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Posted: February 1, 2018 at 3:44 am

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Tent fumigation is an effective treatment for structural termite infestations. By covering the structure with a tarp and introducing a measured amount of Vikane gas amount into the interior of the home, all termites inside the tarp WILL BE exterminated. However, it is important to note that the Vikane gas will only kill termites inside the tented structure; subterranean termites living beneath the structure may be able to re-infest the home. This is why Kamaaina Termite & Pest Control recommends a Pest Control Treatment regimen, that exterminates infestations as they happen.

Will tent fumigation eliminate all the termites and pests in the structure? No. Subterranean termites require separate treatments to create a barrier between the structure and their nest in the ground. Under ideal conditions, the target pest will be dead or dying by the end of the fumigation. Drywood termites can remain alive for as long as a week after a lethal dose of a fumigant. Lethal doses vary for different pests, depending on the fumigant used.

Why do I continue to see termite droppings? Termites create passageways and tunnels throughout your property as they move and feed. This means that even after the termites have been exterminated, windows, doors, walls, and trim may still be filled with termite droppings. Any vibrations such as doors slamming, large street vehicles, and gravitational settling can displace old termite droppings. Even if you see termite droppings after your fumigation, this does not mean you have an existing, un-exterminated termite population.

Will there be any live termites in my home after whole-structure fumigation? If you see a few live termites immediately after your home has been fumigated, dont be alarmed. Sometimes it can take three to five days for all of the termites to die. Rest assured whole-structure fumigation with Vikane gas fumigant will eliminate all of the drywood termites in the home.

Will the fumigation kill all termite eggs? Vikane is not an ovicide and therefore will not directly kill termite eggs. However, as the eggs hatch, the larvae rely on worker termites for survival and will quickly die in their absence.

Why do I see more ants and insects after my tent fumigation? Ants and other insects, such as roaches, are foragers and creatures of opportunity. They will feed on dead termite colonies, and could potentially kick out additional droppings. This is why Kamaaina Termite & Pest Control recommends a Total Home Care regimen that includes spot treatments, ground treatments, insert treatment, and insert treatment. Talk with your sales representative to learn more about keeping your home completely free of termites and other pests.

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POST FUMIGATION FAQs – Kama’aina Termite And Pest Control

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