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Posted: July 1, 2018 at 2:45 am

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It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Xtermite for your termite inspections, treatments, and any required repair work. Our recent experience with Xtermite was with a Commercial Multi-family property listing, which was in Escrow with an extremely time sensitive schedule. The Xtermite team not only did a fantastic job but also kept us on schedule, and within our budget. A special shout out to Manny, our Field Inspector, and the Customer Service Team who kept our subsequent treatment, repairs, re-inspections, and reports on time, which turned our project into a positive experience at every level. Thank you Xtermite! Deb, Envision Real Estate

I love these guys. On time, great customer service and good communication. They came out when they said they were coming and were in no way pushy. I felt listened to and was impressed with their interest in making sure I knew what I was doing. I have not used the service yet–but if I make the leap to Orange Oil–I will definitely use this company!Thanks to the gentleman on the phone and to Manny who came out to do the inspection.

These guys were contracted by my Real Estate Agent for the termite inspection on our home prior to close of Escrow. They came out and indicated that ‘although they did not see any evidence of actual termites, there appeared to be indications that they were swarming in an area in and around the attic’. Capital B, Capital S! for sure. They quoted more than $1500 for the repair. Just last year I had a very clean termite inspection for a refinance and told the guy who showed up that I wanted a second opinion. I called the folks who showed up last year, btw – it’s a company called Farmer Termite Inspection out of Oceanside, and lo and behold, everything comes back clean. I’m convinced that these guys are most likely shysters and will attempt to create situations where homeowners are in need of their services so will opt to get the repairs instead of getting a second opinion because they need to close.Do yourself a favor and stay away

We had a great experience with no problems. Both of our techs that helped out were very efficient and checked areas that weren’t originally included. We wanted a natural treatment that offered different options to protect your home & family. Definitely check them out to find your best options.

Great customer service today. Thanks to Ruben and Alex. I had treatment done last year. But do to attic clutter, which was recently cleared, further treatment was nessesary. My childrens tropical fish in the 75 gallon tank, and our cats, and dogs are happy and healthy. Thanks again!

Working with the X-Termite team was a pleasure. Manny responded promptly with a competitive quote for the work. The project was scheduled for the following week. Isiah completed the orange oil treatment. He was on-time, careful and considerate. I appreciate the professionalism shown by the company.

John and Jeff were amazing. They came over to the house and were extremely respectful to my family and me. John, being a former Army Vet, was easy to talk to and felt like I had known him for years. The work completed was done timely and clean. I highly recommend Xtermite for your termite needs.

My complaint: There is currently a minimum 2-3 month wait between an appointment request and the actual annual home inspection for ongoing clients. I am an 8-year client with this company. I don’t like writing bad reviews, because I know there are hard working people at Xtermite, but I think it’s needed in this case. Xtermite seems to be a victim of it’s own success. I’m guessing new clients get priority on the inspection schedule…otherwise, who would sign up after such a long wait? But for an ongoing client, there is currently a 2-3 month delay between request and the actual home inspection.The maintenance agreement requires an annual fee payment on the anniversary date of your first inspection. My payment was due/paid in August 2016, I had to reschedule once due to an unexpected conflict. At this point, I won’t get an inspection until April 2017. That’s an 8-month delay and 18 months between annual inspections! Obviously, homeowners want those inspection spaced 12 months apart. Xtermite should be able to provide timely service.The company is not willing to adjust my schedule…I asked, they declined. So after this next inspection, I will move to another company using the orange oil technology.PS. To be fair, Xtermite is fairly quick (within 2 weeks) to get a technician out when you find termite droppings/damage between annual inspections and need spot treatment, no problem there (thus the 2 stars).

I own a home at the beach with zero lot setbacks. This creates a problem with termites (termites all year and no tenting) that calls out for treatment, not fumigation. Xtermite was great from first call to initial treatment. House smelled like heavy citrus for a few days, but it wasn’t unpleasant. And the nicest, most informative, on-time and respectful service people that I believe I’ve ever encountered. I’ve taken note of the need to schedule my annual service well in advance of the anniversary, and look forward to managing these destructive pests with Xtermite well into the future.

We have been clients of Xtermite for a few years now. Managing termites isn’t a fun experience, but I feel confident in Xtermite’s services. Niko came out today and was thorough and very detailed in his summary of his findings and treatment. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to get an appointment, but I feel it has been timely enough. Thank you, Xtermite!

I was leary…I had read a lot of reviews about Xtermite being able to come back out when I needed them. Well, not only did they meet my expectations…they exceeded them! Neecole was an excellent contact and examined our house. Told us the issues and we paid the upfront cost. Yes a little more than I wanted to pay, but I did not have to leave my house with my family, tent, worry about pesticides (etc.) and it was all done in a morning! We had windows put in a week later and found some termite damage after taking out old windows. Called Xtermite and they were out within 30 min! That’s right, 30 min!!!!!! I am impressed and would HIGHLY recommend this company!!!!! Oh and I have already put it on my calendar to make an appt. 3 months early for yearly inspection. Done and very happy!

So, we used their service for years and they were always good about coming out whenever we saw any termites – usually around August when it was hottest. They would always fit us in promptly. Over the years, there have been fewer and fewer termites in our room. Last year there were only two or three in our bedroom and bathroom, which was a major improvement over the first year our bedroom swarm started occurring. Again, the stuff of nightmares! I know that orange oil will not eradicate our termites, but will just keep them in check and slow them down, but I truly prefer to do this until we have vacated the home. The idea of tenting and getting pesticide all over everything we own is just horrible. This is for us the best temporary solution, and it seems to be doing what is intended. The termites are definitely not thriving, and we are not living with poison all over our things. Addressing complaints that it takes time to schedule for the annual inspection – so what! Simply schedule months in advance. It is just an annual inspection. Of course they are going to do initial inspections of new clients and deal with actual swarms first. I am very thankful that over the years they have dealt with swarms first, fit us in to their schedules, and dealt with swarming termites quickly. We are going to be moving soon, and we will tent our home during escrow, and make sure the home we are moving into is also tented when vacant. Then we will not hesitate to have Xtermite come in and keep any new termites under control. Unfortunately, living in California, termites are just an unfortunate reality.

This morning, 7 months after Xtermite “treatment” , I found a swarm in the exact place that Xtermite allegedly “treated”. I can only think that they gave the termites treats to keep them contented. One guy who showed up to do the “treatment”, I can only describe as a lout– you know, the type you meet and immediate sense “Not trustworthy.” The house was empty, undergoing a reno — nothing to steal– so I let them in and left. My contractor came an hour later and said the two guys were in their truck eating something and then left. $1500 for less than an hour’s work? Think I’ll become an exterminator! PS, Folks. I’ve talked to another exterminator with no agenda and he said that in my situation, and in most cases, it would take decades before termites could cause serious structural damage. The advertisements use exaggeration and scare tactics to drum up business. The “5 billion dollars” these ads talk about isn’t damage from termites, it’s the FINANCIAL damage that companies like Xtermite cause to gullible homeowners. Oh, yeah– they’ll give you “the treatment” alright!

Alex Amador from Xtermite treated my termite problem today. He arrived on time and explained each step of what he needed to do. He was thorough and answered all my questions. Alex treated both the inside and outside of my home and maintained cleanliness every step of the way !!I highly recommend XTermite for the quality service they perform and provide !Check out their contract to maintain a termite-free home and peace of mind !!

I’ve been hiring Xtermite for several years now and am very pleased with their service. Neecole J. Brooks has been the returning inspector for at least 3 years I recall, and he’s punctual, friendly, professional, and very attentive to his work. They locate and service infested areas of my home, and my family and I have great peace of mind knowing we don’t have to worry about termite damage. I prefer their method of spraying without having to cover the entire home. I’ve done that before and it’s such a hassle. This way is much better and I highly recommend them.

The service was outstanding. From Jacob, the inspector, to Lex and Keith, the techs, all were prompt, knowledgeable and professional. We’d definitely use their service and would recommend them to others.

Had a great experience from the get go. Very professional, prompt, thorough and followed through with the inspection report. Luckily, no evidence of termites. I will definitely have them return for termite extermination; its a matter of when, not if.

We’ve been using XTERMITE at our home since 2013. I am a Real Estate Broker and I first used XTERMITE on a real estate transaction. I was impressed at how well it worked and didn’t require waiting for tents and toxic chemicals. The property buyers were pleased they had no worries about moving in with small children and pets.I was so impressed with XTERMITE that I decided to use them In my personal home. Again I was impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and treatment and the orange oil smells great.We have called a few times when we have seen evidence of infestations and XTERMITE sends a technician out to spot treat right away.Once a year we have an inspection of the entire house as per our service agreement.Yesterday, an XTERMITE inspector named John Kidwell came by to inspect and treat for my annual contract renewal.John crawled in the attic and into the crawl space under the house. He treated a few spots and was friendly, clean, pleasant and efficient.I am very satisfied with the XTERMITE experience. They give me real peace of mind that I am protecting my investment and my family at a reasonable cost.

I would like to recommend John Kidwell of this company as its spokesman. Dealing with John is a real pleasure because of his personal touch. You call and he calls you back, addresses your concerns, is honest in what is involved in the process, costs you need to pay is up front. You know what you’re getting when you deal with John. He follows up if his people missed a termite spot or you find new areas, he sends his people out to remedy the situation.

They do a really good job. No gas or leaving the house. They have come back twice at no charge to do more treatments. Just had our one year follow up last week.

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Xtermite – 68 Reviews – Pest Control – 10107 Prospect Ave …

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