Termite Fraud Company Practices

Posted: June 4, 2015 at 7:42 pm

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Recently Termite Fraud has come to the publics attention, as Lawyers and News reporters expose illegal practices. Just how serious are theserevelations, and what can we do to stop it? First of all not all pest control companies are dishonest.The great majority are good law-abiding citizens, butallwould fail the test of Regulation scrutiny. There are so many rules and regulations, I dont think anycompany could be 100% compliant. There may layone of the unintentional problems. Make the rules simpler to understand, easier to follow, and enforce them. The second unintentional problem is the lack of rule enforcement. In our state of Georgia there are only a handful of State inspectors to oversee termite work done in the entire state. Simply not enough state inspectors, and the Pest control industryknows it.

What Happened

Gratuitous interpretation of Laws, Rules and Regulations are bearing the fruit of fraud. In order to compete for customers in these hard times, unfair sales tactics, false positive termite inspections, compounded by poor training with sales oriented goals make competing for termite jobs harder for honest companies to garnernew customers. Going up against companies that routinely take treatment shortcuts and bend the rules, using slick sales techniques that can wash away homeowner doubtsgive the bad companiesan unfair advantage. Some of the up and coming termite and pest control companies wantto do the right thing by their customers, but may eventually give way to competing with the fraudulent ones on their terms to stay in business. This cycle just keeps repeating itself.

Termite Company Fraud seems to be running rampant in the Termite Industry. Ingrained, traditional, but misguided ideas transferred though assumption and then training, create employeesthat are more interested in sales techniques, than sanctionedtermite prevention. Termite treatment techs, that believenumbers of treatments means job securityand not no stone left unturned treatments are figuring out how to make more money.

Company Branch Managers who receive a yearly bonus for improving sales and service figures sometimes encourage bad practices without knowing it. Paying a termite sales commission encourages more false positive inspections, thus more treatments making more money.Treatment techs who rush through jobs to get home early or to get high numbers of treatments add to the mess and it just keeps getting worse, till someone gets caught.

Fortunately not all companies have succumbedto Fraud to stay in business. But a recent conversation with Tom Campbell, of Campbell Law tells me more companies are getting caught. Tom is a consumer protectionist, in the fight to protect homeownersfrom bad Termite Company practices in the states of Alabama, Georgia and other states. I must say I have never met a person, that was so up to the task. Mr Campbellsexpert knowledge ofthe laws rules and regulations, termite inspection goals and techniques, are substantial. Tomis passionately involved in keeping the Termite Industry in Alabama running according to fairness, and the law; while acting as a consumer advocate.

Some termite companies actually fear Mr. Campbelland know him by his reputation and his moniker, Termite Tom. My advice to them is to do it by the book and you dont have to fear anyone. Ive been in the industry since 1982 and was an inspector/salesperson and later as a Corp. Director of Termite Operations for a large Pest Control Company operating in Ga., Al., Fl., and SC., I held Certificationin WDO in both Georgia and Alabama. I did not hire or keep dishonest termite sales people. I did not hire nor keep treatment technicians that did not follow instructions or the chemicals label. I did not see any value in having customers that did not get what they paid for. Money is not now, nor never it ever been has been the reason I worked. Customer service and giving customers what they paid was my personal goal.

Every company is usually founded by employees of other companies and most begindoing it right. Over time training becomes diluted and dishonest employees further dilute the company values till, it becomes a money tree. The more termites you find and treat the more money you can make, for yourself and the company, which makes youmore valuable to your employer. This is how Termite Fraud begins. Your employer may look the other way if you sell enough business and this proves the Bible statement that, the love of money, is the root of all evil. Who says we dont need God?

See examples oftermite companies fraudulent business practicesfrom Tom Campbell. While you are there you may decide to like his page or even share a thing or two with your fiends, about termite fraud. Tom is always interested in your comments.

If you are in need of termite protection now, how do you protect yourself?

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