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Lufkin Termite Exterminator – Lufkin Pest Control Pros

Posted: May 21, 2019 at 8:48 am

Termite Exterminator Termite Inspections & Removal

Termites are nasty insects that can sting, bite, and even heavily damage your home. Although the insects are not known to carry diseases, you might develop allergic reactions if your home is infested. These insects are hard to exterminate, unlike other kinds of pests you can handle on your own. If you have termites, you need a termite exterminators expert pest control services to drive out the intruders.

Termite Exterminator

A termite exterminators job is to conduct a termite inspection and, in case of an infestation, termite removal. These insects are hard to detect, and you may unknowingly already be the victim of a massive infestation. These small beasts have been said to be more destructive than fires in infested homes! But dont worryyou can eliminate them for a reasonable fee.

Pest control service providers attend training and education in termite inspection, termite removal, and termite control. Pest exterminators continually participate in workshops to advance their knowledge. Ask for a technician certification and licenses before hiring an extermination services company.

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

It takes a keen observer to spot a termite infestation. Watch out for the following signs indicating your home has been invaded:

Visible Mud Tubes Termites build mud tubes at night to offer protection against hot weather and predators. If you see mud tubes around your home, call a termite exterminator to save your house from the destructive pests.

Swarms of Winged Insects Termites are small insects with tiny white wings. Have you ever noticed a swarm of such winged insects in or around your home? If so, best to call for a professional inspection service to be sure those arent termites.

Presence of Termite Droppings Drywood termite droppings look like sawdust. Call a pest control company for termite removal services if you notice such droppings on your floor.

Fissures and Cracks on the Wood Although cracks in wood might not necessarily indicate termite infestation in your home, if you notice them its better to hire professionals to do an inspection. Termites are known to eat through wood and paper products, which can result in visible cracks.

Presence of Multiple Holes Termites drill holes through wood and wooden objects. Get your home inspected for termite infestation if you notice multiple tiny holes along wood structures and wooden fixtures.

Termite Inspection & Removal

Do you suspect termite infestation on your property? Termites can spread all over your home in no time. The destruction they can inflict might cost you a ton to repair. Call a termite exterminator to do a termite inspection before the situation gets out of hand.

Various remedies can help fight termites that have invaded your home. They include:

Use a liquid poison treatment to completely eliminate termite infestation on your property. This treatment involves treating both soil and wood around your home. The chemical in the liquid treatment kills the termites and protects your home from re-infestation.

Do you suspect that termites have invaded your home? Hire a professional Termite exterminator Lufkin TX service provider to get rid of them for good.

Call the Lufkin TX Pest Control Pros for the best Termite exterminator Lufkin TX area. We are the top local pest control Lufkin TXcompany.

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Lufkin Termite Exterminator – Lufkin Pest Control Pros

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Termite Exterminators – EliminateEm

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Our Guarantee

Same-Day Service Technicians Available 24/7 Eco-Friendly Green Solutions

Sometimes called White Ants, termites have been in existence since the time of the dinosaurs. They are found in large numbers in the Northeast, including New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the wild, they live in colonies of several hundred to several million, with the queens laying up to 2,000 eggs per day. Factor in that termites are non-stop eaters and you begin to see how these relatively tiny insects manage to cause such impressive amounts of destruction.

There are four common termite varieties infesting homes in North America, all causing varying degrees of damage:

Regardless of the species, termites can consume a home from the inside out, with the damage frequently not evident until the structure is already ruined.

Eliminate Em termite control provides you with fast, professional, courteous service and licensed technicians to handle all extermination tasks. What can we provide?

These insects cause $5 billion of damage to homes per year. This figure doesnt take into account that insurance plans dont cover such repairs or that homeowners may have difficulty selling their properties in the future.

Before you find thousands of dollars in damage, contact us for termite control. Our assessment goes over all areas of the home, from the basement to crawl spaces, with our team searching for signs of wood debris and potential entry points. We then provide recommendations for preventing or addressing early signs of termite damage.

Often, a homeowner discovers termite damage when its too late. At this point, extermination is a must. Count on Eliminate Em to:

Eliminate Em offers same-day termite control services and free estimates in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Professional technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assess, remove and protect against termite damage to your home.

Contact EliminateEmPest Control Services today!

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Termite Exterminators – EliminateEm

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HOME – Hilton Head Exterminators

Posted: May 17, 2019 at 8:56 pm

Hilton Head Exterminators is deeply rooted in the Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Beaufort communities, providing pest control services to the South Carolina Lowcountry since 1968. Since we opened our doors as the first pest control company, our mission has been to provide the best pest management services while maintaining exceptional customer service.

We are locally owned and operated and proud stewards of our local community. As we live and work here, our company has a long term view focused on serving our Hilton Head, Bluffton, Okatie, Beaufort, Sun City, Hardeeville and Ridgeland communities and protecting the homes of our friends and neighbors.

Our pest management approach is focused on controlling pest damage using the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to you, your property and the environment.

Whether you have termites now or want to prevent future termite damage, Hilton Head Exterminators has the perfect treatment plan that is right for you.

Our team of wildlife experts are trained and certified in animal removal and damage control. Learn more on how we can help with our rodent control programs.

A certified technician will performa full inspection of the exterior of your property to locate and treat the areas where mosquitoes live and breed.

We are the only company in the area to offer three bed bug control treatmentprograms depending on the level of infestation and activity.

Pet stores and veterinarian offices are not the only places that get infested with fleas and ticks. Our trained technicians will utilize products that are 100% safe for your two and four-legged family members.

B. Stabile – Bluffton Resident

D. Byers – Sun City Resident

Anna B.



its a progression thats been hard earned through consistent dedication to protecting Lowcountry homes and businesses since 1968.

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HOME – Hilton Head Exterminators

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Pacific Termite – 46 Photos & 78 Reviews – Pest Control …

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I had an inspection by Orkin that found termite activity. I’ve used Orkin for more than 20 years, but thought I’d get a second opinion because it seemed extreme to tent my house, which Orkin recommended, for such little activity. I found Pacific Termite on Yelp and thought the reviews sounded too good to be true. I was wrong. From my first phone call with Scott I was sold. He was very helpful and friendly and told me that he doesn’t recommend tenting unless more time had elapsed since I last tented. I had some scheduling issues, and Scott was very accommodating.The inspector found the same termite damage and rotted wood that Orkin found, but also identified a few other items (i.e. evidence of water stains under the house) I should investigate. Pacific Termite’s price to treat the areas AND repair the rotted wood was very reasonable. The fact that Pacific Termite also will repair rotted wood was super helpful. Orkin requires you to call in another vendor for that — consequently, I had put off that repair for years. Every person I talked to at Pacific Termite from Scott down to the people who scheduled the service and handled billing were super friendly.I wish I had found Pacific Termite years ago, but now that I have, I’m never going back to Big Pest Control.

Pacific Termite is the best termite company around. They worked on my house and had very reasonable prices. They have an amazing team that is very professional and gets the job done. I will highly recommend Pacific Termite to all my real estate colleagues and friends.

Quick, friendly, good communication, easy scheduling, fair price. Would use again but hopefully won’t have to!

Pacific Termite was not the first termite company I called, but boy am I glad I found them.The other two places I called didn’t return my phone calls, were difficult to schedule inspection, and one failed to even show up at the appointed time.Scott from Pacific Termite picked up every single call I made to them, gave me several options for inspection time, and then they showed up right on time that they said they would. 5 stars already!Then the icing on the cake was when he said the termites were not as bad as I thought they were and that it wasn’t necessary to fumigate at this time. He explained why and spent some time educating me and my husband about when and why the termites need to be treated. At my request, he even looked all around our house and told me it was still ok (I was kinda freaked out about the situation and had my heart set on getting some treatment).Responsive, knowledgeable, AND honest to boot. What more can you ask for? Eventually you need treatment, so I won’t waste my time calling anyone else. I felt bad that he trekked out to my house for free, but he was very gracious about it. 5 stars all around, feel very comfortable recommending him if you’re looking for a termite solution!

Pacific Termite did a great job. Very thorough and detailed inspection and they offered treatment options. Showed up on time for treatment, were courteous and cooperative. They did the work at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Pacific Termite.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pacific Termite if you need a fumigation. Kevin came out for the inspection and was prompt and professional. He didn’t use scare tactics like some of the other companies I got estimates from. He thoroughly explained the problem and offered various solutions. The price for the work was the most reasonable of the three estimates I got. Stacy was incredibly helpful and patiently answered all of my questions. She always responded promptly and politely to my emails, and it was a pleasure working with her.

Definitely a recommend for your fumigation needs!I had a very easy time communicating with Scott and Jina from Pacific Termite. They answered all my questions and followed up with me during the coordination of our fumigation, from dropping off the protective bags to questions about fumigation contractor. We had no problems during the entire process and had an overall good experience.

Can’t be more satisfied than this. Started with phone conversation after I had a bad experience another company (Richland Termites and Cosnstruction). Scott answered all my questions offered to come out and take a look at what needs to be done. He drew up a plan, presented me an estimate, then offered a significant discount given that I had already invested money with the other company, and set up the appointment. He was really apologetic, and promised to address all the issues that were not addressed by Richland. The day of the treatment his workers showed up on time, worked for over 3-4 hours without hardly taking any breaks, showed me everything they had done and mentioned that I should not have any problems. It’s great to see such dedication to customer service, and empathy for something that went wrong. I highly recommend Pacific Termites for any and all work related to this area.

We saw a few termites and called Terminix. The Terminix rep came over, gave a cursory glance around our home and said we needed to spend $4K on tenting and spraying. His lack of thoroughness concerned us so we called Scott at Pacific Termite. Unlike the Terminix guy, Scott looked everywhere and in depth. He concluded that we absolutely do not have a termite problem and explained in detail why tenting would be a waste of money. His thoughtful answers to all our questions left us confident in his conclusions. Scott’s professionalism is refreshing and appreciated.

After getting a rather lackluster inspection from another termite company, I called Pacific Termite and spoke with Scott. He came out that very day and did a thorough inspection. Scott explained all the details to me in layman’s terms. He never tried to sell me on expensive services and I knew right away that I wanted to deal with Pacific Termite. A week later a crew of 6 men arrived on time to do the work. They were polite and knowledgeable. They treated all the infested areas and then repainted those areas. Their work was excellent.

The person was who came out to our home was nice. They were timely with our estimate. But we chose to go with another contractor. Pacific Termite was our second choice.

Never have I seen an owner of a company so honest and available. I called on a Sunday and he got back to me promptly. Scott is unbelievably honest and thorough. Another company said they thought we had mold and referred us to someone else to abate. Scott came over for free and assured us we had fungus, not mold and we could abate ourselves. He even walked around our home to see if we had any other issues. If I need a termite company he is the only one I will use. THANK YOU SCOTT!!

Long overdue for a 5-star review. We called Pacific Termite to replace another contractor who failed to complete their termite repairs, and boy am I glad we did. Pacific Termite beat the other contractor’s price, did additional repairs, and did an outstanding job on everything they worked on. The repairs look great and are all high-quality.Scott was extremely professional and knowledgeable, answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. PT’s teams ran ahead of schedule, made sure all their paperwork was in order well ahead of their work, and did a great job of protecting my neighbors’ property (our house sits right on the property line). We will definitely be contacting Pacific Termite again in the future.

Called a few termite companies, and made a decision to use Pacific Termite. Scott came to inspect and was very professional through out. Communication was very smooth through e-mail. The crew SBM fumigation company was courteous, especially Carlos. He even put plastic bags over his shoes so that he would not dirty my floor. I am sure I will have to go through the fumigation process in a few years, and I will for sure use Pacific Termite again, and recommend them to my friends.

This company was very professional. The inspection was thorough and the inspector was very knowledgeable. I had a few questions and they were answered very clearly on the telephone. There were a lot of instructions about what to do and how to get ready and they were very clear and useful. People showed up to do the work exactly when they said and the work was done carefully. In summary, they did exactly what they promised, they did it on time and in a professional manner. What more can you expect?

Pacific Termite was excellent. They arrived on time and gave great advice. I was moving into my home and needed the tent off early on a Saturday. They exceeded my expectations and were professional at all times. I highly recommend Pacific Termite!

Pacific Termites did a great job and made a tedious operation easy and satisfying. The crew from SBM Fumigation Inc. led by Carlos Rodriguez was thorough, friendly and professional. I will recommend this company without hesitation.

Definitely THUMPS UP to Pacific Termite, specially inspector Kevin Kim. Since I found some possible areas of termite, I called Pacific Termite per high yelp rating, and luckily Scott quickly responded my request. Above all I was pleasantly surprised at inspector, Kevin Kim’s professional knowledge and experiences. He made a THOROUGH inspection of my whole house showing me all the affected areas where I failed to notice and answered all my questions in detail. I was very satisfied with a good quality of his THOROUGH report and recommendations which helped me to decide what service I needed to get with a reasonable price. Thank u Mr. Kim!!

I requested a quote online for a termite inspection from several businesses on Yelp and Scott from Pacific Termite was the first to quickly respond. After speaking to him on the phone, and sending him pictures of what I thought was termite droppings, Scott confirmed that it was cricket droppings. I appreciate his quick response and honesty and will definitely use him in the future.

I had some parts of my home treated almost 3 years ago by Pacific Termite. So why the delay in my review? Because a company is only as good as its follow-up and warranty. So recently, I called them to reinspect before the warranty period expired. Scott came out and inspected the areas he had treated before. He noticed some droppings in one area he had treated and sent out one of his men to treat it again – no charge. So, these people are honorable and can be trusted. My experience with Scott on the phone and when I met him in person were positive – he is thorough, communicative and professional. His team is also very good and I felt comfortable with them on the initial treatment and the re-treatment. I give this company high marks.

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Pacific Termite – 46 Photos & 78 Reviews – Pest Control …

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Industrial Hemp Program | Arizona Department of Agriculture

Posted: at 12:47 am

On May 14, 2018 Senate Bill 1098 was signed by Governor Ducey that will authorize the Arizona Department of Agriculture to license qualified applicants to grow and process industrial hemp starting in the Summer of 2019.

The time between May 2018 and May 31, 2019will allow the Department to:

EFFECTS OF THE 2018 FARM BILL: On December 20, 2018 the 2018 Federal Farm Bill was signed into law and legalized industrial hemp (“hemp”) by excluding it if from the definition of marijuana. It also expanded the definition to include seeds, all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids (including Cannabidiol (CBD)), isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers. There are also several other changes made that will open up the commercialization of hemp, without the limitations of an industrial hemp agricultural pilot program. However, there still remains the need for legitimate research to further the development of this crop in Arizona.

What does this mean for Arizona?

With the passage of Senate Bill 1003,the effective date for the Industrial Hemp Programhas been officially moved to May 31, 2019.


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Industrial Hemp Program | Arizona Department of Agriculture

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Extermital Termite & Pest Control | Mason, OH | Home

Posted: May 14, 2019 at 3:54 pm

Very quick service. My tech Karen was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! I am very pleased with the service I received.

Your representative George was very polite and professional and the ants are no longer in the house. Good job!

Chris was very thorough in doing his work and very polite.

Technician was great, very friendly and informed. So glad I switched from Scherzinger.

Service representatives are always very thorough with their applications and leave literature on the front door for us to look over and call if we have any questions or other pest issues. We highly recommend your services to others and feel application cost is reasonable.

This guy is great! Friendly, helpful, courteous, just a great technician.

Service done well an unobtrusively.

Extermital Termite has really great customer service. Their turn around is very fast. We ran into an issue around communication on services and billing and everyone was very understanding and accommodating. They are knowledgeable and display integrity with their work. Will definitely do business with them in the future. Karen and Jeff are awesome.

Serviceman very friendly and accommodating.

Bob Gentry has been treating my house for years and he definitely knows what he is doing plus he is a very nice guy.

Friendly and informative as to what he was going to do.

Technicians are friendly and professional, attentive to detail.

Eric explained the ant infestation, the type of ant and the equipment he had and treated the WHOLE house inside and out; something the other company I had did not do and did not have the effective sprayer to reach the height necessary.

I am very happy with the results, and your guy is always very polite and courteous and he always does a VERY thorough job. Thank you!!!

Always professional, courteous and efficient. Bugs be gone!

The initial service was thorough and completed in a timely manner. The service tech, Norb L, was prompt and efficient as he went through the interior and around the outside of the house. He answered all my questions. We are anxious to see no more bugs and pests moving forward. Thank you.

Thank you! We have been extremely pleased with you! We really appreciate your wiliness to come out on a days notice, your thoroughness while you were here, and overall are just pleasant to work with. It is clear that you care about what you do. That is not so easy to find, great job!

We had ants in many areas of our house that we treated with an over the counter repellant but finally called uncle and contacted Extermital. Justin was very knowledgeable and explained and showed us exactly what he was doing and what the expected results should be. Justin did an excellent job and the march of ants in our home has finally ended. We signed up for a one year contract and happy we did!

They have always done a good job for us.

Our original visit was with Fred, during a mildly terrorizing ant swarm in the ground level of our home. Fred took the time to answer all our questions and ensured a speedy solution to the problem. Dave came out shortly thereafter to spray and take care of residual questions and concerns. Both of your employees represent your company professionally. We appreciate the service we have received and plan on continuing to use you because of them and the actual results. Thanks you!

I have used Extermital for years, both on my own and hiring them for to treat my property. I am very happy with their products and their service.

The technician who came seemed very nice and had the job completed in a short amount of time.

I have had great service from everyone at the office. If I call with a problem you send someone out very soon. I had Justin Sears at my home yesterday and he was friendly and very helpful about my bug questions.

Reliable, efficient and bug free.

Great service and great people, professional and workablevery pleased!

Good results and always here when they say they are coming or leave an email when they cant be here.

The person who answers the phone (male voice) is so friendly, helpful, patient and kind. I appreciate that so tired of automatic, inefficient, jumbled contacts. Kevin is very efficient, friendly and trustworthy.

All seems to be working. We really like Bob Adkins. He is very helpful and has given us ideas to help control spiders.

We have always been pleased with the service and professionalism of Extermitals employees.

I have been a customer of Extermital for several years and have had nothing but excellent service. The employees have been kind, trustworthy and always arrive on the day promised. I would particularly like to commend Dave. He is always friendly and makes sure the job is done well before leaving.

Your service technician as well as your customer service have provided exceptional service.

I HATE BUGS!! You have never let me down and I do appreciate it. Everyone has been friendly, prompt, professional, & makes you feel good! Thank you.

Changed appointment my time line, Dave was excellent as usual.

Very responsive and did a thorough job.

George was wonderful. Walked me through everything that he did. Very happy with the work. Thanks so much

Working with Raymond has been a true delight! The service tech Eric was awesome. He did a thorough inspection. I will definitely refer as many to this company as possible. Thank you.

Extermital is awesome. Great people. Awesome service. Thanks!

5 stars. Always professional and courteous.

Have done a great job the whole time we have used your services.

We were very satisfied with our service. Done in a timely and professional manner.

Seemed to perform excellently, as usual. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for taking care of our house and surroundings with your service. Each and every one of the service provider has been great. Happy holidays.

No ants. Thats what we originally had when we had you start, so thats great. Every one of your guys I had contact with were really nice and are obviously getting the job done (no ants).

George is a great technician. Very friendly and pays attention to detail about his job.

George my tech is fantastic. He is so professional and knowledgeable on all my needs. Very nice and listen and always does a great job. Your company should be proud of him. Thanks Ed.

Justin was great to work with, knew his stuff & very considerate & knowledgeable on the treatments and what was going on in the house. Very honest and forthright in all dealings, from inspection to contact to treatment. The technician that came out to install the termite traps was equally as respectful and took great care with the cleanup and answered all my questions. Glad I chose Extermital over the other bidders. Keep up the great customer service.

Extermital has always provided good service with good results for a reasonable price.

The people who show up are always courteous, and always ask what our needs are. We appreciate their concern & thoroughness.

Excellent service, professional, on time and solved our ant problem.

Arrived as it was planned, cordial & friendly.

This is a note of thanks to Extermital and, specifically, to Tom Kitts, the technician who treated our home on three out of four occasions. We believe that the bugs were successfully eliminated because of Toms careful and very thorough treatment of our home. He was also very reassuring during a difficult time for us. Thank you again to Extermital and to Tom Kitts.

Such excellent service! Lennie is a dream. I am so glad to have your company on my property. I have seen such a drastic improvement in one month than I have seen in six months from a competitor. Thanks so much!

I like when he showed up with a smile and made small talk with me. Makes me feel special and develop a relationship with the service man is important and he is a people person and pleasant while here.

The guys always do a great job.

Could not have been nicer and answered all of my questions.

Everyone is really friendly and informative after they do their work. They are extremely helpful if I have any questions. Ray Miller and his team are awesome!

All through the summer the pest control applications have been applied in a timely and through manor. The technicians have been courteous and helpful. We are satisfied with the service. Thanks.

Very professional and informative. Love this company and the customer service was incredible which is rare these days.

It was great getting relief from being overrun by ants & spiders.

Our service has been very good over the past few years. Key to your companys success is to continue to have the same technician come to our home each month. They know our home, specific problems, and how to treat them effectively.

Thorough & efficient. Thanks for another season of great service

Appreciated the call ahead of time, as we had to leave but were able to make the areas available. We got back and all was done!

Dave is very thorough and has excellent customer service following up with me after my calls and he was very flexible with my schedule. I also appreciated the same tech coming each time since his knowledgeable of what our needs are.

Thorough job completed outside and inside.

I always request Norbert Lang and he has completed my service the last several years. He is such a pleasure to work with. Norb is friendly, knowledgeable & professional. He clearly understands the true meaning of Customer Service. I have been a customer of Extermital for many years and they have been great to work with. Kristen Bradley also does an excellent job. She is always friendly and quick to respond to my requests for billing & scheduling. Many thanks, Rick Blasing.

I would like to thank Charles Oney for taking the time to explain termite behavior to me. Also he was very thorough in his service for termite activity. Im confident that I made the right choice in choosing Extermital to rid my house of termites. Thanks for a job well done!

Very prompt & thorough with treatment and explanation.

Technician was very thorough and helpful.

Allen Moore has been exceptional in response to service calls, very informative, and a true gentleman! His dedication, knowledge and work ethics are superior.

Everything was done to our satisfaction.

Technician was very friendly and informative.

Great Job! Very satisfied I recommended your company to rest of condos.

The workers were very professional, friendly & efficient. Thanks you.

Technician was extremely nice and cared about our concerns! He was very competent.

As always courteous and efficient service.

Very good company representation. Very friendly workers. Very good telephone representation.

The service guys, Dawson & Tackett, knocked on my door to see if I had any bug issues inside the home. I appreciated that!

The technician was very kind and took the time to explain how the service works. The price is competitive and the quality is strong.

Extermital has been great to work with. Their staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and eager to please. We are very pleased with their service and results and would recommend them to anyone needing their professional help.

I switched to Extermital Termite Service in 2011 for termite control and protection after being with another pest control company for years and not receiving the customer service I expected. The transition process went smoothly and the serviceman was very personable and professional. The bait treatment has worked very well and I especially appreciate how quickly inspections and servicing are completed each year. I definitely recommend Extermital to all my family and friends.

As a family-friendly museum with a live animal zoo, our pest control needs require extreme sensitivity. Extermital balances our customers and our residents in their approach to our indoor and outdoor treatment. We applaud their professionalism, as well as their attention to our unique circumstances.

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Extermital Termite & Pest Control | Mason, OH | Home

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Polymer, Colorant & Chemical Safety Data Sheets

Posted: May 12, 2019 at 5:47 am


PolyOne has transitioned our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our manufactured products to meet the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), and CLP classification in Europe. You may see us use both terms, MSDS and SDS, as GHS becomes more familiar in all of our global market. For more information on this initiative, please see ourFAQs.

Note: SDS access methods vary by region – please read the instructions for your region carefully.

NORTH AMERICA (Goods manufactured by PolyOne): Use the search boxes on the current page to use the online search for SDS for products manufactured by PolyOne. (Goods distributed by PolyOne): To search SDS for products distributed by PolyOne Distribution, visit the

ASIA/PACIFIC:SDS for the Asia Pacific region can be obtained by contacting the appropriate regional office. For a list of regional offices, please clickhere.

EUROPE:SDS for Europe can be obtained by contacting the appropriate regional office. For a list of regional offices, please clickhere.

TheProduct Code(a.k.a.MaterialorMaterial Number) has either 12 or 14 characters. Examples of product codes includeCC10188090WE, MP10000B297560, VC1000951760.

To search using the product code please remove the last two characters from the code for your search. These last two characters are the package code, which is not needed when searching for a product. For example CC10188090, MP10000B2975, VC10009517.

PolyOne Product Code (Material or Material Number) may be found on any of the following:

TIP: If no results are obtained using the full product code or product name, try entering only a few of the characters and searching again.

Product Name (a.k.a. Description or Material Description) is the product description and may or may not be included the product’s brand or other trademarks.

Examples of Product name are:

TIP: If no results are obtained when including the “brand” in the search field, remove it and search again.

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Polymer, Colorant & Chemical Safety Data Sheets

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Find jobs with Washington Post National Jobs

Posted: at 5:47 am

Looking for a stable job that only requires a high school diploma or equivalent? Interested in helping people, traveling, and improving the community around you?

As a pest control technician, you can make a profound difference in removing the unwanted pests in residential homes and buildings.

Let’s get into what you need to know to begin this career path.

Working and being around pesticides carries inherent risk, as you’re exposing yourself to toxic chemicals on a routine basis. Thus, you will need to familarize yourself with different levels of toxicity and understand the potential health consequences.

Minimizing exposure is key for keeping you healthy both in the short and long-term. In this field, you will need to use and wear safety equipment. After you return home each day, you will need to immediately remove your clothing, shower, and wash your outfits.

Most pest control technician jobs require a diploma or equivalent to get hired. Your education should have strong skills related to math, science, and writing.

It’s also beneficial to have additional education in the biology, identity, and understanding of various pests, like roaches, ants, etc.

In this career, you’ll be responsible for driving to various locations throughout the day. As a result, it’s no surprise that employers will expect you to have a fantastic driving record.

If you aren’t sure about the nature of yourrecord, you can order a copy from the DMV.

Furthermore, make sure that you make it a point to adopt safe driving habits in your everyday commuting. That means avoiding speeding and distracted driving. It also means paying any infractions or tickets on time.

There are numerous ways to obtain pest control training. Popular programs are held at technical centers, local community colleges, university extension programs, and specific pest control training centers.

Before enrolling in any course, you should determine if your state recognizes the program in their regulatory boards.

During training, you should expect to learn about termite and rodent control, safe pesticide use, and fumigation.

While training programs vary, most of them can be completed with 2-3 months.

After completing the educational component of your training, it’s time to get into the field and put your skills to the test!

Most technicians start out as apprentices under the supervision of licensed specialists. You will need to complete a designated number of hours of hands-on training in order to be eligible for your certification and licensure exam.

To become eligible as a pest control specialist, you’ll need to pass a written examination (some states also require an oral and practical examination).

In these tests, you will need to demonstrate advanced knowledge of foundational pest knowledge in addition to diagnosing problems and providing viable solutions.

You can locate pest control careers in a variety of sources including direct networking, company websites, online search engines, and your school.

This is an important time for you to build connections with your fellow mentors and colleagues.

Make it known that you are looking for a job, send in the applications, create a killer resume, and brush up on your interviewing skills. This is where persistence matters- you need to put in the effort if you want to yield positive results.

If you want to stay in an entry-level position, then staying a pest control technician is best. That said, you can make yourself more competitive in the workforce by advancing and obtaining more experience.

Pest control applicators require additional years of work and examinations, but you can progress from there to becoming a supervisor.

Each of these career paths offers more lucrative opportunities- both in pay and flexibility, and if you’re interested in continuing to improve your knowledge in this field, these are the choices to consider.

Additionally, all levels will require continuing education units to keep your certification in good standing. Because the field constantly evolves, it’s important to stay relevant and updated on recent changes.

You should check with your state to identify your exact requirements.

Did you know that pesticides aren’t the only way to deal with roaches or rats (read moreon that here)?

By integrating your management and practicing on preventative strategies, you can learn how to prohibit the pests from creating a problem in the first place. This requires intricate knowledge of the types of pests you are working with, the environments they live in, and what those pests are attracted to.

Furthermore, many technicians utilize alternative methods instead of pesticides for removal and control.

For example, practicing routine fertilization, watering strategies, and maintaining excellent sanitation tactics can decrease problems. Furthermore, using various heat and water treatments can eliminate issues without using chemicals.

Finally, some technicians take the route of using other living creatures that will naturally eat or kill the targeted pests.

Of course, if non-chemical methods cannot get the job done, pesticides will do the trick. With that, it’s vital that technicians use the least toxic product they can to treat the area. After successfully getting rid of the pest, you can return to non-chemical methods for treatment.

Working as a pest control technician has many benefits that include the ability to work independently, interact with different people, and make a lasting difference in your community. Moreover, it’s an emerging field with plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement.

Are you a pest control technician searching for a job? Check out our advanced search tool today.

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Opinions On Termite Stakes For DIY Pest Control – Pest …

Posted: May 4, 2019 at 9:50 am

I don’t see a pic of the product (?)

Not a problem. The product name, manufacturer or pretty much anything else that differentiates DIY termiticide treatment products are irrelevant. The vast majority all rely on the same strategy: Deliver a termiticide bait that individual termites will be exposed to when foraging. The expose transport the poison to the colony. Over time, if everything goes right, the entire colony collapses due to the effects of long term exposure to the bait.

That’s the idea anyway. The problem?

The category of products available OTC to the general public are generally ineffective. Contributing to this are a couple of issues: 1. Instructions that fail to adequately inform the typical homeowner on the many site-specific criteria that determine optimum treatment applications

2. Packaging that appeals to the shopper’s affinity of a cheap and easy fix to a potentially bad problem. The graphics generally portray the use of the product so simple a child could do it and achieve desired results.

3. Most importantly, OTC products contain a tiny fraction of the active ingredient by volume as compared to the products available to a licensed pesticide applicator. Properly applied commercial termiticide and follow up are extremely effective in achieving long term remediation.

Simply put, save yourself some time in traffic and a trip to a big box.

If you have, or are likely to have a termite problem, drop the coin and call a vetted local pest control company.

Opinions On Termite Stakes For DIY Pest Control – Pest …

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Nix Termite – 63 Photos & 214 Reviews – Pest Control …

Posted: April 25, 2019 at 4:48 pm


Hired Nix Termite to fumigate my home due to a bed bug infestation. Very professional outfit. Noticed the tent that went up even looked better than others I have seen from time to time around our neighborhood. Very reasonable pricing based on my research.This is actually the 2nd time I’ve been in contact with Nix Termite. I called them a couple years back to check my home for termites since it had been 7 years that we had been in the home (and last tenting done upon sale of the home). No evidence of termites back then so no work done.I also noticed that there was no strong smell upon return to my home. Was expecting to smell something from the warning chemicals that are added (I know the Vikane gas is oderless).Anyhow, highly recommended and would use them again.

We are very satisfied with Nix Termite. We needed a termite inspection for a refinance of our home. I had gone through a previous inspection with X Termite (the orange oil guys) and felt that they were trying to rip us off. They said they found active termite activity and wanted to treat the attic and a spot in the garage with the orange oil. They quoted us $1500! Eek! The house was tented just over two years ago (I find it hard to imagine that there are active termites already, plus we have been diligently watching for them and have not seen any new evidence). I am so grateful that I followed my gut instinct and decided to get a second opinion. Hector from Nix Termite came out yesterday and did a thorough inspection. He found no active termites and cleared our home for the refinance. They were quick and effective in providing the report for me in order to close escrow. Thank you! We will be using your services again!

Service by Ricardo was extremely helpful in explaining the details of the termite damage in my home. He showed up exactly on time of the appointment and was patient while I distracted one of our dogs who likes to bark at strangers. Ricardo offered several options for repairing the damage and recommendations on how to stay ahead of future mite damage. Excellent customer service! I look forward to the repairs being done by Nix Termite.

I’m satisfied with the service, good team and response on any questions quickly. Will recommend this company.

It has been a stressful adventure as is the case with all construction projects but overall, I am satisfied because of the way the owner manages issues and because the subcontractor assigned to our project did quality work. Unforeseen things happened on the bidding and the project execution which were anxiety provoking but ultimately, I am glad to have had open communication and negotiations to resolve concerns from both parties. The staff are all very efficient and friendly. I would recommend Nix for value and quality and decent customer service. I saw great reviews re: inspections but was wary due to my big project & bad experiences in the past but in the final analysis, it all came together.

I had the pressure of working with Veronica. I called about an inquiry and she helped me every step of the way. She was very professional (friendly, listened, attentive, followup) The same goes with the guys who tented the house. They were very helpful and friendly as well. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you Nix Termite!

Jeanette and the whole at Nix Termite team is just amazing! The office team are always nice and very helpful! Jeanette is just awesome when answering my questions through email and she provides excellent service. The guys that do the inspections are courteous, on-time and do a thorough job! The crew that came to replace the damaged wood were also very courteous, on-time, did a thorough job and they cleaned up after themselves.You will be very happy with the service you receive if you use Nix Termite!

VERY IMPRESSED with their customer service!!! Currently in the process of refinancing, we needed a termite report to complete the refinance. Due to my situation, they found an inspector the day i called and provided report the next day. At the completion of the assessment not only did Travis Stradley (Inspector) let me know what repairs were needed and provided a competitive quote, he informed me of a rodent he found on the side of the house. Chris(owner) provided options to assist me through the process of repairs to complete my refinance. Not many companies will do this for a customer. Thank you for excellent customer service, time and assistance. Highly recommend NIX Termite!!!

Needed a quick Termite inspection as a mis-communication with my refi lender had me at search for a company that can knock it out asap and with in a decent price range. I explained my situation to Nix Termite and had no issues. They sent out Ricardo the next day. Professional and thorough throughout his inspection, we noted my problem areas and allowed me to address them on the spot. Ricardo and Nix Termite provided their report quickly and hassle free so that I can close escrow just in time before the long holiday. Thanks to Ricardo and Nix Termite for running a great show and providing professional customer service. I’d have no problem contacting them in the future for any pest control issues I may have.

Great company and service!!Tenting went as expected, on time, and on price.

Wow! We had another company come out and give us a quote after watching their TV commercials over and over again. They said they found some termites up in the attic. Gave us a pretty hefty quote. So we decided to shop around and get some more quotes and Hector from Nix Termite came out. VERY professional and stayed in contact as to when he would arrive at the house. Provided a full house inspection and inspected thoroughly were that other company marked that there was termites. Hector found nothing. Something that might be confused as termite remains but it was not. Hector gives you that old time feeling of when people were honest and would only try to take care of a problem (if there was one) as opposed to those that just try to sell you stuff you really don’t need. Needless to say I highly recommend you use Nix Termite for your insect/termite needs and I would recommend asking for Hector by name!!! So glad we found him!!!

Well, I call Nix for a termite inspection and they scheduled someone to come out between 10am- 11:30 the next day. So the next day at 10 O’clock Ricardo showed up. Unknown to him this is a second opinion inspection. After doing his thang, he tells me he found cricket poop & some termite wings. Well the first inspector found this , that & everything else but no cricket poop nor termite wings. I believe Ricardo is truthful and honest because for the last two years we have had problems with crickets! The other inspector exaggerated the problem! Trust Nix Termite, and their expert inspector Ricardo Rodriguez!!

We were in a time crunch during our refinance process due to some miscommunication with our finance team. Nix Termite stepped up and made sure we got an appointment right away for our termite inspection and then also rushed the repairs to assure we could keep our closing date and were not charged any additional fees. Thank you so much for working with our time deadline.

I am doing a VA Refinance and I needed a termite inspection. Time is of the essence to keep my locked in interest rate, so I needed to get someone out ASAP! I had called one place that was located nearby and had actually scheduled with them; however, I called and cancelled when I looked through Yelp reviews and came across NIX Termite, ) of Bonita who quoted 1/3 of the price I was quoted by the first pest control I had called. I was able to get someone out immediately. Ricardo Rodriguez was the Field Rep who came out and he promptly arrived at the time I was given. He was extremely professional and very friendly. He immediately handed me his card and introduced himself when I answered the door. He did a time efficient but thorough inspection on my condo. He explained everything to me as he was inspecting, as I initially thought a termite inspection was just for termites. He educated me on the other things VA requires and what he inspects. He informed me the report will be sent to me first thing tomorrow so I will be able to get it to my loan processor in a timely manner.I was overall extremely impressed with Ricardo Rodriguez, Field Rep. If you are in need of an extremely timely, thorough, professional, courteous and competively priced Pest Control and/or Termite Inspection, I highly recommend you call Ricardo at NIX Termite of Bonita.EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER who will be calling Nix for future needs and will recommend to my friends, family and co-workers! Thank you, Ricardo!!

I never thought I would be recommending a termite removal company; however, here I am. We are in the process of selling our home and this is the absolute best business that I have worked during that process. They are quick, reliable, affable, and supportive. They know that tenting is a pain but they make it painless. Their inspector, Hector (he rocks!), walked our property and was thorough. He explained in every detail where we had accrued termite damage and the repairs needed. We were up against a hard deadline, so Hector arranged for the tenting to take place two days later! TWO. DAYS. LATER! Other companies told us it would be up to three weeks. TWO. DAYS. The workers who tented the house were wonderful; the costumer service representatives were always congenial (shout out to you, Jennifer!); everyone associated with Nix is great. Nix Termite gets my absolute wholehearted endorsement. We are believers. Please support this local business. If you are a real estate agent, put them in your regular list of recommendations. They are the real deal and the absolute best in San Diego County.

Needed a termite inspection for a condo we’re selling. Called on a Friday afternoon and got an appointment for Monday scheduled.Ricardo was exactly on time and very professional. He did the full inspection in ~15 minutes.We’ve used other companies for termite treatment. I wish I had called Nix the first time based on their timeliness and pricing. Highly recommended

Great service, Veronica is on it. Always calls to remind me of my scheduled appointments. Affordable and great service. Love the yelp coupon!

Just had a termite inspection for our Condo we are sell. Ricardo came in and did an amazing job really nice and very professional. If we were staying in California I would of had him come out to our new house and work on that one. I would recommend him any day.

Ricardo did a termite inspection at our home today. He was on time, polite, and professional. Luckily we did not need to get any treatments, but if we did, we would feel 100% confident going with this company. We will also be using Nix Termite in the future for any needs. Thank you Ricardo. I highly recommend Nix Termite.

Thank you Ricardo for being so forthcoming with your inspection and the diligence and honesty of your service. Ricardo showed up right on time and was very professional. There were no termites but he took the time to explain to us the tell tale signs of termites and told us what to look for in the future. We are purchasing a home and now we can rest easy that we are pest free! We will use NIX termite for any future termite concerns. We really appreciated Ricardo’s honesty and integrity it was a welcome change when so many business out there today are just about the bottom line. If you are purchasing a home and are curious about termites, Nix Termite is the way to go!

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Nix Termite – 63 Photos & 214 Reviews – Pest Control …

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