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Facts About Termites – Where do the different species live?

Posted: May 23, 2018 at 11:41 pm

No one knows what a termite does for fun, but everyone knows what a termite does when it goes to work.

The Good About Termites Termites feed on wood and wood by-products. They go about their daily routine doing the work they were created to do finding wood to eat and water to drink to enable the termite colony to survive. Termite food sources are readily available on planet earth. The forest is full of dead trees, roots in the ground from cleared land, stacks of firewood, the back porch steps, are all good sources of food for termites. Termites are content in their world eating and drinking and surviving. Termites are an important part of earths ecosystem, BUT!

The Bad About Termites Problems begin when termites start eating your house! Termites cant tell the difference between a dead tree limb and a wall stud in your home. Knowing which kind of termite you have is important because different species require very different control measures.

There are four species of termites found the United States. Maybe the information below will help narrow down which species you have. Other identification information is located throughout

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Facts About Termites – Where do the different species live?

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Termite Damage Claims Lawyer Mobile | Small Business …

Posted: May 22, 2018 at 3:41 pm

The Seawell Firm, LLC was formed in Mobile, Alabama in 2011, with the express intent of serving individuals and small businesses in southwest Alabama with targeted legal services.The firm specializes in protecting homeowners from Termites and Wood Destroying Organisms through both insurance claims and litigation, commercial litigation with an emphasis on small business representation, Estate Planning (including Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Medical Directives), commercial fraud, toxic torts and mediation.

If you have noticed any damage from termites, hiring termite damage lawyers is the best course of action. Termites affect more than four million homes per year and are found in every state except Alaska, making the possibility of damage high. A termite damage claims attorney can help with the situation, regardless of how severe it may be. Our termite damage claims lawyer is dedicated to your success and to helping you recover the high cost of damage that may occur.

When it comes to legal services, The Seawell Firm can handle a wide array of issues. From offering the services of a consumer fraud attorney to a mediation attorney and more, you can count on this team of legal professionals to deliver the desired results.

We are dedicated to providing superior services, regardless of the situation. Our termite damage insurance claims lawyer and our small business attorney in Mobile, AL, can provide the desired results, regardless of how severe your situation may be.

Located in a Mobile, Alabama historic home in beautiful De Tonti Square, the firm is only a few blocks from the state and federal courthouses, yet has its own parking lot and is readily accessible for any potential or existing client.The premises is outfitted with three conference and meeting rooms, a full kitchen and all other resources necessary to accommodate multiple parties and conduct meetings, depositions, and mediations. While The Seawell Firm is a one-attorney practice, it has a network of attorneys and support staff necessary to handle most any case, no matter its size or complexity.

If you need legal services from an estate planning attorney, probate attorney, administration, and wills attorney or commercial litigation attorney in Mobile, AL, contact us at The Seawell Firm. We are here to help you with your legal needs. Call us today to learn more about the legal services we offer all our clients and how we can help you.

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Termite Damage Claims Lawyer Mobile | Small Business …

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Slowing tax refunds aimed at cutting fraud ::

Posted: May 21, 2018 at 3:43 pm

Raleigh, N.C. Millions of people depend on their tax refund checks for everything from paying household bills to taking a vacation, but the federal government is putting a hold on some refunds this year in an effort to fight tax fraud.

The Internal Revenue Service is delaying tax refunds for more than 40 million low-income families who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit. These tax breaks are geared to benefit the working poor, and many families claim both.

The tax filing season starts Jan. 23, but a new law requires the IRS to delay tax refunds for people claiming those two credits until Feb. 15 so the agency has more time to screen the returns. Early tax refunds often go out before they can be verified.

The IRS reports $15.6 billion in improper tax refunds in 2015 alone, and the two tax credits have long been known as targets for fraud.

Rocky Mount businessman Larry Hill, who billed himself as “The People’s Champ,” for example, made millions manipulating the Earned Income Tax Credit for filers by falsely reporting interest income, withholdings and dependents.

WRAL Investigates also reported on a Charlotte-based ring that used fake documents and tax IDs to obtain millions of dollars in bogus refunds, many of which were delivered long before the government could verify names or employers.

“They want to hand out these refunds so fast. Stop and investigate before you hand it out,” Nancy Dawkins, a local CPA, said in 2012.

Tax Guide

In addition to slowing refunds, the IRS will do more to share and compare taxpayer data with states and tax preparers. A new verification code will accompany millions of W2 forms.

Alexandra Sirota, director of the left-leaning North Carolina Budget and Tax Center, said that, although she supports efforts to reduce fraud and improper refund payments, the delays will hurt legitimate tax filers who count on their refunds.

“This is a huge impact on household budgets,” Sirota said. “It’s really the chance one chance in a year for low-income working families to catch up on bills, to make payments on things they need for their household, fixing the car, replacing a broken washer and dryer.”

Tax fraud prevention efforts are working for the IRS. Last year, new verification requirements helped reduce identity fraud cases by 50 percent.

Sirota said she worries many low-income tax filers will turn to costly bridge loans because of the refund delays.

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Slowing tax refunds aimed at cutting fraud ::

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Termite Fumigation Termite Control Exterminators

Posted: May 20, 2018 at 9:40 pm

If you believe you do the initial step would be the wood, destroying the termites and wiping out the colony on-line form to schedule an appointment with our Exterminatortermite control professionals. There are strong chemicals utilized in fumigation services which will have seriously on your end as an accomplish to permeate the wood to remove the present infestation. If done correctly, the termite fumigation will stop the pests from returning.

If done correctly, the termite fumigation will stop the pests from returning threats to members of the family and pets. A successful termite fumigation needs some preparations on your part before our fumigation professionals appear. Thesepreparations includes:

1) Ensure youve someplace some preparations on your part before our fumigation professionals appear some time and the home will be full of hazardous chemicals, youll to stay -. Make sure you own tent is up and the fumigation process is underway. Open a hotel, motel or other place at stay.

2) Open doors between the rooms the substances need to get into each room and in the walls. Even though the fumigation substances can travel beneath the doors, itll be a good deal easier and much more powerful to open the interior doors between all rooms to create certain the entire home is treated.

3) Seal food up, protected plants should youve anything or living thing you dont want impacted by the substances, either remove them from the property or seal them up in containers. Any food must be lost. Rake the dirt should you have mulch or gravel around your home, rake up it to a foot from the face of the home.

We look to find the areas where Termites are currently feeding and hiding to offer the best therapy possible. We give you with the instructions you will have to get a successful fumigation.

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Termite Fumigation Termite Control Exterminators

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Termite Treatment – Sentricon System | Steve’s Pest Control

Posted: May 18, 2018 at 11:41 am

The Sentricon System, the first and most successful termite baiting system, has proven to eliminate termite colonies and has been on the market since 1995. This termite treatment system has had extensive field testing research overseen by the EPA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and 30 universities. There are over 70 published research articles proving that The Sentricon System consistently eliminates termite colonies. The Sentricon System has the Presidential Green Chemistry Award and uses mere grams of an IGR in a cellulose matrix that termite love to eat. This termite colony elimination service is a stand alone system that does not require any additional termite treatments or procedures. With this termite treatment service, there is no concrete drilling in floors, porches, basements, garages, foundations, etc., no trenching or digging, and no gallons of chemical solutions injected into the soil! Steves Pest Control, Inc. has over 20 years of hands-on experience with the Sentricon System, has installed over 7,000 systems in Mid-Missouri, and have eliminated well over 15,000 termite colonies!

To schedule our Sentricon System termite treatment service, call 573-896-4868 or fill out our online contact form.

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Termite Treatment – Sentricon System | Steve’s Pest Control

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Cost of Termite Treatment – Phoenix Az – Bills Pest …

Posted: at 11:41 am

Cost Termite Treatment Looking for Cost of Termite Treatment in the Phoenix Metro area? We can help. Welcome to the internet home of Arizonas Termite Control Experts. We provide an array of termite services including reports for real estate, refinance, yearly inspections for concerned homeowners, second opinions and estimates for all types of termite eradication services. If you have a termite problem, we can help.

Dont ignore a termite problem. It will not go away. Call us today for a free evaluation. We can provide an exact Cost Termite Treatment.

Termite Control Cost Termite Treatment Costs How much does a termite treatment cost Average cost of termite treatment Average termite treatment cost

Got termites? Getting termites or merely suspecting you have them can be a real bummer. The worry that termites are destroying your home is only rivaled by the fear of the termite treatment costs to save your home. Few of us budget for the cost oftermite treatment services. Termites are not known for being timely or deciding if they are going to invade your home to select a day when the homeowner has extra cash laying around. Like anything else that can go wrong with your homechances are a termite invasion will occur at the least opportune time.

Not all Arizona termites are the same and not all will require a termite treatment to your entire home. Even better news is that some species may not need termite control. If you live in the Metro Phoenix area, there are 17 different species of Arizona termites. Arizona termites can invade your home from underground, outside or via flight depending upon the species. Just as termite species can varyso will the termite treatment methods. Treating the soil around your foundation which is common for some subterranean species will have little if any impact upon Western Dry wood termites that typically invade via flight.

Desert type Arizona termites (Gnathamitermes, Wheeler Termites) that are often seen on wood fences and around tree trunks after recent rain or excess watering and they rarely invade structures. Termite treatment services for these species often only offer temporary relief. Average termite control cost for these species ranges from $50-$300 depending upon the area and frequency of service.

Termite control methods for Dry wood type termites include simply removing the infested wood, treatment to the infested wood, and tent fumigation. Termite Control cost for removing infested wood is $0.00 when done by the homeowner. Average termite treatment cost for treating infested wood ranges from $150 to $500 depending upon the amount of area needing treatment. The average cost of a termite treatment involving tent fumigation runs $1200-$4000 depending on the square footage of the structure.

Native species subterranean termites (Heterotermes) and Eastern subterranean termites (Reticulitermes) are the more common Arizona termites that invade and damage homes in the Metro Phoenix area. Average termite treatment cost for these species ranges from $336-$1196 depending on the footprint size of the home. Termite Control cost can be figured by measuring the perimeter footage of your home and multiplying by $4.00-$5.00 per linear foot. Termite treatment costs can vary by the exterminator and by the method.

Use Caution with below average termite treatment cost quotes.

Exterminators offering below average termite control cost proposals save labor and chemical expenses by only treating the outer soft areas of a home. Most subterranean Arizona termites nest under concrete foundations and abutting slabs. Nesting in these regions provide shelter from the desert sun/heat, provide moisture and cooler soil temperature. These areas are conducive to nesting termites and near a much-needed food source, your home! Subterranean termites are physically smaller than other species and have a unique ability to invade a home from underground by navigating through small expansion joints and stress cracks. Treating just the soft areas around the outside foundation has little effect upon termites nesting under abutting slabs or as in most infestations directly under your home.

If you have termites orsuspect you might have them, the first step is to get a free termite inspection from an experienced termite inspector. A good termite inspector familiar with all types of Arizona termites can accurately identify all species of termites found around and inside your home. If termites are found a good termite inspector can determine if a termite treatment is necessary and prescribe a custom service. The termite inspection is free and can be ordered online here or by calling 602.308.4510. Get an exact Cost Termite Treatment today.

Every home in Arizona should be inspected for termites at least once a year including homes recently treated. Besides checking for termites, a good termite inspector can point out areas conducive to infestation and provide advice for correcting these conditions. Homes recently serviced for termites should be checked for re-infestation and evidence of other types of Arizona termites. Termite control services designed for one type of termite offers no protection against infestation by other species.

Bills Termite Control is your hometown exterminator providing trusted termite treatment services for nearly three decades. Family owned and locally operated we are the termite experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Termite Control provides free yearly termite inspection services, termite treatment quotes, and second opinions. For more information aboutCost, Termite Treatmentservices give us a call. Cost of Termite Treatment.

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Cost of Termite Treatment – Phoenix Az – Bills Pest …

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Fake companies, fake workers: State battling new type of …

Posted: at 11:40 am

Raleigh, N.C. More than a quarter million people in North Carolina are unemployed, and many turn to the state to help them get through until another job comes along. But not everyone who files a claim has good intentions.

The state Division of Employment Security says it is battling a new type of unemployment fraud, one that involves fake businesses, fake workers and false claims of unemployment.

During its latest investigation, which spanned 18 months, the division identified 105 fake employers statewide and 672 fake unemployment claims filed by people who allegedly worked for the bogus companies. The state stopped $5.2 million in payments.

Weve set up these filters so that we can catch these people on the front end instead of paying it out and chasing it down, said Dale Folwell, assistant secretary of the Division of Employment Security. We owe it to those employers who are doing it the right way to be the fiduciaries and the stewards of not only their money but also the process.

The state red-flagged a company, BH Hauling, that tried to register using the address of a vacant lot on Poole Road in Raleigh. The state flagged another company on West Morgan Street in Raleigh that was supposed to be Hall Trucking Service. In reality, its a shelter for troubled youth. In that case, the state was able to stop the fraud before it happened, but thats not always the case.

One example is Optimum Touch Lawn Care Services in Charlotte. It registered with the state, got a state tax ID and used a popular business website to claim the company had 26 employees with an annual revenue of $910,000. Not long after registering with the state, Optimum reported “layoffs.”

The unemployment claims came in, and the state paid out $194,000 in fraudulent unemployment claims. State unemployment leaders say the fake company’s two owners filed the claims using their own names and stole the identities of others to cash in on the scheme. The owners, Letitia and Michael Johnson, pleaded guilty in federal court late last year.

Its not just enough to stop money from going out. Money that has gone out, we need to make sure those people are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, Folwell said.

Folwellsays anti-fraud efforts are part of the agencys larger goal of eliminating debt.Before Gov.PatMcCrorytook office, DES faced a $2.5 billion debt to the federal government.Lawmakers made the controversial move to reduce the amount and length of benefits. Since that time, the debt has dropped to about $400 million.Folwellsays once the debt is paid off this summer, the rate businesses must pay will drop.

During the latest crackdown, the division realized it paid out $2.7 million in claims linked to fake businesses, money the state is now trying to get back.

That angers business owners like Margaret Haga, who runs H & H Shoe Repair & Pedorthic Facility in Cameron Village in Raleigh. For more than 30 years, Haga said, her business has paid unemployment insurance on behalf of her employees, not realizing fake businesses would try to steal from the system.

Its taxpayer money, she said. People who lose their jobs, its important that theres something to give them a hand up When I think about being a small business and paying into that and the money not going where its supposed to, its very, very disappointing.

North Carolina has more than 200,000 employers who pay into the unemployment system. The fake business didn’t pay a dime but found a weakness in the system to take taxpayer dollars. State leaders say, with new technology and tactics, the fake employer schemes are a thing of the past in North Carolina.

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Fake companies, fake workers: State battling new type of …

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Termite heat treatment vs fumigation: pros and cons

Posted: May 15, 2018 at 9:40 pm

Termite heat treatment vs fumigation: what to apply? is a common matter of the U.S. homeowners concernment. In fact, the most of them do not feel the difference between these two extermination methods. Lets sift this termite heat treatment vs fumigation question to the bottom.

Both processes are performed with the use of high temperatures by trained, licensed pest control operators and need from the homeowners to vacate their home for some time. Though these two methods are not the same. Heat treatment requires a source of heat without any toxic chemicals. The only gas it uses for fuel is propane. It is CFC-free. Heat is directly injected by a propane burner (or a heat-gun) into the drywood termites infested areas.

Fumigation method uses the special fumigation equipment (tarps, ladders, fumigant cylinders,etc) with a source of heat and toxic fumigant chemicals, such as US EPA registered sulfuryl fluoride gases: Vikane, Zythor, Master Fume; and methyl bromide gas: Bromo Gas. Vikane Gas, Zythor and Master Fume contain fluoride. It is a green-house CFC gas. Chemical fumes influence on infestations without direct heat.

Termite extermination with heat is green (eco-safe), it doesnt leave any toxic residue or odor. Termicide fumigation is not environment friendly, it has some side effects: chemical smell, residues, toxicity to humans and pets.

Heat treatment and fumigation are the most reliable, complete and effective ways for eradicating the active drywood termite infestations in easily-accessible (open) wood structures. They can be also applied against soil termites subterranean workers which are foraging about in wood in search of food. As drywood colonies are relatively small and live only in restricted areas in wood, these methods are the most suitable for them rather than for subterraneans.

The great advantage is that the homeowners can hit back home after thermal treatment, which takes 4-8 hours on the average (Quarles,2006). In the case of chemical fumigation, the aeration period is required and the time of staying out of home is about 3 days, which is a great drawback of this method.

Both methods can be used for local termite extermination, for tenting, for injections and for the whole house treatment.

Unfortunately, both fumigation and heat treatment processes for termites are not able to provide protection against future reinfestations.

Termites have sensitive to waves areas and they instinctively tend to avoid heat and light. Some zooids are likely to flee from the heat if the treated zone is not large and limited. Thats why, it is recommended after the both processes to apply supplemental termicide treatment for residual effect.

In some cases, your house and furniture is likely to be sensitive to heat and wont be able to withstand high temperatures required for chemical fumigation and thermal extermination.

Lethal temperatures in heat treatment and fatal doses of chemicals in fumigation are difficult to maintain during the processes.

Fumigation is toxic to pets, home-plants and humans. It leaves chemical residues for some time and releases CFC into atmosphere. Fumigant concentrations should be at or below the permissible exposure limit for occupants of 1 ppm established by the US EPA and California Department of Pesticide Regulation within the shortest aeration time (6 hours) permitted by the product label 1.

Fumigant gases break down after whole home tenting treatment and fluoride may be left in the building and in the ground around the house. In order the sulfuryl fluoride not to dissipate into the soil, it is necessary to water the ground around the treated wood structures, approx. 18-20 inches out from the foundation or structures. Fluoride dissolves in water poorly and the water barrier will help to avoid contamination.

Both operations cant be performed yourself, only trained and licensed specialists can follow the product label and U.S. regulations and confirm the concentration amount of gas required according to the extermination plan for your home.

Fumigators must wear protective clothes and respiratory protection during the processing.

Termite heat treatment vs fumigation: pros and cons

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Senate Termite & Pest Control – Manassas, VA – Yelp

Posted: May 13, 2018 at 8:41 am


Can’t say enough great things about this company! They helped me take care of my rodent problem I had in my attic. The technician was very knowledge and friendly. Because of them I do t foresee any future problems. I would highly recommend them!

This is the worst experience I have had with a company. Refused to service us cause we were a part of a condo. Sent a very rude message because I was currently at a birthday Brunch and could not respond. Rude text messaging and rude towards customers. Would not recommend based on experiences I have had so far.

I have NEVER contacted this company and my phone number hasn’t changed in almost 40 years, yet I keep getting telemarketing calls despite being on the Do-Not-Call registry. I will be meeting with my attorney this week.

Can’t speak to their pest control. But I got a new phone number 6 months ago and unfortunately for me the previous owner must be in collections with them. I receive 3-5 phone calls a week from Senate. I have called numerous times asking to be taken off the list. I have placed my phone on the federal do not call list and filed a complaint with BBB. I still get calls. So my best advice is if you use Senate, make sure you don’t end up in collections. They will haunt you forever.

WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! Had an issue, not only did a number of their technicians on several occasions come out WITHOUT the proper equipment to get rid of mice and ants (which is what I had)m but each time they sent someone else they came out and told me all about how “fucked” their own company was and all about their turn over in management/personnel etc.. (their own words) spoke with several managers, this is over a period of a few months, each promised to send out someone and then to have them follow up. NOBODY ever did, and I was a paying customer. never never never use this company!!!!!!!!!

Just got the nightly call to my home from this company. When I asked the salesperson to please take me off of their call list, he laughed. This company is pathetic. Do NOT support them.

I figured I’d counter some of the negative publicity. I’ve used Senate for years, both at my previous house and current house. Each house ended up having termite damage near the front of the garage within a year or two of starting the service, and both times Senate paid for all repairs. I also have a contract for treatment of indoor pests, and Senate has been responsive and come quickly whenever I’ve called. I’m not sure the indoor policy is as crucial as the termite policy because the damage from termites can be extensive, but I like the peace of mind it provides.

They disregard the DO-NOT-CALL list and ignore my request to take me off their calling list. They kept asking what was my name was and they couldn’t take my number (that they just called) off their list unless they knew my name. Bullshi!!!!!!! This is not the way to make new customers!

I had a very good experience with Senate. Although I am also on the national do not call list, I did get a call offering a free termite inspection. Since I plan to sell my house in the next 15 months and had never had a termite inspection, I decided to schedule the free inspection. I am always skeptical at these “free” inspections, but it went very well. Nothing was found of concern, and not much of an up sell, really. They offered a warranty, for one, two and three years. They explained the benefits of such a warranty, and with my plan to sell within two years, it seemed a reasonable thing to buy. The price was reasonable, and there was no attempt (yet) to follow up with “additional services”. I suppose since I am now a customer, they might start calling offering pest control coverage, etc., but for now I was actually quite impressed. No “bait and switch” or “oh look at this” etc. The representative seemed experienced, explained what he was looking for, showed pictures of what they look for, and explained the treatments needed if infestation or damage was found. Since they found nothing, it builds my confidence that this company is honest.

These people called us out of the blue on a recent evening. We are on the Do Not Call list. They have this stock excuse that somehow their filter didn’t catch our number. How about hiring better programmers (or a programmer) before “bugging” people?If they are willing to break the law like this, we are never going to give them our hard-earned money and neither should you.

Wish I could hire them to rid my phone of their unwanted calls. Rude, pushy, unprofessional sales people. Cannot imagine letting them into my home!

Legitimate companies don’t have boiler rooms of telemarketers making calls up until nine o’clock in the evening. (I was called at 8:45 p.m.) The person who called my home number refused to provide the company’s address or telephone number. When I telephoned the company’s Manassas location the next day to complain, one of the managers told me that the company does not consider its telemarketing calls to be “sales calls” because they are offering “free inspections.” Yeah, right. I’m sure the president of the company just loves being called late into the evening with offers of “free inspections.” I’d never have anything to do with this company, and if I could give zero stars instead of one I’d do just that.

Senate called me and like other reviewers we are on the do not call list. I went ahead and let them come out anyway. The rep was here early but that was ok. The inspection took about 15 minutes total. During the inspection he told me that my redwood burl, which is in my garage, should be moved as it would attract termites. Even after I told him it was redwood (redwood is naturally resistant to termites) he didn’t change his statement. Continuing around the house nothing else was seen. Next was the “selling” portion. I listened and that was all. I never ever sign contacts without having a few days to think about it. After considering all the aspects, including the fact they were going to pump gallons of termiticide in the ground around my home and into the cinder blocks that are my first floor really made me think. We are also on a well and that was the biggest reason I didn’t sign. No one in my neighborhood has ever had termites and I just couldn’t take the chance the chemicals could poison my water and yard. The fact that nothing was said about our well (plainly visable in our yard) was more than a bit deceptive in my opinion and is the main reason for this review. Please don’t be pressured into signing anything without really thinking about it. Another thing is that any damage done to your home will NOT be repaired so please tell me what is covered? They want to charge you yearly for the rest of your time in your home for one treatment for termites. ????

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Senate Termite & Pest Control – Manassas, VA – Yelp

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Accused ISIS recruiter pleads guilty to fraud, tax charges …

Posted: May 10, 2018 at 10:40 pm

Raleigh, N.C. A Fayetteville man who the FBI says was a recruiter for Islamic State forces pleaded guilty Monday to federal fraud and tax charges.

Houcine Becher Ghoul, 43, pleaded guilty to lying on his application for U.S. citizenship and two counts of tax fraud. He faces up to 16 years in prison when he is sentenced in February.

Ghoul, a native of Tunisia, admitted to lying when asked on his citizenship application whether he supported a terrorist organization, and he also married several women in an attempt to obtain citizenship. The tax charges are for not reporting all of his income and for improper use of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

He doesn’t face any terror-related charges because court documents show no specific evidence that he he financed or planned to carry out terrorism.

The FBI began investigating Ghoul in 2014 after a Facebook post on an account associated with his name indicated support of terrorism.

Investigators tracked his social media accounts, one of which included a photo of a man in a convenience store holding a handmade sign that reads, “The American support for the Islamic State” in Arabic. Below it, in English, it says, “ISIS, North Carolina USA.” That photo later appeared in a propaganda video released on an ISIS YouTube channel.

The FBI used undercover sources to make contact with Ghoul when he worked at the Snack Attack convenience store in Fayetteville. He was fired from the store in 2015.

An informant said Ghoul bragged that he had sent as many as 13 people overseas to support ISIS activities.

Agents also went through Ghoul’s many Twitter accounts, which have since been deactivated. On one of his pages, Ghoul described himself as an “extremist, terrorist, tough, brain-washed, radical, I love explosions, booby trapping, beheading the enemy.”

WRAL Investigates searched for conversations using Ghoul’s Twitter names – most were in Arabic. When translated, some supported Ghoul’s views, but there are also a number of responses that accuse Ghoul of being misguided about Islam.

Visit link:
Accused ISIS recruiter pleads guilty to fraud, tax charges …

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