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Posted: August 1, 2017 at 7:42 pm

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. The point 6 o’clock this is McCain is just forty you’ve received since ninety seconds on. Shirley mostly cloudy and 72 degrees. One dead or injured in the roll over traffic accident on Kellogg near downtown Wichita. It happened just after 11 PM Sunday in the westbound lanes of Washington. Police Sargent Don Campbell this that was formed there was a roller. Or accident and that individuals were trapped. Officers arrived on scene and to a single car accident. Speed is believed to have been a factor in the accident. Two people were hospitalized in critical critical condition to others in serious condition. And overnight manhunt covering a large part of northwest Alabama has resulted in the recapture of ten min who escaped from a county jail late Sunday. ABC’s Jim Ryan says it doesn’t initially. Were on the run several of the twelve inmates from the walker county jail in Jasper Alabama have previous escapes or escape attempts on their records. Others were being held on suspicion of attempted murder. It’s not clear how the men broke out of jail but local county and state law enforcement swarmed into the area northwest of Birmingham and one by one. Have been recapturing the escape beats a violent weekend in the nation’s capital as police respond to seven shootings within 24 hours. A total of ten people shot two of them killed between Saturday and Sunday night’s one of the dead seventeen year old Jermaine Richard. Which shot Sunday afternoon while visiting friends across town. Measures ant the Gloria Alison. Spoke on his family’s behalf at the scene of the shooting. No I groups. Get killed like this week. And he was down. A man has died after his car crashed into UUQ a utility pole in Wichita police say it happened just before 1 PM Saturday in the 17100 block of south rock branded. The man must following his wife’s car when he lost control across multiple lanes of traffic hitting utility pole and flipped over. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Please tell our partners AK SA TV that the man died from a medical condition. Ronnie Price K and SS news. A spokesman for the Kansas department of corrections says it has found no evidence of the significant episode of unrest to the state prison in elder radio. Reported earlier by a union for state workers spokesman Todd Burdick says the department investigated whether a group of inmates refused to follow orders Friday evening at elder radio. And did not find that such an incident occurred. The report that such an incident occurred came from the Kansas organizations state employees in a tweet Friday evening. Pretty reported there were two separate inmate on inmate altercations Friday each resulting in an inmate injury. Airports in Australia remain under heightened security after four men were arrested. For allegedly plotting to attack an aircraft. Police have not released details of the supposedly plots. But newspaper reports say the men were building a device to spread poison gas aboard a plane. The arrested are two Australian Lebanese men and their sons. Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull would not say of the men have been linked to any terror organization. Turnbull congratulated police on the arrests. Very serious terrorist plot good intelligence strike place where cried investigation cried for my action hasn’t libelous to disrupt that plot. After congress passed new sanctions on Russia for its in interference in the US elections. Moscow has responded Russian president Vladimir Putin’s at 755. People working US diplomatic missions in Russia would have to leave the country a response that into Russia sanctions passed by congress the Russian governments and only 455. People good working American missions there the same number included its missions in the United States the American Embassy in Moscow and the three US consulates in Russia employ a lot of Russian staff who could be cut so it’s not clear how many Americans would actually have to leave the State Department caught a quote a regrettable and uncalled for act at. At the foreign desk and adults and ABC news. Gay and assist used on now 604. 4 minutes past 6 o’clock. 9713. Thirty KN SA is there’s even 10 in the morning now six and the 10 minutes past 6 o’clock in a Monday morning. And in traffic is gonna wanna continue to watch out for eight. Traffic slowdown upon westbound Kellogg. Talk a little bit earlier about the fatal traffic accident they had there and that was late last night but they’ve still got some lanes closed so. You can see a slowdown there again that is westbound Kellogg. And Washington’s draft update from KN SF radio on get chambers I noticed coming in jazz it coming. Southbound on them. The canal route yeah I’m going to lift them that was blocked at the time that may still see some problems and to yes but it don’t westbound right. That threat but it. The scene of the forecast now with king and assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning and good morning we become cloudy across south central Kansas student weak disturbance of spinning over the western part of the state that’s where some showers and a few thunderstorms were drifting a little bit further east. Most of the ocean wind down by the time they get here we could see few showers and storms tonight today’s high 84. Tonight 66 Super Tuesday a slight chance of rain with a high back in the mid eighties. I’m KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays partly cloudy skies 71 degrees village southeast wind at five miles served for hours. Today’s Monday July 31 last day of July for 2017. A warm Sunday across Kansas had nothing like. A weaker throat whenever I left town which does high temperature. Yesterday 88 degrees normal high is 93 right and when I left town last week. We’re doing a hundred every day gap was very different count on the East Coast in it was a lot nicer on the East Coast they of that. And handle rain in Baltimore more on that. In just a minute. In Florida detectives hit the jackpot when they executed a search warrant on a suspect’s home he was writing a fraud at two different list. The Miami Herald reports nineteen year old Phyllis stone term mine. Was sentenced last week to afford a half years in federal prison for aggravated identity theft. And other charges after investigators found is list. Termite was in his bedroom writing a list auto legal pad that included. Buy three phones won clean to thirties. And reminders to buy credit card information from the dark web. Prosecutors say to remind admitted to collecting names and Social Security numbers and submitting fraudulent unemployment benefit claims and well you’re a big list guy. What to do list yet you think you have led it to do list of the lieutenant a little every morning that’s right you go right down the list maybe this is that. This guy’s the same way as he’s yeah he’s like he’s on a list guy which I can respect. But he probably should’ve put them away when the cops were not the yes many many keep that list somewhere fairly well in any feeling it Phyllis stone might not be the most clever. Crook who ever lived well yeah yeah go to digger behind Marcia Ford had peers and hone is skills I’m sure there’s somebody behind bars as it. A dummy here’s all you do that. They’re putting a downpour and half years. He can really swindle people you know either that was the set of instructions may beat this guy hadn’t done that kind of crime before and somebody wrote down foreign. Well Illinois do this eat eat just follow this list here mail. I’m glad he got caught the but you know people like this make them a life so interesting for the rest of us right. With the constantly going through security changes in pastor changes that is evident now I understand. Yeah we’ll protect our privacy. And then we have people who take cameras and they’re called to say nothing private here right like the connections now healed over share in and a new. Too much information. Item back from a week off you guys impure did a great job while I was gone didn’t tune in much we shared did try to get busy trying to keep busy but. The went on a long trip but my son and migrants and Reese we went back to. Flew to Baltimore to pick ups cats are my sense and are shipped from a Germany where he has been. Serving the military and he’s now retired and living in derby. And so Scott Reese and I drove the car back to Wichita. We thought we’d blocked out three days to do it and stop and see a museum and a battlefield in the right next thing you know we’re off schedule. So to get back on schedule we’ve growth what was it Tuesday. From Charleston, West Virginia to Wichita Kansas in one go into one bill not over 900 miles to about three days. Cover and all I did I just drove part of the times gotten in most driving. Reese is too young to drive so. It was an experience we have seen a lot of country I’d never seen before for instance. West Virginia it’s very much like Missouri lot of trees light candles on trees and trees come right down to the tune in the edge of the highway. Andy gets old after awhile because there’s not a lot much else this year. You can tell that daddy named see any you know any coal mines are you going you know I don’t know how and it’s not a rich state that I would say. Now we got Kentucky NeuStar to see the Rolling Hills in the grass it was prettier Sonoma but three Indiana went through oh Illinois. A man drove through Saint Louis saw the arch. Outside we crossed but like count and five major rivers we crossed the Ohio we cross the wabash. The Mississippi. And the Missouri twice. There was one other in their effort out which one analyst but but but but but but but. Well the that I say the Ohio yet you said it the only version just you can’t get the EU can it’s feeling for from the nation’s history and affected. These watery sees great big rivers down through the the eastern midwest now through our part of the country. As a source of commerce and moving goods and services over the years they’ve been very important to barge in a lot of barge traffic still some observers. Especially the Mississippi well of course when he got back to which he crossed the mighty. No we came from the each note is. That where it gets it. Crossed the mighty aid. I had we’ve got to a big morning planned for our listeners you listeners out there the coming at them just a little over an hour will talked about talk with the mayor. Mayor Jeff Long well Mondays with the mayor he wanted us this morning. And I’ve got a couple of questions I’m gonna ask him about certain topical and particularly evident than a couple of topical questions for the but the mayor he’s always. Loaded with the information of the latest going on. And then at 8:15 this morning. We look forward to this every year at Kansas City Chiefs training camp up to Baja amidst all this. Every morning here during training camp brought you by rusty Eck Ford I’ll tell you. Yeah we kinda. It’s a fun deal and the running into somebody the other day who was talking about it at a like he lets you guys you guys talking a Mitch about Kansas City Chiefs football. So that’s coming up we go to or any the other hand intrigue and go off on abducted Mitch Mitch well there are a lot of tensions coming and that. That’s a great thing about me if you don’t have to hold and then he get enough just yeah quality and they can converse on so many levels. In so many ways. All right again if you’re just tuning in and if you’re driving say. Going westbound westbound on Kellogg and Kellogg. Elect of the problem could be that those lanes up for 67 hours but when you’re a fatal accident. They take their time they really do and they have to be very meticulous there are legal aspects to it I think and the police are and first responders always very careful. As we’ve got one person dead two critical to serious and an accident rookie could cover on that this morning here we Steven Tet. I’d it’s 618 here on a Monday morning time for beat up sports. Said the work. The royals in action in the back on the winning track and Ted. I think NBC triggered then now underway on going strong right to. On strong down town at the 83 annual national baseball congress World Series. We’re in championship week. With four games yesterday on Sunday winners yesterday includes Hayes marks. Teeny diamond dolls in the Wellington heat Wellington beat team USA seven to three is now. Action yesterday. Big day on tap today at the NBC World Series six games on the schedule for today in pool play. And the action starts at noon and it’ll go all day long and you’ve got the so you’ve got the Kansas stars the team made up of former major leaguers playing at 7 o’clock tonight against Everett. So there’s your M manager’s schedule for the NBC World Series today as we power through championship week. Downtown and the Lawrence Dumont stadium. Major League Baseball the Kansas City Royals in Boston yesterday finishing up a three game weekend series. At Fenway Park against the Boston Red Sox Boston was up 321. Going into the eighth inning. The royals got a little late game magic have big a four run eighth inning. But the big hits came from former Wichita Wrangler Alex Gordon you’ve heard the game on K if they. She enters the picture Alex when it does it then married I was at the capitol right center field. And bring against the wall and come around as it comes out the bar. Gordon took third base in the end I quit the. Hole. Nice job there that was a big hit as the royals put up four runs in the top of the eight came back and beat the Red Sox 53. Taking two out of three on the weekend. And the royals have now won ten of their last eleven through. And they continue on this road trip it’s been pretty successful so far they’re being in Baltimore for the next few nights taking on the Orioles. Listen do other royals and Baltimore lie ever on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. F found. It’s 6 o’clock this evening the royals and the Red Sox the team’s discuss them playing right now are the two wild card teams currently in the American League. The royals do lead Baltimore by five and a half games where that wild card spot at the moment. And all pro baseball yesterday the Wichita wing nuts. Win in Salina easy 821 over the Salina stock Qaeda Wichita on a three game winning streak right now wing nuts. And first place for the thirteen and a half game lead atop the south division another week on the road with the wing nuts during the national baseball congress World Series. Sports the Stephen Ted KMS access to Alex Gordon has not had a real good year getting antsy. A new great glove but at least there’s even over 200 and that Burnett that’s Bowery or is well. And it’s had trouble these he’s done better ablaze he just got off to that just terrible the first couple months of the season played. And better here in June and July. Well and it’s helping his team win there royals are rallying the loyal kind of anywhere in that lineup even guys got off to a slow start this year there really open on now. Don’t get rights and six funny one now with Steve intent given air for Fox News commentator times dons Charlie Daniels makes a visit to us Dodd Joseph and Boise annoyed with congress. Steve did the morning on Kate and SS. Are you looking to pay.

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Florida man caught with his crime to-do list – KNSS

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