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Posted: April 12, 2019 at 4:54 pm

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Mike as the inspector came in for inspection. He is very knowledgeable and very patient to explain the process. End up my house was in good condition and only one spot found in the attic. same day I got the quote from them.After about a month and have been thru different quotes from another companies. They still have the best price. I explained my concern about planning fix the minor spot my own to Mike, He called me and taught me how to DIY in my attic step by step. He spent almost half hour over the phone spell out the name of the product I should get. He is very helpful and patient.I feel bad that end up I didn’t do business with them.But I sure whenever I encounter whoever need termite service. Termite Biz is always the only one that I will recommend to you.No wondering they are have 5 stars review!Thank you again!

These guys were great. Did a good job with the initial report – easy to schedule a time, on time for the appointment, got initial report back to me very quickly (couple days, I think). Found a plumbing leak and told me about it, recommended I get that fixed before doing the termite work, which I did. Did the termite work months later and remembered who I was (always a good sign). Showed up on time and communicated with me throughout the process. No surprises, no drama, and followed up with a summary report showing the work done and what was left to do…just in case I hadn’t gone back through the detailed termite report to see what was left, which, of course, I hadn’t!I liked them, they were nice, professional, and, though I haven’t had to, I feel like if I have any questions or follow-up work to do, they’ll be easy to work with.

Marvin is very honest and quick responsive regarding all my questions. I would recommend him to my friend and family! Very professional and hard worker!

Mike was our inspector. He did a very thorough inspection and was very prompt and professional throughout the entire process.

I’d like to personally write about how pleasant of an experience it was working with Marvin, Mike and his team! They were efficient, open, straightforward, and informative about the entire process. I can’t express how good I feel about having done business with their company and for our future relationship as well.

Complete 5-star service! Marvin & team are the best. Very responsive, professional, high quality work. We have used Termite Biz twice – once 4+ years ago and again this past month. Still the same top-notch customer service. Very impressed and highly recommend for your termite needs!!

This place is 100Communication was very good. Asked for a free estimate & Marvin responded very quickly with their next available date. I asked if any of the workers were fluent in Vietnamese as my mom was the one requesting the service & I wanted her to be able to talk to the inspector just in case. Marvin was very accommodating & switched my scheduled inspector with someone who did speak Vietnamese.Day of the inspection, Mike our inspector had contacted me saying he was in the area & could come sooner if we wanted which we did. Mike was very polite, knowledgable, hardworking & talkative. Inspection was about an hour & Mike was very thorough. We had just moved in & Mike pointed out some non-termite problems he noticed like our water heater was leaking which was very nice of him. Mike explained everything he did, went over everything he found in detail, gave honest suggestions & had no problem repeating everything in english for me & Vietnamese for my mom. Mike explained that Tenting was not necessary & explained our options to us and never tried to convince us to buy services we didn’t need. My mom insisted on getting the Tenting though.Our family was on a time crunch & my mom was having second thoughts on Tenting or just the Basic Spraying and I had mentioned that to Mike. Marvin called & gave me his honest opinion along with the differences with going with Tenting or the Basic Spraying service & answered any questions I had. I ended up going with the Basic Spraying.The rate for the service was reasonable & came with a warranty & a free follow-up inspection at the end of the warranty with a free service if anything was wrong.The day of the Spray Service, Mike returned with 2 coworkers Nick & Jerry. The team was very nice & hard working. Took about 1-2 hours because I do have a rather big house. They sprayed areas that were directly infected, my attics & outside my house. I was doing some tree work & Mike voluntarly asked if I wanted the tree sprayed as well which was above & beyond!To sum everything up, Termite Biz was great through out the entire process. The communication was great, they are all very hardworkers at what they do & they seem to very much care about customer satisfaction. Thank you Termite Biz!

Marvin and Nick were great to work with. Quick, efficient, thorough. They made a miserable process as easy it can possibly be, and we couldn’t have asked for better. Highly recommend.

Very professional service and reasonable price. They took care of the drywood termite, and also the subterranean termite which was not reported on my previous inspection report from another company with no extra charge.

Excellent service and very professional. Prices are reasonable and they perform a thorough job – inspection and treatment. Highly recommend!

Just wanted to thank you and your company for the excellent work in handling our serious termite issue. We appreciate that Nick (and the other 2 workers) took care of things in a professional and timely manner while being kind and careful to cover and protect items in our stores. Thanks again Marvin for everything! It has been a pleasure working with you. We truly appreciate your knowledge and kind help as well as your prompt, professional and friendly service. You have an excellent company and we will be glad to recommend others to you.

Marvin from Termite Biz was very responsive from start to finish and offered the best price of all the companies I reached out to. Even though I never met him in person since we were using an existing inspection report from a different company, the team showed up right on schedule, tented the home, and everything was finished in a timely manner. Marvin gave me step by step instructions on how to prep for the fumigation and followed up with me after. Great company and I will recommend to others in the future!

Super friendly, very respectful of our home, super fast response, scheduling and extermination. They took the time to do a through full inspection and explain to me the problems and how the treatment would go. They were in and out quickly and I am 100% satisfied.

Great Fumigation and Preventive Treatment ServiceJust bought a house and the termite report recommended to do a fumigation. We contacted a handful termite treatment companies for quote. Marvin from Termite Biz provided the most competitive price, and he was the only one to point out that my house roof is made of tiles, which might be damaged during the fumigation as a man with 80lb tent will be on the roof. He answered all my questions patiently and layed out possible solutions and costs.We finally chose fumigation and preventive treatment service for our house.The fumigation was subcontracted to a local fumigation company. They did a great job! 3 guys came to my house on time and worked non-stop for about 3 hours. The house is artistically wrapped. My house is about 3 stories with balconies and stairs. They did a wonderful job. They let me know how many tiles were broken before and did not damage any tile for the process. After the fumigation was done, Mike and another term member came over for the preventive treatment. It took them about 1 hour to finish the work. Mike explained the process and answered all my questions. He also mentioned that some signs for subterranean termites which was not in the report!This is a very smooth and pleased service! and every task was completed with a very high standard.I Highly recommended Termite Biz for fumigation and termite treatment.

We had a major infestation of subterranean termites in our basement and crawlspace. Based on reviews, we called Termite Biz and scheduled an appointment with Nick. Nick arrived on time. I walked him through the problem areas in our basement, and discussed what I knew about the condition of the wood and the history of infestations. After that Nick did a compete inspection of the rest of the house, every square inch inside and outside, including in the attic. He found other problems that I hadn’t noticed: drywood termites in our stoop and in the clapboard siding.We discussed several options. I was more interested in long-term prevention, so Nick recommended treating the wood in the basement and attic with Bora Care. It remains in the wood forever. In addition they would spray along the exterior perimeter to discourage new colonies of subterranean termites.The pricing was competitive, I liked working with Nick, and I wanted to go with a local company, so we decided to schedule the work.At the same time we were under contract to do repair in the basement, pouring new concrete and putting up shear paneling along our 4′ cripple wall. We needed the termite work to be done after the cement was poured and cured, but before the shear wall was installed. That left just one or two days. Nick was fine with that, and scheduled the work when it was convenient for us.Nick and his partner arrived at the schedule time, suited up, and went to work. I was unable to remove some of the shelving that would have been in their way, they were happy to help me with that before getting started.Bora Care was sprayed directly onto all exposed wood surfaces; in areas where the studs were covered, they made small holes, injected foaming Bora Care, and then patched the holes.All in all a great experience, and very much worth the peace of mind knowing that we have greatly reduced our vulnerability to termites.I highly recommend Termite Biz!

I found them on Nextdoor when looking for recommendation. I’m very happy with the experience. I want to give a shoutout to Michael. He showed up on time, very friendly and professional. He explained everything along the way and answered all the questions I had. I like that he’s also very respectful of my home by having his shoe cover on when inside my house. He was very thorough with inspection checking every corner. I like that he didn’t pressure me into buying anything, and honest enough to say the inspection is clean and I’m good for now.

Marvin and his team did a great job. The job took about 3 hours and was done correctly! They treated for subterranean termites and dry wood termites. The warranty is great for this company and am looking forward to recommending them to anyone that has termites. Heads up, marvin gives a cash discount for those that are looking for an awesome deal with quality work for a reasonable and affordable price. Very happy with their service.

From the first phone call, susequent emails and completing today’s termite work Termite Biz has been outstanding. Termite Biz was prompt in getting back to me to answer some initial questions about their company, techniques and warranties. After having responded respectfully to all my questions I scheduled an inspection. Arranging for an inspection was quick and simple. Nick came out and did a thorough inspection, even crawling into the attic with his special suit and air mask. He took about 45 minutes walking around our place identifying areas where termites were (ones I didn’t even notice). Later that day after the inspection Nick emailed a detailed quote about the work that would be entailed and the cost. After that initial inspection I had many questions about the procedure and peppered Marvin (the owner) and Nick with. Each time Marvin was prompt at replying to all my emails and proved very helpful. Today I had Termite Biz scheduled to come to the house to do the work. Nick was running behind scheduled and called us letting us know he might be a little late. He wound up only being 7 minutes late. This impresses me that promptness and keeping customers informed is a hallmark of their business. Nick and Darryl spent about 3 hours at our home treating all the areas and did a thorough job. They were quiet, respectful and efficient. They warranty their work for two (2) years and have been very, very impressed with their business ethics, conscientiousness and high level of service. Time will tell on the termites, but up to this point I’m been extremely satisfied with their service. They are a family business (everyone seems to be related) and I would highly recommend them.

Agree with all the other 5 star comments! On time arrival, thorough inspection and treatment, friendly and knowledgeable (thanks Daryl and Mike!).This is the second time my house needed termite treatment in the past year. I didn’t contact the first company again even though the warranty is still in effect because I was not confident they will eliminate the problem at its root (main reason is because the inspector only looked at areas I pointed out and I am not the expert here). I decided to find another company and a friend recommended Termite Biz. Getting an appointment was easy, all done via email and quickly. Observing how Daryl and Mike did their inspection vs. the other company, I now know the first inspection missed a lot! Not only did they checked the entire house Daryl even went up to the roof, which is difficult to access, to complete the inspection. Every infested area found this second time should have been discovered the first time as the infestation was in the same area (entire back of the house). Mike educated me on how to spot problems as he was doing his inspection. You just have to ask.At the very least Daryl and Mike gave me confidence that I won’t be dealing with termite problems for long. Termite Biz also has a 2 year warranty but what stood out to me is they will do another inspection at the end of the 2 year period, which was not offered by the other company. So not only do I appreciate their work ethics and professionalism, I like the follow up, too. One less thing to worry about!

Termite Biz was our second opinion for my elder parents house, so glad we call them not only did we save money but also learned there’s a different option to treat termites.Mike was very thorough doing the inspection and explaining every detail and most of all he was respectful to their home and to my elder parents.Mike and his team showed up on time and finished the job on time. Mike, Thank you so much for your service and your kindness.I highly recommend them. I would give them more stars.Marvin is fabulous too.

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