Pest Control Scam in Orange County from Termite Terry Pest …

Posted: May 9, 2016 at 6:18 pm

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The local CBS station in Los Angeles recently did another one of their Special Investigations of pest control companies scamming the public on bedbug treatments. They started off by having a local pest control expert inspect a vacant apartment to check for bedbugs. The expert took his specially trained canine all around the apartment and couldnt find any signs of these pests. Next, they set up a number of hidden cameras and called a number of different companies to come out and do inspections.

In their story, the first three pest control companies came out, inspected and could find no signs of any bedbugs. Personally, I was very glad to see that these guys were honest.

Unfortunately, the next guy they brought in was not at all honest. After a walk around the apartment, he said that he could feel there was something in the carpets. After spending more time looking around, he found something, smashed it on the wall and said it was a bedbug. Whatever it was, he through it off the balcony and gave her a $350 quote for treatment. The reporter, David Goldstein , identified himself and told the pest tech that the home had just been tested by a canine and was found to be clear of bedbugs. It turned out this tech was not licensed and he could not explain his findings.

A tech from another company was brought in and he said he found several dead bedbugs, eggs and casings. He was the real bargain man because he only wanted $75.00 to do a treatment. The items this tech found were then put under a microscope and were determined to be only particles of food.

Folks, there are plenty of homes with real bug problems and there is no reason why legitimate companies should scam anyone. Please dont be surprised if you callus at, Termite Terry Pest Control,and we tell you that you dont have a problem. And, if you do have a problem, rest assured that well give you a magnifying glass so you can see for yourself!

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Pest Control Scam in Orange County from Termite Terry Pest …

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