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Posted: September 25, 2015 at 2:42 am

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I had a positive experience with Ecola a few months ago, when they treated my attic and basement for termites. But things have changed for the worse at this company.

I called Ecola to treat subterranean termites last month, November 2012. I scheduled a treatment for termiticide to be applied to the ground outside my home…and paid the $490. charge in full, to the rep who came to my home.

But when heavy rains hit Los Angeles approaching the day of my scheduled termite treatment, I called the company (6 times!) to cancel the appointment. Each time I called I was told that a supervisor would call me back, but no one ever returned my calls. On my last call, I explained that I was concerned about the heavy rain and mud, and was also unexpectedly going out of town—and didn’t want termiticides applied to my property while I was gone.

Lo and behold, while I was out of town, and in the heavy rain, Ecola showed up at my home for the (cancelled) appointment. Without my permission, they dug into my lawn and applied termiticide into the ground along the front of my home.

My husband, who was unaware that I had scheduled (and cancelled) this work, called me after the serviceman left. I immediately called Ecola, to protest that no supervisor had ever called me back, that I had cancelled the appointment due to rain and my absence, and that Ecola had entered my property and applied termiticide without my permission.

The person I spoke replied that Ecola had NOT come to my home that day—and suggested that my husband had “just imagined” it.

At that point I flipped. I was in some terrible Ecola Twilight Zone of total incompetence and deceit.

Finally, after more calls back and forth, Ecola confirmed that they HAD in fact come out and done the work.

When I finally got a supervisor to call me days later, he apologized for my distress but did not offer me financial recompense for all of the hassles they put me through, or for trespassing on my property and applying chemicals without my permission.

I can’t recommend Ecola. The company is just too disorganized and doesn’t seem to care about its customers.

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Ecola Termite & Pest Control Services – Florence-Firestone …

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