he was going to do prior to treating. When he was finished treating, he walked me around again to show me what he did. Stacy and Ivanhoe were truly interested in keeping my home termite free. Excellent.

Awesome customer service but technician came before the scheduled appointment and went home early. There was miscommunication between the main office and the technician so I was left hanging after scheduling time off of work. Went with another termite company that was more accommodating and had a fairly quick turnaround time.

Aloha Termite and Pest Control did an outstanding job eliminating the ants that had infested the interior of the house. Their representative named Lucky came out and took on the task with a smile on his face and a spray wand in his hands. As of today, no more ants thanks to his attention to detail and knowledge of what works best for the different infestations. Mahalo from Nalo Town.

Everyone here is really friendly. We got our home sprayed and that same day literally hundreds of German roaches came out of their hiding spots and were dead. Whatever they used obviously worked because for the next few weeks bugs were still coming out of hiding places obviously haven been weakened by the spray.

I called for service and Stacy call back in a timely manner. I explained the situation and she provided courses of actions, ways to self treat (I was planning of doing), and recommended that I replace the lumber in the damage area. She spent the time informing me of the options and potential issues. If I needed to tent or considered other treatment options, I would surely consider Aloha!

I have had both pest treatment for ants and termite ground treatment done on my home and the service and results have both been stellar. My ants were gone within days and I am very pleased with the friendliness and consideration from the technicians applying treatments. I highly recommended this company for both its service and value. Much less expensive then it’s competitor that starts with a T.

A few years ago, I got bit by a centipede on two separate occasions…once in my bed and once in my son’s bed. After that I immediately called Aloha Termite and asked what they could do to prevent this from happening in the future. They recommended spraying the perimeter of our house and yard and it has worked wonders. We occasionally have an ant problem and it has solved that as well. We have also used them to fumigate our house because we had cabinets that came infested with termites and they were professional and reasonably priced. They did a good job. We also used them for ground termite treatment and again were happy with their work. Friendly staff and good customer service.

We use them every 5-6 years to shoot Termidor in the ground, and have used them the last 15 years. They do a good job and are reasonable, so we’re repeat customers. Some other companies do a half-baked job and charge as much as they think they can get away with. Shop around and make up your own mind.

After looking around to see what Termite company sounded reasonable with good quality of service, I picked this place out of the many other companies. However things did not go as planned in the beginning but once the fumigation was finished, I was happy to finally get it over with. 6/24/14. I met with Mitch who was available to do the estimate for tent fumigation. He explained to me the details of fumigation and when to get started. My first impression of Mitch was that he really seemed out of place and unhappy. I’m not sure what was wrong with him at the time. We still decided to stick with the company and schedule our fumigation at 7/16/14. Mitch also told us that he will be back about a week later to give us prepping information and bags to seal our goods. 7/1/14, 10:00am. Mitch did not show up at the appointed time for the fumigation prep. We had to call him and he apologized for forgetting and came to our house immediately. He informed us about what to expect during the day of the fumigation and how to properly seal the bags. Unfortunately he only brought us just 10 bags to seal our food and drinks. He didn’t have more on him but he said he will be back to drop off more bags at our porch later on the week. 7/11/14. During that week he didn’t drop off any of the extra bags we needed. I had to call Jamie that Mitch was supposed to drop off the bags at our house. I was told that Mitch went on vacation and won’t be back until after our house will be fumigated so someone else would drop it off. We did get the bags on that very day. 7/16/14, 9:50am. After getting the request off needed from work giving them one month in advance and sealing all the goods in our house, we were ready for the fumigation. Daniel, who was the one charge, went up to our roof and inspected the situation for 10 minutes. When he was finished, he informed me that the current conditions were too windy. 7/16/14, 10:50am. I understand that the wind in our neighborhood ranges from 5-15mph at any given time. They get pretty bad in the early morning and late evening but in the afternoon where the sunlight is more direct, the winds become much calmer. As of writing this review, the winds are not blowing as hard. 7/16/14 1:45pm – I was informed by Jamie that the termite guys can’t come to my house later on the day. I still insisted that they stop by since the winds aren’t blowing hard anymore but she said that they can only show up at our house tomorrow. I’m not happy with this decision but we didn’t have much of a choice. 7/17/14 11:30am – It was raining pretty bad today. I met with Kimo and agreed that today is definitely a no go. 7/18/14 – 11:00am. The tenting had to be rescheduled again because of high winds. 7/18/14 – 11:20am. More bad luck for us. I was told by Jamie that our next fumigation can’t be done until 7/23/14 due Tropical Storm Wali. 7/23/14 – 9:20am. Still can’t get our house fumigated, too windy again. 7/24/14 – 12:40pm. The promised day has arrived! Weather conditions were slightly windy and Kimo and his crew decided to have our house tented today. I had to leave for work so I couldn’t witness their job but my brother who stayed to watch them told me that the tenting process took them an hour to finish. Our house keys were handled off to Kimo who informed my brother that Sherman will be coming over to start up the gassing equipment and locking up our doors with their own locks. We were very happy that we got the fumigation done. 7/25/14 – 12:00pm. I received a phone call to return back to my house since the fumigation process had finished. I was to meet up with Sherman who would do a walk around in my house and test the air quality to see if the Vikane gas is gone. I was given the all clear to come back to my house. I did look at around my house to see if anything suspicious happened or if there was any damage on the roof or gutters and I didn’t find any problems. Overall this process was somewhat an annoyance in the beginning and bad luck was on our side with the weather. I originally left a one star review because I was upset that our fumigation couldn’t be done on our first appointed time since it was scheduled one month in advance. I’m pretty sure most people would feel the same way but I understood that the weather in Hawaii is pretty unpredictable and the safety of the workers is more important than just getting the job done. I had recent phone call from the owner Shawn, who saw my yelp review and acknowledge my concerns. It was nice to have spoken to him because he genuinely cares about his business and stands by his company. Everything about their job and services on their website is true to their word. I would continue to recommend them for anyone who wants their house fumigated.

Very dissatisfied with the service. I trimmed back all of my plants as instructed and they tented over them instead of behind. I was told they would be just fine. They aren’t. All of my mature plants are dead or dying.

After being eaten alive by pests….ok…too dramatic. After waking up for a week with multiples bites all over our family ,I knew I had to call pest control. As much as I hate chemicals, I had no choice. I’ve tried Combat gels, terro ant baits, terro ant liquid, and then terro ant baits, oh and borax all over the perimeter of the house. Definitely made the colony smaller but we were still getting bit. I called three companies and all were 200 and over, until I talked to ALOHA Termite and Pest Control. They charged me about 25% less than their competitors. They suggested an assessment first of what’s needed. Bryan, their service rep looked throughout the house and believed our bites were due to ants. Different pests require different chemical solutions. They said they have a great solution for my ants. He even told me the name of my ants, odorous household ants, then went on to say if I stepped on a big clump of them, they give off an vanilla odor. Interesting…..tempted to try! I couldn’t even give it a second thought, because Mr. Chang, came over the next day to spray along the perimeter of the interior and exterior of the house and killed the suckas! I can’t find one single odorous household ant. SUCCESS!!!! If you want to use their services at the same time as the assessment, then let them know when making the appointment so they allot more time. Also, move everything away from the walls so they can access all the crevices. They suggest families with pets like dogs and cats as well toddlers step away from the house for a few hours so they don’t inadvertently touch the wet solution and get it in their mouth or eyes. It’s fine once it’s dry. Another good idea is to sweep/vacuum the perimeter of the house once you move the furniture away, otherwise the solution just lands on the dust, hair ties, toys, socks, and and whatever you find behind the sofa. So satisfied with their performance. So satisfied with the low price. So satisfied with their great customer service. These guys were so friendly and professional! The best part? They offer a 30 day warranty on my ants! If I see any more of these buggers, I just call them up and they immediately come back out for another service as long as it’s within the 30 day timeframe. Pretty good deal!

Despite the positive reviews, there was major damage to our costly tile roof. My husband signed a waiver prior to their work that released responsibility. Roof repairs were done by another company with much cost. I will need to retent my house and looking for another company to do the work. The termite work they did was good, just the damage to the roof was regrettable and costly.

This may not sound conventional, but definitely common sence. I looked around their office for bugs and rodents, came up empty. I do that cuz if they can’t handle their own problems, what makes them qualified to do yours? They are very qualified to take care of your pest problems with aloha.

Nice friendly staff but way over priced compared to the competition. They need to do a better job on estimates otherwise people will go elese where like I did.

My parent’s house in Mililani had a tent fumigation on last Friday (Nov 24) with Aloha Termite & Pest Control and we are very satisfied. When we called Aloha Termite & Pest Control. Mr. Bradley Hynds Customer Consultant came to my parent’s house and measured and estimated the house and also gave a senior citizen discount. He was also gave us after services when we asked his crew to moved furniture after the tent fumigation and we had a carpet cleaned. I really thank you to the Aloha Termite & Pest Control crews (Kimo, Arthur, Danny and two other guys) who did the great job. They were professional workers and they checked the house while house was tented overnight. I definitely recommend to my friends and neighbors Aloha Termite & Pest Control for the Ground Treatment,Tent Fumigation, Roach & Ant Control, Termite Clearance Report, Preconstruction Treatment, Maintenance Service, Flea & Tick Control and Bird Exclusion.

For starters, two words: AMAZING SERVICE! Two more: EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE! We bought our house in ’07, and being the young, ignorant homeowners we are, we never bothered to have anyone do a termite inspection in the time from when we bought it to now. We simply didn’t know any better. And the only reason we did now is because… we discovered a door frame with “soft” wood, and when we punched a hole it, we found live termite activity. I did what any less-knowledgeable person would do… I went straight to Home Depot, bought the cheap termite foam, and proceeded to foam into the door frame. DON’T DO THAT! Call a professional… better yet – CALL ALOHA TERMITE & PEST! The problem with doing what I did is that you essentially kill a very small number of them and repel the others, but you don’t do anything to effectively get rid of them… so you could in fact just be sending them to another part of your house (thankfully, that wasn’t the case with us). So I called Aloha Termite & Pest, and the very next day, STACY H. comes over! She was amazing!!! She was extremely knowledgeable… very thorough in her inspection… and explained everything to me every step of the inspection/assessment. And I could tell that she wasn’t interested in piling on services that I didn’t need (I thought I would need to tent the house… and she quickly told me that based on the type of termites I had, it wasn’t necessary; she then explained what the most effective solution would be and why… again… SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE!). So I scheduled my appointment. Unfortunately, it was too far into the future, and I needed to have the appointment that week (like, in the next few days) because of travel/visitors/etc. Stacy called the office and worked with the person who I assume was the office manager and/or dispatcher, and got me booked for two days later! I can’t stress how happy I was that she was able to do that on my behalf! As for the treatment itself… the two guys that came were also great! I apologize as I don’t remember their names offhand. But they were equally knowledgeable, fast, and very thorough. They explained what they were doing… and went above and beyond my expectations! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALOHA TERMITE & PEST IN A SECOND! Based on the people at the company that I interacted with… from the receptionist when I initially called, to the inspector, to those who did the treatment… THEY ALL GET FIVE STARS FOR TOP-NOTCH SERVICE! And if you get Stacy… you’re in good hands!

they came to my move out unit and sprayed this morning…..great guy and very quick and thurough. They were definitely the cheapest after calling 5 plus companies. I want honesty and aloha from companies and Aloha Termite definitely has that!! Will be using their services in the future for sure!!!!

Back in approximately 2007, we had a terrible termite problem. We received quotes from several different companies and decided to use Aloha Termite. Our salesperson, Patrick Wang, treated us like family, and they did an awesome, thorough job. In 2010, we moved into a brand new home. It has beautiful mahogany cabinets that were made in Vietnam. This weekend, I was cleaning under the kitchen sink and noticed some shavings that looked like termite droppings. I called Patrick and he immediately remembered exactly who I was, and it has been over 5 years! He came over today, spent about 15 minutes looking at the damage, and determined that it wasn’t termites (thank goodness). He sprayed some insect foam and said to keep an eye on it. I think that a lot of companies would’ve taken advantage of this situation and tried to sell us services we didn’t need. This has happened to use more times than I’d like to remember. So kudos to Patrick and Aloha Termite & Pest Control for being honest and treating customers as they would teat their own family!!!

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