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Posted: April 5, 2017 at 3:41 pm

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Got mice? WPC Pest and Termite has solutions for exterminating house mice and rats from a home without using toxic chemicals.

House mice can get through a hole as small as a dime to infest a home. WPC Pest and termite uses proven, state of the art techniques to exterminate rats and mice without using highly toxic chemicals that can be a danger to children and pets.

This pest control Hopkinton MA company can take care of problems with mice and rats as well as squirrels, bats, skunks and flying squirrels. They offer yearly preventive programs – in the fall, they will take steps to ensure that mice and other animals do not move in when the weather gets cold, such as bat proofing the attic. Rodents are most often found in the kitchen and dining rooms – make sure that food is stored in canisters and jars that mice cannot easily access. Skunks, on the other hand, like to live under the deck – a professional exclusion barrier can convince them to find a comfortable den somewhere else.

WPC isfamiliar with the habits of local rodent species and how they can get into a home. They know the techniques for safely removing bats and flying squirrels without causing further damage to your home, using chemicals or, particularly in the case of bats, harming animals that may be protected species. In the case of an active infestation, often revealed by finding droppings or scurrying sounds in the attic or crawlspaces, then they should be called right away.

Extermination or removal are options for different pest species, and WPC knows which methods to employ to ensure that a home becomes, and stays, pest free. Many pest animals carry disease, so it is important to deal with an infestation as quickly as possible.

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Hopkinton, MA Pest Control Services, Alleviates Mice and Rodents … – MENAFN.COM

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