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Posted: June 13, 2016 at 6:40 pm

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Just as with many other construction scams, termite inspection fraud occurs much more often than it should. That is why you – as a consumer – should take steps to be sure that you don’t become a victim of termite inspection fraud. There are many, many unscrupulous people out there who are just waiting for someone to fall for their scams. Termite inspection fraud is on the rise which is why you need to be prepared if, and when, it occurs with you!

One very common termite inspection fraud that happens on an alarmingly regular basis is when the “inspector” brings in “evidence” of termite infestation such as waste pellets or shed wings from the reproductive flying termite. It is similar to the “plant the evidence” scam that some dirty cops use to bust someone they’ve been trying to bust for awhile. The purpose of this scam is to “prove” to you that there are termites in your home. We’re willing to bet that the termite inspector also provides termite eradication services as well.

Another common ruse in termite inspection fraud is for the inspector to point out damage that they allege was made by termites when in all actuality, it wasn’t. For the common person, seeing and recognizing true termite damage can be difficult. When you have a scam artist who is pulling a termite inspection fraud on you, they are usually very good at convincing you that you have a problem when no problem exists. That can cost you hundreds of dollars that is spent unnecessarily. A situation like this requires a second opinion.

Termite inspection fraud can also occur when a termite inspector also provide fumigation services to a homeowner after making their evaluation and determination that a problem does exist. They will offer you their services and promise that they will use a specific chemical designed to get rid of termites, but what they are really using is a cheap knock-off of the real chemical. What you will get is the removal of some of the termites, but not all of them. That means re-infestation is going to happen. Ask to see the chemicals that are being used and be sure that they are in a labeled container.

If you think that you are a victim of termite inspection fraud, you should take steps to make sure that other people aren’t made a victim like you. Call your Better Business Bureau and even call the police. Your local newspaper can also be a great tool to help alert the public about termite inspection fraud. If you have found yourself a victim of termite inspection fraud, take steps to make sure no one else becomes a victim. And, by all means, be an advocate for your fellow man!

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Be Careful Of Termite Inspection Fraud –

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