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Posted: June 1, 2015 at 7:48 am

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Pest control is sometimes a necessity.

Serious bed bug or termite infestations aren’t something you should tackle on your own with retail products because they treat only the symptom (visible pests)rather than the cause (hive or nest). To remove pests in your homecompletely,professional help is often the best choice, but unfortunately the market is filled with pest control scams.

Here are four of the most popular rip-off schemesand how to spot them.

This one is tough to spot at first glance. You call a company a reputable one, at that and they send out a licensed technician. Every state has its own laws concerning pest control, but most require companies to certify any employee who sprays pesticide in a home.

You take a look at the employee’s license, agree to the estimateand everything seems legit. When your appointment time rolls around, a different technician shows up and goes to work. Since he has a company truck and uniform, you don’t worry about it, until your pests don’t disappear.

Here’s what you need to know: In some states, companies can have a single, licensed professional who “trains” other employees on the job. Scam artists have their single trained employee sit at the shop, available to “consult” workers in the field, who might not know how to proper handle chemicals.

Always ask to see a license from anyone using pesticides in your home.

These scammers show up unannounced and offer a free pest inspection. What starts out innocently enough turns into a minor emergency when the pest control “pro” finds evidence of termites, ants or bed bugs. In some cases, pest control scammers deposit the corpses of a few dead bugs on your floor while walking aroundand then “discover” them.

Never hire someone who’s just come to your door, and never take their word for a pest infestation. Always get a second opinion.

This is one of the most insidious pest control scams. It starts out well enough, with you contacting a pest control pro who provides a solid estimate, shows up on time and completes the job. But when he’s done spraying, he tells you a single application won’t eliminate all of your pests, and you need to sign a year-long contract to ensure complete eradication. What’s more, he tells you if there’s still evidence of bugs at the end of the year, the contract renews automatically.

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