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Posted: April 12, 2017 at 2:41 pm

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Commercial and Residential Termite Control Services.

A All Pest Control of Houston can help you with the quite common problem of termite control. Our professionals throughout the Houston area and can help you to identify if you have a termite infestation with a termite inspection. Termites can potentially cause thousand of dollars to your home or business. Termites are wood destroying insects that can cause structural damage to your home. Termites like to chew up wood and destroy flooring. Termite extermination must be carried out promptly if you suspect you have termites. We can perform a termite inspection and suggest a management program.

If you find any of the indications of termite infestation or if you suspect termites in your home, you should call a quality professional to help you with a termite inspection. Dont let termites ruin your home. Our experts will examine your home to see if you have a possible infestation. Termite Inspections are relatively simple and probably wont take more than a hour get it done. If termites are discovered in your home, we will discuss treatment methods with you to relieve you of this wood destroying insect.

Our experts with help you with exterminating termites from your home or business. The initial step in termite extermination is to find the home of these pests. We will then treat the areas and eliminate termites. We have to get the existing termites out of your home and prevent them from creating any future damage. There are several different Termiticides which can be used for termite extermination from your home. Our team of experts is licensed by the state to safely remove termites from your property.

The last step in helping you to free you from termites is to set up termite management for your home. Termite management consists of your specialist setting up bait barrier stations and termite bait station monitors. Use of this equipment will help your termite management team to be able to easily inspect your house and ensure that you dont have this wood destroying insect go back to your home.

If you have thin, mud tubes running across the concrete or masonry you may have termites. You may often find the discarded wings from the termites. Another sign of termite damage is if your wood has a hollow sound when you tap it, that may be signs of termite destruction occurring inside the walls. If you notice cracked or distorted paint surfaces on your walls, that might be a sign that you have termites in your walls. If you have wooden building parts that are beginning to start sagging, this may be because of termite damage. If you notice frass (wood color droppings) this can be a sign that termites are eating through your wood.

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Termite Control | Exterminating Termites | Houston, TX.

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