Termite Treatment Cost

Posted: September 26, 2015 at 12:41 pm

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It should cost less to treat your home than it does to paint it. If it doesnt, your painter is working too cheap or your termite company is charging too much. Termite treatments are a once or twice in a lifetime problem for most of us. Do you know what price is a good price? Since no exact cost willbe determined until your structure isinspected and measured by a Termite Company.Termite treatment cost considerations include,which type of treatment you choose, the type of guaranty you select, the size of your home, and which type of foundation your home has.Shopping price only, has the potential of leaving you disappointed with the finished product. There is muchmorefor you to considerwhen you shop for a termite treatment and a termite company to do it.

Just like any business, a lot goes into a companys overhead expenses when they offer termite treatments, so the same or similar termite treatment cost will vary from company to company. Heres a list of some of the factors used infiguringthe cost of providing this termite treatment service to you and your property.Im sure Ive left something out, but you get the idea. Its expensive to run a Termite Co. The lower the price the fewer of these expenses may be offered. For example;If you have a problem with the treatment or something at your home is damaged during treatment, you may be happierwith a larger termite company that carries better insurance instead of the lower required amount, or one that carries no insurance at all.Termite treatments done by a professional must be done according to state and federal regulations for your satisfaction and protection. Thats where good training comes into play. Many states require pest control techs to be certified or registered, not all statesrequiretesting for their pest control techs. A registered or certified employee would make a higher salary in most states.

What is a linear foot? Termite Companies base their post-treatment prices using linear feet (Ln. Ft.). This is the distance measuredin ft. aroundfoundation perimeter ofyour home, for pricing. Most termite companies have an established price per linear footuse this number to multiply by thenumber of Ln. Feet. Heres is how to get a ball park price for a subterranean termite treatment for your home. Measure the distance in feet around your homes foundation. This will give you the total linear feet. Each linear foot requires a specific amount of termiticide to be applied, so the bigger the house the more chemical cost involved. A good average termite company price might be $4.00 to $7.50 per Ln. ft.

It shouldbecome clear after reading this that Do-It-Yourself Termite Treatments using the same products the pros use may be an option for some homeowners. Read more about DIY Termite Treatment. Not all structures are recommended for do it yourself termite treatments but most are. Both examples fora house with 240 Ln. Ft.

Termite Company Treatment Example:: 240 Ln. ft. x $5.00 per Ln. ft. = $1,200 for the treatment. DIY Example Comparison:: same 240 Ln. Ft. x .84 cents per Ln. ft. (Termidor cost based on $50 per bottle) = $201.60 for the treatment.

When you have a termite company treat your home you will receive a guaranty against future infestations and an annual inspection. When you do it yourself you dont receive a guaranty and you have to inspect your own house every year.

DIY Saves You Money; if you are willing to do the work. Click to see how its done. Figures for termite treatment cost will be higher or lower depending on:

Also figure in the cost of your annual renewal. Ball park between $100 and $200 per year should be about right.

Ask the price per linear foot to treat your home.

Building a new structure? A work shop, or a storage shed or a garage? You will need to treat the foundation before pouring concrete floors or footings. This charge is almost always figured by how many square feetin a structure. Or if your structure is small there is generally a minimum charge. A good average price might be $.20 to $.45 per sq. ft. Example: a garage measures 30 feet by 40 feet = 1200 sq. ft x $.30 per Sq. ft. = $360 for the treatment. This is a ball park figure to help you understand how the pricing process works. Figures will be higher or lower depending on:

Also figure in the cost of your annual renewal. Ball park between $100 and $200 should be about right.

Dont be in a hurry. Termites eat slow and take time to do real damage. You have time to make an informed decision. If this article was helpful please do the social thing below. It helps me. And please feel free to make appropriate comments below, maybe you had a poor experience you would like to share. Thank you.

Theres a lot more to considerif you have termites or suspect you have a termite infestation, or if youd just like to prevent a termite infestation before one gets started. Click around a see how much you can learn about dealing with a termites here, and termite treatment costat TermiteMD.Read More


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Since no accurate cost can be determined until your structure has been inspected and measured by a Termite Company. Pricing considerations include, which type of treatment you choose, the type of guaranty you select, the size of your home, and which type of foundation your home has.

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Termite Treatment Cost

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