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Posted: December 7, 2017 at 4:41 pm

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Termites are not a threat to your person or your family, however,can cause catastrophic damage to your home, backyard shed, or office building. The threat and existence of termites increases in warmer climates; however, there are some species of termites that are found all over the United States. The tiny ant-like creatures can cause some serious damage to furniture, insulation, and much more.

The best way to get rid of termites is to prevent them from forming cultures by having an annual inspection of your home performed by a licensed pest control expert. Most companies offer a free inspection service or consultation to determine if your home or office is infested with termites. For companies that do not offer free consultations you can expect to pay between $100-$200 depending on the size and structure of your home. However, if there is already an infestation flourishing inside your home then the fastest and most effective way is to fumigate your entire home.

There will be many visible signs indicating a termite infestation if you happen to notice any of these signs, then it may be high-time that you called for a professional termite inspection.

Fumigation is just one of the many ways that termites are exterminated In addition to fumigation termite treatment includes the use of chemicals, baiting method, heat, microwave, and electricity. The cost of exterminating varies according to the method used, the access, and the area of the structure.

Although the fumigation method could be expensive, the comprehensive process covers all areas and is the most effective way to terminate termites. The process involves sealing your home and sending toxic gas into the entire sealed area. It is kept there to permeate into the wood and other treated structures for approximately 2-5 days. When your home is opened thereafter, the air is tested to be positively toxin-free and you will then be allowed to enter a termite-free home.

The termite fumigation costs depend on the area of your home and additional areas such as decks or tree houses that will also need treatment. A typical cost for tent fumigation for a single familyhome of up to 1,250-square foot is approximately$1,200-$2,500 and for a larger home of up to2,500-square foot area, the tent fumigation cost canfall between $2,200-$3,800.

Tent fumigation is acomprehensive procedure. Choose a reliable exterminator who is licensed, certified, and follows all the safety precautions involved in the process of fumigating your home. The exterminator will alsoput up warning sign posts to safeguard your home and your neighbors.

Its a good idea to be wary of exterminators who show up at your doorstep, unannounced, offering up a free inspection. It is wise to look up exterminators based on references from friends and family or through a Google search first.

Check the total experience of the company, their training methods, certifications, number of employees, and their guarantee terms on the fumigationprocess. Get a written statement on the process and understand all the steps before it begins.

Before the process of fumigation begins, you will be required to remove all living creatures from your home including your family, pets, and plants; edible items such as food and medicines need to be taken out as well. Gas pipes turned off.

Look on the bright side. You can take advantage of this time away from home to check into a hotel for a well-deserved break and let other people take care of laundry, food and cleaning for a change. Once your home is ready for rehabilitation, you could hire a professional cleaning service to get your house back into shipshape.

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Understanding Tent Fumigation | Command Pest Control

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