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Posted: April 24, 2019 at 12:46 pm

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We signed up for their routine service approximately one year ago and were hesitant to leave a review because they started off so amazing we were sure the service would get worse over time. Boy were we wrong. This company is amazing! Their customer service is excellent and every technician we’ve had so far has been great (including Leonard who we had today)!! We can’t recommend this company enough. They’re a small business and they don’t spend a lot on advertising which, I imagine, is how they keep their costs down and prices reasonable (awesome for the customer). If you’re considering a pest company, don’t hesitate to go with Holiday! You will not be disappointed. Lastly, I have no affiliation with this company (see my post history, I don’t hold back on reviews).

I called Holiday Pest Control based on the many positive reviews. I must say Iam pleased with the service I received so far. I called this morning to schedule an appointment and Leonard came out to my home the same day. He was pleasant, professional, and informative. He took the time to address my many concerns and answer numerous questions. As of now, I am pleased and impressed with this company. Leonard is scheduled to come back next week to assure all is well. I will give an update to this review after the follow up visit. MJ

You won’t find more honest, thorough, kind and helpful company than these guys. We’ve used them a few times for a rat issue and every time they’ve gone above and beyond.Super fast response times and follow-up. Hate to have to use a pest control company, but if you’re going to use one, these guys are the ones to use!

After trying to control the ant problem in our house with the only result being the ants moved to a different room, we realized that we needed professional help with these little invaders. My husband found Holiday Pest on Yelp and decided to call based on the other reviews. The call center was able to get us on their schedule in the same week at a time that worked for both my husband and I. Leonard is great! After looking around the house, he walked us through the reasons why we were having an ant problem, why the methods we used didn’t work, and the treatment process. He’s very professional and patient (had a fussy / sick toddler at home the same day who kept crying while we were talking). The follow up was thorough. Definitely would use Holiday Termite & Pest Control again!

Honesty in business is not as common as we would like. It is a breathe of fresh air when you come across a business owner who puts integrity first. I had a chance to meet Cleveland a while back and speaking with him recently, I am still amazed with his generosity. Thank you, Cleveland and I wish you much success.

We’ve been using holiday termite and pest control for the past few months. We’ve had a great experience and we will continue to use them every 8 week for maintenance. 5 stars

Almost seven years later, and Holiday Termite and Pest Control is still killing it — literally. The guys that come by every six weeks or so are always so professional, courteous and friendly. We live next to a forest and rarely have any bugs in the house because these guys maintain a force field around our house. It’s an amazing company with top-notch service at a price that is worth every single penny. If you need insect or pest control, call Holiday first. It’s the only call you’ll have to make.

We need bugs. Bugs are good for a lot of things. They are an integral part of the food chain. People eat them, not as much in the U.S. but bugs as a food is pretty popular in some countries. I don’t get it but, to each his own. I’m not eating bugs, period. Bugs are good for farming, they pollinate and some bugs are good as types of pest controls. Birds eat bugs, bats eat bugs, frogs eat bugs, fish eat bugs a lot of animals and stuff eat bugs. Bugs are handy dandy, bugs are kool, bugs are helpful, that is until they come into my house. Once this happens their charm wears off and then I hate them. About a month or so ago we saw some bugs in the house. AAAAHHHHHHH. I’m sure most people don’t like bugs in their house. My wife hates bugs in the house more than me. Once I see a bug or two, I feel like there are a billion more I don’t see. Bugs are sneaky you see.We had a bug company that wasn’t very good. If you have bugs in your house you need a good bug guy. So we dropped that bug company. We never got another one. I guess that’s why we got bugs. My wife did some research (yes using Yelp of course). Holiday has great review and we called them and now we know why they have these great reviews. We now have a contract with them and we couldn’t be happier. They come out every other month to make sure the bugs don’t come back. I don’t want them back ever thank you and I am completely confident these people from Holiday will take good care of us.They are prompt, they keep appointments and are on time. The employees are very nice and knowledgeable and they really know bugs. Since we have a dog ( a beautiful dog btw) they told us when they treat we need to get the dog away for a few hours. I don’t want our dog to end up like the bugs, can’t have that. The final results. The bugs are gone. I don’t think we messed up the food chain by killing off our bugs. There is still plenty of bugs to go around. Thank goodness they aren’t in our house anymore. Thank you Holiday.

Leonard and Josh have got to be 2 of the most professional Pest Control technicians I’ve ever met. Extremely knowledgeable on their craft. Thank you again Holiday Pest Control for what you do.

I have been a Holiday Termite and Pest Contol customer for over two years and their quality of service as well as customer support is second to none. They have treated my interior and exterior regularly (every 2 months… $69) and I have had no pest issues in my house since starting their service. They have also come out for additional pest issues, such as mice in my attic and wood bees nesting in my shed. Both issues were resolved and have not re-emerged. They are treating a termite issue for a tree in my yard next week and I have no doubt that will be resolved effectively as well. I definitely recommend this company to anyone with pest issues in this area. Thank you.

We have been using Holiday Pest for over a year now and we have had nothing but positive experiences. As others have said, everyone is quite knowledgeable and courteous. Their call center is very friendly and accommodating of our schedules. And if we have a tight window of time to work with, they always find a way to make it work. Having little ones and pets at home, every technician that’s come into the house is always cognizant of them and explains all the products they use. They don’t just ask where the problem is and apply product. Each tech we’ve worked with will thoroughly assess the issue, asks pertinent questions regarding when the issue started, what we’ve done so far (if anything) about it, and goes from there. After they leave, be it for an issue we called them for or their bi monthly maintenance, I am always fully satisfied with the work they’ve done and their answers to all of my (and my curious kiddo’s) questions. We’ve worked with other pest control specialist in the past and Holiday Pest surpasses them all by far!

We have been with Holiday for over three years and they always provide excellent service. We had a huge issue with camel crickets when we first moved into our home and Holiday came to the rescue and we no longer have an issue. We have a maintenance agreement (which can be cancelled at anytime) and they routinely come to service the house, but if we have any issues in between services a simple phone call will get them back to the house promptly. For example noticed some wood dust under our kitchen cabinets and Holiday came to look at the issue. Leonard Scott (Holiday representative) provided great service in addressing the issue!

These guys came highly recommended by people I know. What I like is that they really know pest control. Along with all that knowledge, everybody seems to be so friendly! When speaking to them on the phone you can tell right away that you are in good hands. While it turns out that I did not have an immediate need for their services, you can best believe that they will get a call should I do. Major kudos to a well run business!

We had a roach problem in our house and it was spreading throughout our house. We had a dog and did not want to use harsh chemicals or products that might make her sick, so we called Holiday Termite & Pest Control after finding them on Yelp.Setting up an appointment was seamless and after the initial appointment with Scott, our roach population started to die off immediately. In the next couple of weeks, we would have the place bombed, and I have yet to find a live one in the past few weeks when they were daily encounters beforehand. Scott was courteous, timely, and super patient as I continued to ask a series of questions.We plan to use their monthly service to make sure that these problems don’t return. I am so glad we chose Holiday Termite & Pest Control for our roach problem and could not ask for more. Reasonable price, speedy service, and continual support are what makes this company great. Thank you!!!

I send Nicole a picture and a video about the damage. Cleveland replied within minutes and helped me conclude that the damage was likely caused by water infiltration and not termites. He also took the time to explain what type of termites exist in VA. I would definitely engage Holiday Termite & Pest Control in the future.

I have used Holiday many times and they are always prompt and courteous. They always try to find the best way to help you and keep it affordable. I had a huge mouse problem and they came out, FOR FREE, gave me an estimate and worked within my budget. So if you any kind of pest issues be it bugs or mice they can get it taken care of, you can’t go wrong.

I like the fact that Holiday Termite & Pest Control is a small business that does it right. Honesty, in how you do business, is important to me and it shows in how they conduct themselves. I highly recommend them.

We called Holiday Termite when we had a mice problem. It was easy to schedule with them, especially with Saturday appointments. Raymond came to our house, listened, and clearly explained how they’ll take care of the issue. Not only he’s super professional, he’s very pleasant and funny (my kids follow him around when he comes). After the initial consultation, we signed an yearly contract They come every two months to spray around the house and check for any mice activity. They are very flexible with scheduling and everyone there is very pleasant to interact with. I highly recommend Holiday Termite and pests.

I called Cleveland Dixon of Holiday Termite and Pest Control because I didn’t feel my parents in Southern Virginia were getting fair treatment. A local company told them they had termites so they gave them an estimate. My parents also received an Orkin estimate. Both estimates were very different. Cleveland referred me to a company closer to my parents. He said he knew they would give an honest and fair estimate. Much to my surprise and my parents relief, this company found my parents didn’t have termites after all but water damage. Calling Cleveland and ultimately his referral saved my parents hundreds of dollars. I’ve known Cleveland and his company for many years. If you want fair and honest treatment when it comes to pest control for your home, they are the ones to call in the Northern Virginia area.

Mice! Mice! Mice!I was watching TV in my basement one night and out of the left hand corner of my eye I saw a frickin’ mouse run right around the corner. So, I went online to investigate a Pest Control company and after a thorough review I decided on Holiday Pest Control and did I ever make the right decision.Their prices are right in line with everyone else and they came out the next day. We were lucky enough to have Scott come out and not only was he friendly but he was incredibly knowledgeable and he told me why, how and where the mice came in the house and how to get rid of them…for good. Just by looking around our basement Scott noticed a hole in the exposed insulation in the ceiling of our laundry room and he said this was caused from the mice coming inside the house.So, he strategically set up multiple Bait Stations in the basement. We also walked outside around the perimeter of the house and he determined how they were getting inside the house then he set up Bait Stations outside as well.Then, he came back a week later and checked the Bait Stations and I freaked out when I saw how much Bait was eaten! Scott said we obviously had multiple mice instead of the one mouse I originally saw! So, he reset the Bait and came back a week later and none of the Bait was eaten. This means it worked, so he professionally sealed up the openings on the outside of the house. Now, we have no more mice inside and everything is sealed up outside.Scott and the office staff at Holiday really did a fantastic job and I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know.

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