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Posted: June 7, 2017 at 4:41 pm

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Kalamazoo, MI – People tend to lose patience when a website has a poor and disoriented layout of their services. If the platform is not user-friendly, a website will lose the opportunity of acquiring possible customers. Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros has launched a new website to prevent this from happening, while providing top-of-the-line professional pest control services.

According to a member of the Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros, Customers should not be given a hard time, especially when browsing through a service website. Once they have been inconvenienced, they will look for another provider.” He also adds, Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros offers professional exterminator services for properties in Kalamazoo. Whether your property is residential or commercial, the Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros can keep it insect free. Pests can cause problems in your home or business and will eventually cause you to need costly repairs if there are serious infestations. Even if its not a full infestation, a problem with pests sure will bring some stress onto your plate. Rodents and mice carry disease and can even contaminate your water or food. Damage to wiring and other things on the walls is also common. At the most severe level, mice have even been known to cause fires or serious failures in equipment like furnaces or air conditioners.”

The main reasons for the websites renovation are to incorporate the latest design trends and mobile-friendly layout especially for customers who are always on the go. They have also improved the user experience for clients who are looking for a full array of services such as ant, termite, and cockroach removal. Additionally, they also have bedbug inspection & removal and mice/rat/rodent extermination services.

Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros ensures professionalism and service to every customer whether the property is residential or commercial. Outside of Kalamazoo, MI city limits, the company services the following areas: Cooper Township, Comstock Township, Portage, and Battle Creek.

Check out their brand new website at http://www.kalamazoopestcontrolpros.com to see the new mobile-friendly layout and enjoy a convenient experience in finding the best solution for all pest control needs. Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros is located at 417 Forest Street #432, Kalamazoo, MI 49001.

Media Contact Company Name: Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros Contact Person: Spokesperson Email: info@kalamazoopestcontrolpros.com Phone: 269-389-9101 Address:417 Forest Street #432 City: Kalamazoo State: Michigan Country: United States Website: http://www.kalamazoopestcontrolpros.com/

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Kalamazoo Pest Control Pros in Michigan Launches New Website … – Digital Journal

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