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Posted: September 26, 2015 at 12:41 pm

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There is a current debate right now in the pest control industry as to whether or not Termidor termite treatment vs. Sentricon termite treatment is better. These are two very popular termite control chemicals and Termidor termite treatment vs. Sentricon can bring about some heated debates in the bug control business.

So what do you think? I suppose we should give you a little background information first. The Sentricon System consists of a series of bait stations surrounding the perimeter of your house. The pest control company periodically monitors these stations and, once they detect termite activity, they replace the wood bait with a poison that is supposed to wipe out the colony. Sentricon is probably the most green solution out there, but its effectiveness has also been brought into question by a number of so-called experts. Thats the first part of the Termidor termite treatment vs. Sentricon debate.

So what is the Termidor system? Termidor is a chemical termiticide that provides a soil barrier surrounding your house. Published reviews of Termidor say that it is far more effective than Sentricon, and not particularly dangerous to people. Termidor costs about $50 more than Sentricon up front, but the annual contract, which covers monitoring, periodic reapplication, if necessary, and repair of any termite damage is about $150 less for Termidor as compared to Sentricon. It is obvious that Sentricon is the more eco-friendly solution to the problem of termites. However, it might not be as effective as other chemicals out there. Termidor, on the other hand, introduces chemicals into your yard as well as into the soil that surrounds your structure.

Some people feel that any chemicals that are exposed to people are horrible not only for the environment so they oppose the use of Termidor. So when we consider the Termidor termite treatment vs. Sentricon termite treatment debate, the choice really isnt clear. Our job isnt to sway you towards one or the other. It depends on your point of view and what you feel is the best choice for you.

If you are committed toward living a clean, green lifestyle, then you will want to choose Sentricon. If youre more interested in making sure that termites dont infest your home, then you might want to consider Termidor for its effectiveness. As new chemicals begin to emerge onto the pest control scene, there is likely to be debate. Thats why its no surprise that the Termidor termite treatment vs. Sentricon debate rages on. Its likely to keep raging as well. Choose your side and argue to your hearts content.

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Termidor Termite Treatment vs. Sentricon | Termite …

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