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Posted: October 31, 2018 at 7:41 pm

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What do you do if you suspect you have a termite issue and youre located in the Columbus, Ohio area?

Termite problems are not something that can be solved with a DIY methodyou need to utilize the expertise and experience of a professional termiteextermination company to address your particular needs and to find safe, effective solutions. We can work with you to develop long-term treatment plans that are not only going to eliminate your current termite infestation, but also help you avoid future problems.

By contacting Stryker right away, youre going to be able to take advantage of a cost and time-effective solution to your termite problem thats going to protect your home, your family and give you peace of mind.

Termites tend to be a pest that goes under the radar until its often too late. Here are few tips on what to looks for if you think you’ve got a termite infestation.

Often homeowners may discover a termite

Not all termites are the same. There are two primary classificationsdrywood and subterranean termites. However, Ohio residents only need to look for eastern subterranean termites.

If a termite infestation occurs in your home, and particularly if it goes untreated, the results can be incredibly detrimental. Termites can do everything from chewing through furnishings, wood floors and interior items, to chewing significant portions of your homes foundation, destroying its structural integrity. Theres also the potential for damage to occur in ceilings and walls as a result of termites. This is not only troubling for a homes residents, but may also affect the resale value of your home.

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Termite Extermination Columbus, Ohio | Stryker Pest Control

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