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Posted: March 9, 2017 at 5:51 am

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Are you addicted to rock music and have a termite problem? Chances are probably not, according to this weeks Snapple fact, if termites listen to rock they will chew through wood two times faster. Sometimes I wonder if these facts are even true. For two reasons:

1. How do you find out if termites work 2 times faster?

2. Should I be trusting a gas station tea brand with valuable facts.

Hey guys, its Molly and since this fact provoked a series of questions for me I decided to devote this weeks article to my research. I will now carry on.

On Huffington Post, they did an article where they proved that some Snapple Facts may not be true. Five untrue Snapple Facts were used to back this up, here they are:

Untrue fact 1- The average humans dream lasts only 2 to 3 seconds.

Dr. Robert Stickgold, at Harvard Medical School, says that there is no current way to figure out how long an individual dream can last on average.

Untrue fact 2-The only food that does not spoil is honey.

There are two more staples that Snapple seem to be forgetting, according to Huffington Post, and that is salt and vinegar.

Untrue fact 3- Only male fireflies can fly.

This is true for some species of the firefly but as for other species of the same insect females can fly just as well as the gentlemen.

Untrue fact 4- A Venus fly trap can eat a whole cheeseburger.

These plants are not supposed to eat anything this fatty or dead, (the cow meat is dead), so just one bite this crazy plant can die.

Untrue fact 5- A ducks quack doesnt echo.

The Myth Busters actually tested this out and even though it may be hard to hear a ducks quack it will echo.

Unfortunately, I was sad to see the Snapple facts untrue percentage rate: half of all real Snapple Facts are actually fake.

This was found on a bottle cap of a Snapple drink labeled Snapple Fact number 0.

So, is this weeks Snapple Fact correct?

Oddly enough it is true because rock and roll has a different and harder sound frequency; the termites can sense and feel it, which proves this fact true.

What are my feelings on this matter?

I am very glad you asked this question Molly number 2 because I feel betrayed in some very weird way. I feel as if I have been a victim of fraud. I am still going to do a fun fact every week but they might not be from Snapple every time. I dont want to be receiving a wrong fact and then telling you the misunderstood fact. Instead I will always check to make sure that the fact is correct.

How long has Snapple been making fact lids?

Since 2002, so maybe at the time some facts were true and then changed over time.

Thank you to everyone who made Chick Days at Armstrongs Feed & Supply last Saturday fun and memorable.

To end this weeks article, I will tell you a fun fact about myself:

If you saw a dancing chicken on the intersection (to help promote Chick Day) of Valley Center Road and Cole Grade Road, it may or may not have been me inside. There is a 50, 50 chance.


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