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Termite Control Service San Angelo, Texas –

Posted: March 2, 2018 at 4:44 am

MDK Termite Control Services plan combines technique and experience into one of the comprehensive program, protecting your structure from termites attack. Our Termite Protection plan is innovative and complete. It safeguards your structure from termites by focusing on soil, structure and surrounding area.

MDK Services trained professionals know that no two structures are the same. Our termite experts are trained to know where to inspect for termite entry and to best understand and eliminate your termite problem. Our specialist will inspect common termite entry points such as: around the outside foundation walls, cracks and crevices around the outside foundation walls, voids in concrete block, expansion joints between slabs, plumbing pipes, wall cracks, crawl spaces, piers in crawl spaces, windows, doors, transition areas of walls, ceilings, and floors, around firewood stacks, stumps, and cellulose debris. We will look for discarded wings and bodies of termite swarmers, holes, tunnels, mud tubes, swarm castles, and damage. After a thorough inspection, we will provide you a customized treatment plan. We can help you get rid of termites no matter of the structure construction type, material, or age.

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Termite Control Service San Angelo, Texas –

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How Much Does a Termite Treatment & Inspection Cost? | Do My Own

Posted: March 1, 2018 at 1:44 am

Termites are extremely destructive wood-eating pests that can devastate your home, and cost homeowners thousands of dollars every year. While most people and pest professionals will discourage you from attempting your own termite treatments, termite treatment cost and even termite treatment inspection cost can be so high, you could be discouraged from treating at all. However, it is entirely possible to avoid these bank-breaking costs. This article outlines a bit about what hiring a pest control company would entail, the costs you may incur, and problems you could run into, to help you make the best choice for your home.

Many people may be unaware of what a termite inspection entails. This type of inspection isnt included in a home inspection job, but is highly recommended. A pest control professional will come out and check the foundation of your home, making sure there is no wood in contact with soil. They are looking for any signs of termites (mud tubes, droppings, wood shavings, etc.), as well as any wood-damaging insects or organisms (mold, damp wood, or leaks.). You may get a free inspection, but the report they fill out that indicates problem areas could cost up to $150.

The main problem with inspections is just making sure you have chosen a very trusted and reputable company to do this for you. Otherwise, you may end up getting a false diagnosis and subsequently paying for treatments you didnt need. You may think youre not certified or knowledgeable enough to inspect your home, but it is entirely possible to learn quickly what to look for. Learn more about how to do your own termite inspection.

This is where the money really comes in. There are different types of termite treatments and most are based on the size of your home or area to be treated. Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering hiring termite treatment companies.

To save up to 80% on termite control by doing it yourself, visit our termite control & treatment products page to buy the supplies you will need.

We also have compiled an extensive how-to guide for getting rid of termites yourself. Since all the professional products and equipment are available to you, theres no reason you cant be successful at doing termite treatments yourself. From inspection to treatment, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and have the satisfaction of knowing youre doing it right.

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How Much Does a Termite Treatment & Inspection Cost? | Do My Own

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Termites in Southwest Florida | Lenny’s Bug Blog

Posted: February 28, 2018 at 8:41 am

Lennys Pest Control is all about educating you and helping you protect your home and space from unwanted, bugs and pests. We would love to come out to your home or business and inspect your property, give you an estimate and get your protected. Please give us a call at (239) 945-6543 for all your pest control needs in southwest Florida. Our blog is dedicated to informing and educating you on what you need to know about bugs today wed like to educate you on Subterranean Termites!

Subterranean Termitesrequire some moisture to survive, so their nests usually contact the soil. If theres enough moisture in a wall or other wood structure, though, termites may nest right in the wood.

Subterranean termites live in the ground, unlike other termites which living inside the wood they eat. The ground provides the moisture needed by the subterranean termites. When they find a food source above ground they build a safe pathway or mud tube to create a connection from their home to the food.

Subterranean termites are among the most destructive to wood, which they consume for food. In nature, termites are beneficial to ecosystems as they break down dead trees, but they are damaging to wood structures such as houses and barns. Three main types of adult termites live within a colony: reproducer (also known as alates or swarmers), soldiers and workers. Subterranean termites get their name from the underground, interconnected tunnels they create.

Subterranean Termites SwarmersSoft-bodied insects with straight antennas, broad waists approximately inch in length and two pair of wings of equal length.In Florida, the major swarm normallyoccurs in early spring, between February through May. Swarming can occur mid morning through late afternoon, most oftenright after a rain shower and warm sunny conditions are present. The environmental conditions (Humidity) will allow the Swarmers to take flight, mate and find their way back to a soil and/or moisture environment to start colonization. Swarming Termites are normally attracted to light and after flight will shed their wing. Swarmer bodies with and without wings are found near windows, bathrooms, vents, light fixtures and doors Subterranean Termites.Swarmers can only survive in the open environment less than 24hoursdependingon the humidity levels. Swarmers do not eat wood/cellulose material and their sole purpose is tosuccessfully mate and colonize at a suitable protective environment.

Exit holesSwarming termites will normally swarm from an exist hole that was createdby the Subterranean Termite (worker), the only cast member that eats and damages the wood. The exit holes

Termites are highly social insects with one of the most sophisticated family structures in the animal kingdom. There are approximately 2,700 species of termites found worldwide.

Mud Tunnels / Tubes Foraging Subterranean Termite workers construct mud tunnels, size of a drinking straw that are environmentally controlled and as a protective highway from one location to the next.

All Termites

In natural areas, termites are essential organisms in the environment. Termites decompose cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls and recycle nutrients back into the soil for use by other living organisms. Termites are also an important food source for many amphibians, reptiles and birds. Unfortunately, termites receive a bad reputation because they are unable to distinguish between the dead wood in the forest and the dead wood used in our homes.

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Lennys Pest Controlhas a team ofexperts that specialize in Southwest Florida Pest Control inside and outside of your home. We are experienced in tacklingTermitesand any other insects in your living space. Dont try to fix it yourself, let the experts handle all of your pest control problems! We proudly service the Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties. Call us at239-945-6543or visit our website at get a quote today!

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Termites in Southwest Florida | Lenny’s Bug Blog

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Berwick Pest, Ant, Spider & Termite Control | Safe & Reliable

Posted: at 8:41 am

Safe, effective and reliable.

Lets be honest, no one likes to find creepy crawlies setting up shop inside the home. However, pests do more than just raise the hair on the back of your neck they can spread disease and cause irreversible damage to structures if not taken care of by a professional. Thankfully, thats where we come in! At Berwick Pest Control, our experienced team is equipped to rid your house of any unwanted guests in a manner thats completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

No matter the size or nature of the infestation, our team has you covered. We have more than a decade of experience eradicating critters of all shapes and sizes with complete efficiency and minimal disruption to your home. Our pest control service in Berwick, Narre Warren, Beaconsfield and Dandenong can take care of:

Whatever the issue may be, our team can resolve it as soon as possible and provide you with a six-month service guarantee. If you want to prevent an infestation happening in the first place, we can conduct thorough inspections of your property and determine the presence or risk of an infestation.

Our business has become synonymous with safe and effective solutions that give you peace of mind when you need it most. Eradicating pests requires an in-depth understanding of the tools, products and methods used in the industry and which will be the most successful under your specific circumstances. Our team is fully trained with all the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure we can provide the best possible result each and every time.

To receive a free, no obligation estimate based on your needs, fill out the form at the top of the page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Otherwise, give us a call on 0438 292 477 or (03) 9705 8323 and our team will be more than happy to schedule a booking or answer any of your enquiries.

Whether you need termite, spider or ant control, Berwick Pest Control can get the job done!

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Berwick Pest, Ant, Spider & Termite Control | Safe & Reliable

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Termite Control in Orlando & Tampa by Apex Pest Control

Posted: February 25, 2018 at 12:43 am

Subterranean Termite

Tearing, gnashing, and gnawing at the wood in your home and youre none the wiser, the silent destroyer strikes again. Termites can infest a home and quietly cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even know they are there. At Apex, our state-certified termite control specialists use the latest technology, products, and methods to successfully treat brick, block, frame, and metal structures throughout Florida, both commercial and residential. From fence posts to facilities at Kennedy Space Center, weve treated it all.

While termites are a fact of life in Florida, not all termites are the same. The first step in initiating proper termite treatment is a thorough inspection of the property to specifically identify which type of termite is causing the problem. You may be tempted to perform some termite do-it-yourself treatments. However, for efficient, long-term solutions, contact a pest control specialist. At Apex, we provide a variety of treatments to ensure full termite eradication. Our expert technicians will treat your property with liquid applications, creating a protective barrier over your soil and wood surfaces and preventing termites from consuming, burrowing, or living around your home. For advanced termite infestations, termite tenting is available. After the initial treatment, your personal Apex technician will return annually to ensure that your termite prevention is still functioning as intended.

From pre-construction soil treatments, trusted by construction professionals and building owners, to preventing and eliminating infestations with post-construction applications, Apex Pest Control offers you the ultimate in termite control services. In fact, with our renewable One Million Dollar Warranty covering damage repair and treatment and our use of the most effective products available, including Wisdom TC, Bora-Care and Termidor, you cant go wrong unless you go some place else.

Serving Florida coast to coast since 1985, Apex prides itself on providing a professional service with a personal touch and we wont stop until the job is done. Contact the termite control experts today for a free same-day inspection if you think youre dealing with a termite infestation.

The Subterranean Termite(Reticulitermes flavipes)

Subterranean termites are the most destructive insect pests in the United States. They cause financial and emotional damage when they demolish one of your most valuable possessions your home.

This destruction crew lives up to ten feet underground in a colony, where they number in the hundreds of thousands. One colony can forage for food in an area the size of a football field! Their primary food source includes dead trees and brush, but once they find your home, they notify the whole clan that theyve discovered fresh timber, making your home or business the perfect meal for a horde of termites.

Detecting an infestation of termites can be very apparent or a little tricky. If you have noticed dead termites or wing fragments in your home then you may have a problem. You also may have experienced a springtime swarm, where thousands of flying termites escape from your wall to produce another colony. Soon after they swarm, termites lose their wings and begin to mate. Further evidence to support your suspicions includes visible mud tubes or damaged wood inside or around your home. If you consistently find a little dirt or debris by a baseboard that somehow manages to reappear shortly after it is cleaned, then you could be dealing with a termite problem.

Any segment of wood that comes into contact with the soil is at high risk for termite entry. Damaged wood will produce a dull sound when gently tapped with a screwdriver or hammer. Dont storm around your property banging holes in the walls looking for an infestation. Instead, call your local Apex technician. Well discover the problem without damaging to your home.

We have the most advanced tools at our disposal. Not only do we know what to look for, but well do an thorough inspection by looking in your attic, under the crawl space of your house, and areas that are conducive to termite activity. We use moisture meters to detect unusual moisture in walls, Borescopes to look inside walls, and even FLIR-infrared cameras to see through your walls if necessary.

Apex takes expert care to unearth these subterranean pests. With one of our free same-day inspections, we will identify the problem and formulate a treatment plan, using state-of-the-art equipment, to permanently eradicate this horde of home wreckers.

The Drywood Termite(Cryptotermes cavifrons)

Unlike their subterranean cousins, drywood termites prefer to build their colonies in sound, dry wood above ground level. They are very secretive and prefer to remain hidden, except during periods when they swarm, generally in late August and early September, or when their nests are damaged due to structural repair work. Drywood termites enjoy intimate colonies of fewer than 1,000, and their colonies can be widely dispersed.

You may first detect the presence of drywood termites by noticing a strange amount of small termite carcasses littering your lighting fixtures, cobwebs or windowsills, or from the fecal pellets left near infested wood. The fecal pellet of a drywood termite is characteristicof this species. The pellets are the same color as the ingested wood and are generally 1/32 inch long. The pellets can be dislodged from the infested wood with a gentle tap.

Inspection of your wood structure will also identify an infestation. However, proper inspection requires experience and do-it-yourself treatments are not recommended. If you suspect you may have a drywood termite infestation, contact atechnician from Apex Pest today. We have the knowledge and experience to efficiently clear your house of drywood termites.

The Powderpost Beetle(family Bostrichidae, subfamily Lyctinae)

Termites arent the only wood-eating pests in town; powderpost beetles are also more than happy to destroy your home. Depending on the species, the powderpost beetle can attack hardwoods such as flooring and trim or softwoods like wall framing. Either way, they are not a welcome visitor. These invasive beetles may not be readily apparent, but if you start to see small holes in your wood, it may be time to have an inspection done.

For a thorough inspection of your wooden structures, contact Apex Pest Control today for a free same-day inspection. Our expertly trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify the problem and formulate the most efficient plan to guarantee a solution.

Formosan Termites(Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki)

The Formosan termite, so named because of its origins in Taiwan, is among the most widespread termite species in the United States, as well as one of the most economically critical ones. These destructive pests take up residence across more than one dozen southern states, with some of their heaviest concentrations in Florida. Formosan termites cost homeowners across the United States over $1 billion in treatment and repairs each year, making them some of the most devastating pests to have near your home.

An individual colony of Formosan termites can contain several millions of the insects spread across a wide area of property and burrowing up to 300 feet deep in the soil. When you consider that a colony of native subterranean termites can contain hundreds of thousands of insects, you may understand why they pose such a threat to Florida homeowners. The majority of the members of Formosan colonies are classified as workers, whose duty it is to obtain nutrients, often in the form of your homes foundation, and deliver them to colony mates. If they invade a home above the grounds surface, they can leave foraging tubes ranging from 0.25 inch to 0.5 inch in diameter, effectively destroying the structure from the inside out.

To determine if you have a Formosan termite infestation in your home, tap wood structures with a hard object. Doing so should produce a hollowed-out sound, rather than a thick, solid one. Other signs of a Formosan infestation include excrement nests, visible burrowing tunnels, and peeling, blistered wood surfaces.

Apex Pest Solutions provides a variety of services including pest control, termite control and lawn care to many locations throughout Florida. We serve over 30 counties in and around the following areas: Orlando, Tampa, Brevard County, Jacksonville, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade County and Broward County.

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Termite Control in Orlando & Tampa by Apex Pest Control

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Termite Control: Sentricon vs. Termidor – FiveCentNickel

Posted: February 19, 2018 at 7:42 am

Nickel September 10, 2006 House & Home

Five Cent Nickel receives compensation from some companies issuing financial products, like credit cards and bank accounts, that appear on this site. Unless a post is clearly marked “Sponsored”, however, products mentioned in editorial articles and reviews are based on the author’s subjective assessment of their value to readers, not compensation. Compensation may impact how and where products appear on non-editorial pages (e.g., comparison or “marketplace” pages). That said, our standard is that we will never accept advertising from a product which we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We live deep down in termite country, and its time to think about extending our termite contract. Our house had a clean bill of health when we bought it earlier this summer, but the initial five year termite contract is almost up. Thus, were currently considering our options. Right now we have two main alternatives The Sentricon System and Termidor.

The Sentricon System consists of a series of bait stations surrounding the perimeter of your house. The pest control company periodically monitors these stations and, once they detect termite activity, they replace the wood bait with a poison that is supposed to wipe out the colony. Sentricon is probably the most green solution out there, but its effectiveness has also been brought into question by a number of so-called experts.

Termidor, on the other hand, is a chemical termiticide that provides a soil barrier surrounding your house. From what Ive read, its far more effective than Sentricon, and not particularly dangerous to people. Termidor costs about $50 more than Sentricon up front, but the annual contract, which covers monitoring, periodic reapplication (if necessary) and repair of any termite damage is about $150 less for Termidor as compared to Sentricon.

We had Sentricon at our previous house, and we never had any termite activity (either in the house or in the bait stations). But that house was built on a slab foundation, and it was much more difficult to apply a chemical barrier in that situation in fact, some companies refused to even treat slab houses. Our new house is on a crawl space, so you can readily access the foundation (inside and out). Thus, chemical treatment is a more viable alternative.

Does anyone out there have real life experience with either of these? Any recommendations? And please dont say to just go without where we live thats just not an option.

For more information on moving, check out my Roadmap for a Successful Relocation.

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Termite Control: Sentricon vs. Termidor – FiveCentNickel

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No-Tent vs. Tent Termite Treatment | Command Pest Control

Posted: at 7:42 am

Owning your home is often one of your greatest satisfactions and investments. Your home is not just aphysical structure but a place where your familys memories are created andyour treasures are stored. Protecting and maintainingyour home is important. Many issues and responsibilities arise with homeownership including renovation of bathrooms, replacements of kitchen appliances, and termites prevention. Termites make the list of challenges of homeownershipbecause every year homeowners in the United States spend more than$2 billion to protect their home from thesewood eating and destroying insects. Termites attack various parts of homes including foundations, framing, and flooring. They are also known for eating paper. In fact, in 1997 in Windermere, Florida subterranean termites began attacking a town library.

It is important to remember thattermites do not bite or harm humans. However, termite treatment must be done in a controlled environment. The treatment protects your home from infestations and safeguards the construction of your home against the attack of termites. Termites are unique in that your home mayhave an infestation for several months without showing any signs of their presence. Often homeowners discover termites after the home has been under attack for several months.

As you consider termite treatmentin Fort Lauderdalewe recommend thatyou compile all your options. These options include the cost of termite treatment, tent termite treatment, and no-tent termite treatment.

Termite swarms arehighly active throughout the month ofApril. You can easily identify termites visually as they resemble ants with wings. Winged termitesdo not do damage to your home but are simple signs that show termites are present. Damage-causing termites live in the ground and tunnel their way into your hometo feed on the wood.

Some more obvious physical signs include chipped wood, sawdust-like remains, and hollow wood that was previously solid.

Most recommended and effective treatments for pest control in Ft. Lauderdale require heavy duty equipment. Avoid undertaking the task independently as the investment in termite treatment equipment is sizeable and usually does not allow homeowners to break even. Termite treatment typically involves handling chemicals and thus hiring a professional pest control specialists is always recommended. There are several types of termite treatments and a professional is best-suited to help you determine which treatment is right for your home in Ft. Lauderdale.

In largerbuildings its typically morecost effective to treat only the affected areas. The process requires thatthetechnician drill holes and pump in termiticide treatmenttokill the termitecolony.

This process involves strategically placing bait and barriers to concentrate termites in a select area. Stations are made in spots around the house and termiticide is pumped to a depth of at least 4 feet underground. It is alsopumped directly into the wallsthemselves.

This termite treatment involves covering the entire structure with a tent and using a gas that is poisonousto termites to kill and destroy the insect colonies. Tenting for termites allows the gas topenetratewood and kill termites on site.

Typically the technician sets up the tent over the entire structure of your homethen attaches a fan and hose to the tent to pump the gas into the house. A tenting for termites can take up to 48 hours.The gas used dissipates quickly once the tent is removed and leaves no residue behind. In most cases additional adjustments must be made including removing any house plants, trimming trees that may interfering with the tenting, and removing uncanned foods.

No tent treatment is convenient and does not require your having to leave your home for an extended period of time. For example, you do not have to move out temporarily, remove plants, uncanned food, or cosmetics and medication,nor worryabout remodeling or roof damage, taking down satellites or antennas, or trimming nearby trees. No tent termite treatmentis known fortackling the problem without much disruption and returnsyour home to its naturalfunctionality quickly.

The downside of no tent termite treatment is that it can possiblymiss crucial spots of infestation which leaves termites with opportunities to multiply and return.

Termite tent treatment costs vary based on locations, infestation, and other factors. A chemical treatment for a home that is approximately1250 square feet home is$1,350-$2,500while a larger home of approximately 2500 square feet can cost between$1,700-$3,200.

The cost of termite treatment for your home in Ft. Lauderdale varies based on your needs and requirements. Meeting with a pest control specialist at your home is the best way to gain a realistic estimate as well as determine if more than one termite treatment is necessary.

As a rule of thumb spot treatments are recurring and tend to cost the most once all treatments are calculated for a time. Tent treatments require a large lump sum payment, however, typically kills and dissipated most termite colonies with just one treatment.

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No-Tent vs. Tent Termite Treatment | Command Pest Control

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Prevent Termite Damage With Termite Control and Treatment Tips

Posted: February 17, 2018 at 11:41 pm

After the long, cold winter experienced across much of the country, spring cant come soon enough for many people. Before we know it, daylight will last longer, flowers will start blooming and children will be spending more time playing outdoors. But, as the weather continues to warm, people may also start to see an unwelcome sign that spring has sprung the presence of swarmers, or flying termites.

Spring is prime termite season as swarmers emerge to mate and establish new colonies, which often include vulnerable residential properties. Termites can literally eat a home out from under its owners, often without them even knowing until much damage has been done. They have the ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected, 24/7, and cancompromise the structural stability of a home within several years depending on thespecies. In fact, termites cause $5 billion worth of property damage annually.

Luckily, there are many steps homeowners can take to help prevent termites from infesting their property. Here are 10 tips from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to protect your greatest investment from termites:

Termites cannot be controlled with do-it-yourself measures. If you suspect a termite infestation, contact a licensed pest professional immediately to determine the extent of the problem and receive a recommendation of an appropriate course of treatment. To find a local, qualified pest professional, visit the zip code locator.

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Prevent Termite Damage With Termite Control and Treatment Tips

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End Of Termites | Terminator The best anti-termite …

Posted: February 14, 2018 at 1:41 pm

Termites are not the only pests to attack our wood. There are two more insects that we must be familiar with because they, too, can have a devastating effect on one of our biggest investments: furniture or wooden artefacts.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are gigantic of all ants, occurring in lengths of 12 mm or more. They do noteat wood, but are capable of damaging any wood within which they nest. They burrow themselves into wood and excavate galleries and tunnels for nesting. Carpenter Ants establish their nests in furniture infected with moisture or other insects. Their infestation in the house is often found in chimneys, sinks, door frames, window frames and wall voids.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles breed in dead and dried hardwoods, but are most discovered in stored lumber, finished wood, and furniture products. Thus, old furniture items and wooden antiques are most vulnerable to beetles. Powderpost beetles attack wood with pores so that they can lay their eggs in them. The infestations of Powderpost Beetles can occur in plywood and bamboo articles.



Termites are considered the top threat to wood-based structures. They can bring your entire wardrobe down to dust. Damage done by them may also extend to paper products, cloth, carpets, and other synthetic and cellulosic materials. Termites usually are cryptic, meaning that they do not come out into the open, and attack without revealing themselves.

The Carpenter Ant, Powderpost Beetle or Termite, anyone can invade our property. By carrying out preventative measures and thorough inspection, we can reduce our chances of running this risk. Terminator protects not just our interiors but also our structural timber from fungi, ants, and pest infestation.

These tiny, little monsters fearlessly march into our property to do nothing good but destroy. However, here on out, we, with Terminator, will march against them before they step onto our soil. Are you with us?

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End Of Termites | Terminator The best anti-termite …

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LD Termite | Complete Pest and Termite Control

Posted: at 1:40 pm

HomeDecember 30th, 2013ldtermiteWe are experts at getting rid of whatevers bugging you! As the Central Coasts leading termite and pest control company, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you need a termite inspection, a wasps nest removed,general pest treatment, or spiders, fleas, ants andcockroaches eradicated once and for all, give us a call today.Our Company Mission

Based in Arroyo Grande, California, founded in Santa Maria, California in 2000 by Larry De Jarnette. Larry De Jarnette is a licensed operator in Branches 2 and 3 with the California Structural Pest Control Board and specializes in WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) inspections, Pest Control, structural repairs, localized chemical treatments, and Fumigations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings that have been damaged or infested by wood destroying organisms and/or general pests.

Integrity Matters

Just like you, we love living on the Central Coast, and well always be here to give you the best local service.

Larry has lived on the Central Coast his entire life, and has dedicated his career to becoming the top pest control expert in the area.

Kerry keeps things running at LD Termite. Shes a horse lover and fabulous grandma.

Gabby is the friendly voice you hear when you call us. She takes care of the web site, appointment setting and a million other things.

Right now is the season for mice and rats! Watch out for pet cats that bring home presentslive mice they like to play with. Often the mice get loose, scurry under the furniture or behind a wall, and soon theyre multiplying. Then your cats, who have lost their toys, go out and bring in more mice! Time to call us!

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LD Termite | Complete Pest and Termite Control

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