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Century Termite & Pest Control – 20 Photos & 30 Reviews …

Posted: November 29, 2018 at 1:40 pm


John called when he was on his way and gave me his approximate arrival time. The inspection was schedule between 8am-10am on a Saturday morning. He called me around 8:30 and stated he would be there in approximately 30 minutes. He arrived on time, was professional and conducted the inspection quickly yet thoroughly. He was personable and friendly. I would definitely recommend Century and John to anyone needing termite inspection or home pest service. Very friendly company and quick to process all requests. Thank you!

Review update – it only gets worse… I didn’t think it was possible but the deception runs deep.I had an inspection performed at my home on May 10. I was told the inspection was free, because I had an existing warranty with the company (although they also told me that they do free inspections, so I don’t actually know what their warranty covers and initially they told me my warranty was only good for 90 days, which was about 8 months earlier, and i have email from them to prove it – this is an aside, not the main complaint, but signs of deceptive business practices). At the time of service I was handed two work orders totaling $1300. I rec’d a second estimate from another company, and they said that the claims that were made by Century Termite and Pest were not true so I did not sign the work orders that I was initially given. On June 1, I received in the mail an “account statement”, which appears very much like an invoice with a date of May 10 on it. The line item for $95 is titled TERMITE WARRANTY INSPECTION, and it says I will be charged a 1.5% fee if the balance is unpaid after 10 days. So it looks like they are invoicing me for what was supposed to be a free service, and they even included a payment envelope. I called the company to tell them I wanted that amount removed from my account balance, and they said, oh, so you don’t want to renew your warranty? indicating that the statement was not really an invoice for the inspection but rather an invoice for a warranty renewal. It is incredibly deceptive to try to disguise this optional cost as the balance due for a FREE inspection. DECEPTION ALL AROUND. DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. IF YOU WORK FOR THIS COMPANY, START LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JOB NOW – I’M SURE NOT ALL OF YOU ARE INTENTIONALLY DECEITFUL.

Fast, honest, effective service handled by true professionals start to finish at a reasonable rate. We have had two service calls in the last year after switching from another local company. My pest issues were resolved at the first service call and I highly recommend Century.

Eric is trustworthy, dependable, and on time. During this visit, I had a special request related to activity in a certain area. Eric listened, is very knowledgeable, and took care of the problem right away. He’s very friendly, respectful, and professional. Thank you, Eric!!!

A star because business with them was going well from 2010-2017. In 2017, I told them that due to health concerns , rather than cancel altogether I want to instead put my account on hold where a tech ONLY comes out if I request the service. I was told my request will be granted and noted on my account. All continued well until someone came out and serviced the exterior of my house in the Spring of 2018 and again in the Summer of 2018 WITHOUT my knowledge or my permission. I paid the first invoice but called and expressed my disapproval and again said that no one is to service unless I call. But still, someone came out in the summer. I don’t know if the business has undergone management change this year, but things have only gone downhill in 2018 with this company. I told them I shouldn’t have to pay the second invoice, but I was billed again, with additional fees, and threatened with Collections. I have cancelled my service, but still disgusted by management’s lack of answering my messages and being thirsty for the next penny instead of looking for ways to resolve and make it work so I can continue being a customer of their’s.

I live in Northern Va. and actually tried reaching out to you after seeing your post and left a message but have not heard back.

Andy has been our technician for a while now and we love his service! Always very knowledgeable about any problem we had in the past giving us the best solution for it.!

Update: the owner’s explanation below is yet another falsehood. In fact, they just sent me another “renewal notice” asking for even more money recently. They have performed no service at my property for at least three years. Stay away!This company operates with deceptive business practices. They recently sent me a “renewal notice” that clearly states that my policy expires a month from now, and yet when I called to schedule an annual inspection, I was told actually, there isn’t an active policy. This leads me to suspect that the renewal notice was just an attempt to get me to pony up the $95 they were asking for. Watch out for these guys.

John was punctual, called when he was in his way, educated me on our termite issue, provided a variety of future measures we can take for treatment with a low pressure/educated suggestive way. Super nice guy and definitely will continue to be a Century customer with free assessment and quality service like this! Thank you, John!

We have used century for 12 years, since we bought our current home and our realtor suggested getting a service maintenance contract with an exterminator since our house backs up to a heavily wooded area. They come out once a quarter and spray outside our home to deter ants, which we have seen inside only on several occasions. When we have seen ant infestation (twice inside our mailbox and once inside our home in an air duct) we have called and a technician was dispatched and thoroughly resolved the issue. On Saturday, 3/18/17, my husband noticed a few very small ants in our kitchen. He made a call and a technician (Brett Seace) came on Monday. He was very thorough and polite and closed both gates after he was finished, a big issue for us as we have a dog and many service people leave one or both gates open. He informed us of what he did and what he found (no active infestation found) and told us what to expect and what to do if we do see further evidence of ants. Our realtor recommended Century 12 years ago and we are still using them and very satisfied and will continue to recommend them.

We paid $475 for them to trap a skunk under our porch. The trap was set, and days later it was removed. However they had captured a cat and released it. Go figure, they use cat food to catch rodents and other pests. Then they lied to us about actually catching something, which they did not. I would not recommend them at all. There customer service is terrible.

I have been using the company since I moved into my house in 2009. Service has always been hit or miss. Some of the techs are kind, courteous, punctual, respectful, and give a heads up call well in advance of their arrival. Then, you have the techs like ours tonight. He arrived at 8:15 pm when he was supposed to arrive no later than 6 pm (when the company closes). He did not call to say he would be late, did not give us a heads up call, and was surprised when I chewed him out for waking up my toddler daughter who had gone to bed 45 minutes prior. When we heard nothing as of 7 pm from him or the company, we gave up on him and had already decided to switch to another company because this was the second reschedule of a free retreatment. Also, emails composed using the web form apparently don’t actually go anywhere, are not read, and/or are not responded to. I’ve sent a few over the years and can’t be sure if they were acted upon or ignored. We are fed up with the hot and cold customer service and technician quality and are taking out business elsewhere.

I have used this company for many years and was thoroughly pleased with them, until February, 2017. I recently had a horrible experience when a registered item was removed from my home while three gentlemen from this company were working in my attic. After filing a police report and paying attorney fees (for consultation) only to hear there is nothing I can do about it if I didn’t see the item get stolen, I was very angry and disappointed. Several conversations with the company manager and my request for reimbursement for the stolen item eventually landed me on the “Do not even return her call anymore” list. I’m am still pissed beyond repair and do not intend to ever write another check to this company again. That is the only recourse I have. One or all three of these ‘thugs’ got away with larceny and there was nothing I could do about it but file a police report and share my not so good experience on this forum. This royally sucks! Companies are responsible for what their employees do! This experience totally erases any positive things I once had to say about this company. If there were even a remote chance that anything else could have happened to this missing item, I could not, in good conscience write this! Signed, Actively Seeking Another Pest Control Company

We recently discovered a mouse problem in our home and called Century Termite and Pest and we are very happy we did. Called on a Tuesday afternoon and the woman who answered the phone was very nice and set up an appointment for us the very next day. Inspector arrived exactly on time and recommended a technician come by later that day to lay traps, spray the outside of our home, and search for (and patch) any holes the nice may be coming through. The inspector and technical were very friendly and thorough. Service we picked covers a number of pests in addition to the nice (ants, other bugs) which is a great bonus.

We have used Century Termite for years now and they have done an excellent job of protecting our home from termites, ants, and other bugs. Because we live in a wooded area, in the spring we often see ants which sometimes come into the house. Century has been very quick to respond to my calls for service. They have also done an incredible job of ridding our attic of squirrels, and installing squirrel-proof gutters. Century is the best!

I don’t believe a company could be this much irresponsible and careless about their customers!! Horrible company to do business with…they take your money and they completely ignore you! Very disappointed and I am very surprised they are still in business. We contacted Century Termite and Pest for insect treatment. When their Salesman Patrick came to our property and start checking the garage and outside he suggested that we sign up for yearly treatment plan which includes 4 times treatment. In addition, they need to do extensive initial treatment which includes insect treatment in the attic and windows from inside since our main concern was insects and stink bugs and a yellow jacket nest outside the property which we paid $425 just for this initial treatment. When their technician arrived for the initial treatment, he stated that we need to leave the house since he is going to put a fog in the attic (BE AWARE…This is the tactic they use for you to put the homeowner out of the house so you don’t see if they do any treatment at all!!) I waited outside the house and their technician was out from my house in 20 minutes and did not even touch most of the windows!!! How is it possible to treat all the windows in three levels (Approximately total of over 50 Windows in 8,200 SF House in 20 minutes???!!!) I called their technician and the Salesman on the same day and requested that their technician comes back and complete the treatment since I still had stink Bugs all over the windows and the yellow jackets were still flying all over the backyard!! The technician said I am going to talk to the office and call you back. The technician never called back and I never heard back from the Salesman. I sent the Salesman Patrick multiple e-mails and he did not respond to any of my e-mails. At that point I decided to forward the e-mails to their main office and express my concerns and their poor service and request that they need to come back to complete their treatment. Finally, a lady from their office called me back and mentioned the Salesman (Patrick) is no longer with their company and she is going to look into this and call me back which she never called back!! At this point, I am drawing the conclusion that this company do not care about their customers since I made numerous attempts to resolve the issue with them directly!!!

WHY OH WHY didn’t I check the reviews here first?A complete stranger recommended these people – and had I done one minute’s research, I would have NEVER done business with these folks. The salesman, nice as can be, said he could have someone out right away to take care of my mouse problem.Two months later, and 7000 traps with peanut butter around my house, I still have the mouse problem. I asked for a different service person and was told the manager would come – which he did NOT. The same man (also very nice!) kept coming to my house and setting more traps – which we could have done ourselves, and HAD before we ever called this company.I signed a contract for – the salesman assured me – three months service, after which I would owe $85 every 3 months, but I could cancel at ANY time. So when I called today after only two months, I was told that I could NOT cancel, as I’d signed a one-year agreement and would be responsible for all payments – another $400 to keep these guys on board, so that they can do absolutely nothing.DON’T call these people. Pray that they go out of business soon. With salespeople saying one thing and ‘service managers’ who never show up but charge you for service – WOW. What a huge mistake.

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE COMPANY! I would not recommend this company to anyone. Their technician was unbelievably rude, refused to treat the areas they promised to treat, proceeded to tell me that another technician was fired for stealing, stated that my contract should be quadrupled to $400/per month because the chemicals he uses are “expensive” and then inquired about whether we paid technicians on the side. Absolutely unbelievable. I informed their office and contract manger of the incident and was promised that the Service Manager would immediately return my call. I never received a return call whatsoever. THEY CLEARLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND DO NO NOT DESERVE ANYONE’S BUSINESS! ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!

Stay away! Not professional & careless. If you have a problem, the owner of the company does not return calls.My opinion: Their technicians didn’t use protective clothing to spray poisons which, to me states, “they don’t understand how toxic poisons can affect them so why would they think it’s toxic to you, your children or pets”. Their technician spilled poison pellets in my driveway and left them there, everywhere. The poisons they used are toxic and they were targeting an infestation of Black Widow spiders.I would suggest you don’t even bother. They will have you sign a 1 year contract and ask you make your 1st payment.

Treated the soil around my new house which is under construction. Came out soon, did a great job, and work was quick.

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Century Termite & Pest Control – 20 Photos & 30 Reviews …

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Central Termite & Pest Control Odessa, Florida

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We Control The Following and More:-Termites-Ants-Cockroaches-Ticks-Fleas-Spiders-Wasps-Flies-Moths-Earwigs-Carpenter Ants-Bed Bugs-Bees-Rodents-Silverfish

Proudly serving Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Hillsborough & Citrus counties since 1974

2422 Destiny WayOdessa, FL 33556Pasco/Pinellas (727)841-6616Hernando (352)293-2815Toll Free (800)531-5911

Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30

Serving The Greater Tampa Bay Area Since 1974

At Central Pest Control we strive to be the pinnacle of customer service in the pest control industry. With over 65 years experience in pest control, you can rest assured that your family and home are protected by our many services offered.

We offer highly trained technicians that are prompt and professionalas well as friendly, knowledgeable office personnelthat arewaiting to answer any questions you should have.

Whether you are looking for termite or pest control for your home or officewe offer the service you are looking for.




New Port Richey

Port Richey

Land O’ Lakes


Tarpon Springs

Palm Harbor


Safety Harbor

St. Petersburg





Apollo Beach




Wesley Chapel



Spring Hill



Justin Bahr; Janis & Travis Wellbrock

Our $1,000,000.00 termite damage warranty is the best in the industry

Our innovative yearly service is ourperfect budget friendly option

Real estate reports for wood destroying insects.

Servicing your home six times a year keeps your exterior looking well kept

Rodent removal and exclusion.

Our $1,000,000.00 termite damage warranty is the best in the industry

We offer multiple treatment options for complete eradication

Our Team



Janis, Justin, Sonya


Central Pest Control

“We appreciated the tech Mikewho checked our home for bugs. Until recently we had tiny little bugs that found their way into pantry items. He explained that those bugs dont come in from the outside of containers but the eggs are inside these items when we buy them. If not used right away, tiny eggs hatch and the infestation of those bugs begin. A good lesson learned from him. Thanks!”

Anne L.- Spring Hill

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Central Termite & Pest Control Odessa, Florida

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Neuse Termite and Pest – Raleigh Pest Control …

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Termite Problems?

Let us help you eliminate them or prevent them from coming back. Get A FREE inspection today!

Raleigh, NC-area home and business owners who want an affordable, personalized exterminator service have turned to Neuse Termite and Pest Control. Our award winning team of pest control experts is equipped with the latest training, technology and equipment to protect or rid your space of:

We have what it takes to eliminate the worst residential or commercial bug problems. Our combined 320 years of bug-battling experience means there not a problem with ants, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs or other pests we havent seen before.

Every customer receives the individualized attention they deserve, with our low turnover rate and consistent service with the option of choosing the same technician, month after month. We take the time to get to know you, your family or your business, so you can rest assured youre in the best possible hands of a professional exterminator who caters to your needs.

Our exterminator team uses the top-rated pest control products in the industry, meaning there are no over-application worries that are prevalent with inferior bug prevention and control systems. We get the job done while taking your familys and employees health as seriously as you do!

If youre ready for the highest-quality pest control services for your home or commercial space, contact us at (919) 553-9888 for more information and to request a free, no-obligation price quote. Well find the right residential pest control plan or commercial pest control plan that fits your needs and budget. Call now!

Whether youre a professional real estate agent selling a listing or a first-time home buyer just starting out, our Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR) and New Construction Warranty services are a wise investment. To learn more about each report, click here!

We now offer the option for customers to request appointments and pay online through our Customer Portal! To take advantage of this feature, simply provide our office with your email address. You will receive your new account link as well as a temporary password. Its that easy!

Proudly providing outstanding pest control services to satisfied customers in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Morrisville, Wake Forest, North Raleigh, Holly Springs, Fuquay, Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon, Garner, Angier, Durham, Benson Smithfield, and Selma.

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Neuse Termite and Pest – Raleigh Pest Control …

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Steps Involved In A Termite Inspection | Pest Control and Bug …

Posted: November 28, 2018 at 12:41 pm

Termites are one of the worst nightmares for any homeowner. When they infest, they colonize very rapidly; munching on the wood thats in their way. While termites are notorious for eating wood, damaging the home, they are also very harmful to the health of the residents inside.

Millions of dollars are spent on termite treatments and prevention. Before you spend too much on termite extermination, get your home inspected. Its imperative to know the current status of any termite infestation. Knowing the category of the termite investigation will save additional damage that can be caused by the termites.

Although most termites are subterranean insects, meaning they are generally underground, there are also visible signs above the ground to detect their presence. In determining the current status of a termite infestation, first you need to recognize the signs. Look for termite tubes, also known as mud tubes, in and around the house. Knock on any wood structures in your home and see if you can feel any hollowness in the wood.

A termite inspection is best handled by termite inspection professionals. The basic steps involved in a professional termite inspection are as follows:

A professional termite inspector will start looking for the signs of a termite infestation on the exterior of your home. If your home does have termites roaming around, then their signs will be visible outside. He will thoroughly inspect the perimeter of the home, and also the foundation. The termite inspector will be looking for actual termites, and the termite tubes. If your home has any dead bushes or wild growth, then the inspector will ask you to remove them to keep your place free from any kind of infestation.

After completing a thorough inspection of the exterior of a home, the inspector will move towards the interior. Termite inspections are more difficult inside the home; as compared to the exterior. This is because there are many more places inside the home that need to be checked. Termite tubes can be almost anywhere and everywhere; on the windows, corners, inside closets, in the kitchen cabinets and behind heavy appliances. If there is heavy infestation, then the tubes are typically found inside the walls and floor throughout the home.

The crawl spaces and basements of homes are the favorite hiding place for termites. It would be a big mistake to avoid inspecting them. The home inspector will have the appropriate equipment needed to inspect every crawl space in the home, and will have the expertise to know if a home is even the least bit susceptible to termites.

If you think the attics are high above the ground and there is little chance of finding termites there then you are wrong. You will be surprised to know that many times the infestation is not found anywhere else in the home but attics. So this makes it necessary to inspect the top level of the home as much as the other parts of the home.

Termite inspection does not involve any treatment related to termite eradication, but it is just the survey of the home to determine the current status of infestation. This will help in knowing where there are signs of termites in your home, and how much damage has already been caused. Such inspections also help you in selling your home, as many buyers prefer to have the home thoroughly inspected before buying it.

If it is determined that a home is in deed infested with termites, professional termite control will be needed to exterminate the destructive pests.

Author Bio:

Ethen Hunt is the author of this article. He writers for New Jersey Termite Inspector and recommends his services if you are looking for Termite Inspection.


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Steps Involved In A Termite Inspection | Pest Control and Bug …

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Mooresville Pest Control | Termites & Ants Local Exterminator …

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Pest Control Services At Low Prices

As a Mooresville pest control company and local exterminator experts, wegotyou covered, withdecades of experience we have being treating all types of pests in the local area like mosquitoes, rats, ants, yellow jackets, termites, bed bugs, fleas, etc. Beyond being the best on our field were proud to offer affordablepest control servicesand family and pet friendly solutions. Were a local company, servingMooresville North Carolina and beyond.

Our company hasbeen providing local exterminator services since 1959 in the Mooresville area, with decades of experience on pest control products and techniques were confident were going to get rid of your unwanted pests for good. Were a family owned exterminator company and we stand behind our work 100%, our company is BBB Accredited since 1973so feel secure were a trustful local pest control company that knows how to deliver results.

Mooresville Pest Control Service Areas

Our local Mooresville Branch is proud to serve the following cities:Cornelius NC, Huntersville NC, Kannapolis NC, Statesville NC, Concord NC, Salisbury NC, Mount Holly NC, Denver NC, Newton NC, Lincolnton NC, Mint Hill NC, Gastonia NC, Hickory NC, Matthews NC, Lexington NC.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is one of our expertise, by using the best chemical products we can treat the outside of your home to be mosquito free. Our solutions are pet and family friendly, if youre tired of not being able to enjoy your garden or backyard because mosquitoes keep annoying you give our pest control company a trysince wehave more than 53 years getting rid of mosquitoes in backyards, gardens, and inside homes.

Termites can be very destructive to your home costing you thousands of dollars in repair costs, if you think you have termites in your home you gotta address this immediately, fortunately our mooresville pest control branch can help you by providing a free termite home inspection, yes you heard right, we provide FREE Termite Inspections.

Our ant control plan is very effective and also very kid and pet friendly, ants should be be exterminated rapidly before they make a big colony on your home or backyard. Call today and ask one of our representatives about our effective and low priced ant control plan.

Roaches can be a very bad pest problem, cockroaches carry deceases and they multiply very quickly. Some roaches only need to be impregnated once and they can have baby roaches for a lifetime. This is why you must act quickly and try to exterminate them from your home, to eliminate them completely you have to eradicate their nest otherwise they will come back again and again.

Wasps and hornets can be very dangerous and their stinging really hurts, take control of your home if you have a problem with stinging insects, ask about our insect control service today!

BBB Accredited exterminator company since 1973 for 42 years of continuous accreditationand Angies list super service award winner in 2012 make us the company of trust for any of your pest control needs in the Mooresville area, feel free to call us for any of your pest problems today!

Best reviewed Mooresville Pest Control Company

Our company is one of the top best reviewed Mooresville pest control company in the area, with amazing reviews from both google reviews, Facebook, Twitter and all over the internet. Our reviews speak for themselves

Exterminator Near Me

Our exterminator company is happy to serve the following counties and cities near you:Mount Mourne, Shepherds, Mazeppa, Torrance, Doolie, Shinnville, Mayhew, Davidson, Bells Crossroads, Harts, Mount Ulla, Coddle Creek, Cornelius, Ostwalt, Smithville, Amity Hill, Hopewell NC

We have pest control plans specially tailored for the area of Mooresville NC, our mosquito control plans will get rid of your mosquitoes. The area of Lake Norman and Mooresville NC have a lot of mosquito population, specially on the summer. Our local residents also suffer from termite infestations, for them we have our termite treatments with a Sentricon system. The local area also suffers from ant problems: Our ant control solution can get rid of your ant problem today, ants can also be very destructive since their count can be in the thousands.

552 Williamson Rd

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Mooresville Pest Control | Termites & Ants Local Exterminator …

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Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro | Roaches & Termite …

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Residential Services

Experiencing a pest infestation in Greensboro, NC? From termite control, to bed bug control, to flea control, you can rely on the team of Greensboro pest control technicians at Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro for a job well done. We are proud to provide Triad-area homeowners same-day pest control service, EPA-approved pest extermination methods, free estimates, and much more.

The Greensboro termite control technicians at Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro have more than 55 years of experience providing homeowners across the Triad area with premier termite inspection and control services. Termites can do serious damage to your homes foundation and it is important to catch them before it is too late. We also offer termite inspections for real-estate homes in Greensboro, NC.

Ants are a lot more destructive than they look they can actually do more damage to a home than termites! Our Greensboro ant control professionals are here to help. At Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro, our state-of-the-art extermination equipment partnered with our extensive experience in ant control allows us to rid homes of fire ants, house ants, carpenter ants, black ants, and more.

Bed bug are pests that are almost impossible to self treat, leaving you no option but to call a professional for help. Luckily, Go-Forth Pest Controls bed bug control exterminators provide the most effective treatment in all of the Piedmont Triad area. Bed bugs mainly reside in ones bed, but can spread to furniture, clothing, drawers, and moremaking it hard to fully eliminate them without the help of an expert. Count on Go-Forths professionally trained and equipped exterminators to take care of your bed bug problem for you today.

Experiencing a mosquito problem in your homes backyard or lawn? Rely on the Greensboro mosquito control experts at Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro who have more than 55 years of experience eliminating mosquitoes in the Triad area. We understand that mosquitoes are not only annoying pests, but they can also carry diseases that may be dangerous to humans and it is important to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Dont allow stinging insects to take over your outdoor living spaces. Go-Forths professionally trained and equipped exterminators can eliminate wasps, yellow jackets and hornets from your Greensboro property. These types of insects can be very aggressive and can cause serious harm with their painful stings, so it is imperative to contact the Go-Forth insect control team as soon as possible upon discovering your insect problem.

Rodents can bring all kinds of diseases to your home, contaminate and soil your food, and can bring fleas to your home and pets. Get rid of them fast with our rodent control plan today and live rat/mice/rodent free, as our professional rodent exterminators guarantee effective treatment and prevention of future infestation.

Our 50+ years of pest reduction and prevention isnt limited to only residential locations. We service commercial and public buildings as well, including nursing homes, HOAs, offices, property management buildings and industrial complexes.

Go-Forth Pest Controls professional flea control experts are ready to take care of your flea problem for you. It is essential to contact Go-Forth as soon as you discover a flea problem in your home, as fleas spread quickly and can be harmful to your family or pets.

When one spots a cockroach in their home or business, it is highly likely that there are many more close by. These pests are resilient and harmful in many ways, such as contaminating your food. Count on Go-Forth Pest Controls professional cockroach exterminators to provide you with the most effective services, to rid your property of cockroaches and prevent their return in the future.

Go-Forth Pest Control of Greensboro | Roaches & Termite …

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Pest Control In Providence, Worcester, New England | Big Blue Bug

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I just wanted to share with you how wonderful an experience it has been having New England Pest Control service our home for many years. All of the people who have serviced us, as well as Joannie and Melissa in Customer Service, have been and continue to be outstanding. GARY and RYAN just left our home. It was their first visit and my first time meeting both of them. Thefollowing words best describes them:


Bob and Brenda Framingham, MA

I call my Big Blue Bug Solutions home maintenance agreement ‘bug insurance’ and it’s really as simple as that. If there’s a problem, I call BBBS and they eliminate the problem.”

Cruisin’ Bruce Palmer

Dear Jen,

Thank you so much for sending the best bug man ever. Ted took care of everything right away. It is good to know that there are still some smart girls on the job. Way to go, Jen.”

Mary Beth Beretta Satisfied With The Best Bug Man Ever

I just wished to take a few minutes to commend your company. Ray and Christopher just completed the quarterly inspection/preventative maintenance. These two gentlemen are truly first class individuals who could not have been nicer and more professional. Again, I wish to thank your company for their continued commitment to quality, service and professionalism.”

Richard Providence, RI

I have two families to protect. My wife & kids in the house….and my classic cars in the garage. I don’t want pests endangering either I keep both my worlds safe with BBBS home maintenance protection.”

Cruisin’ Bruce Palmer

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Pest Control In Providence, Worcester, New England | Big Blue Bug

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Termite Exterminator in Garner NC | Get Rid of Termites Now

Posted: November 25, 2018 at 8:42 am

Do you think your home or office in Garner has Termites? Go-Forth Pest Control of Raleigh can help get rid of them with our services. Termites can cause a lot of damage to any home or building so it is important to get a professional to help with the extermination process. Dont wait till they cause more damage, get our pest control company out to help now.

Here at Go-Forth we use the Sentricon system to help bait the termites out of your home. We install the green stations around your home that attract the termites to it. Our technicians monitor these stations year round to make sure they are refilled and working to protect your home or office from termites. Call Go-Forth today or click to get a free quote on our termite services now.

Get A Free Quote(919)747-4668

Termites can cause a lot of damage fast. They reproduce quickly and travel in hundreds to eat through the wood on your property. They are hard to spot on your own because of their size and color, they tend to blend in with the wood. If you notice your floors creaking or windows are hard to open, you may have termites. Also, if you notice some decaying wood it may be infested with termites.

Read some of our reviews and see if Go-Forth can help with your termite extermination in Garner today.

David Reyna

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Logan Torres

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Termite Exterminator in Garner NC | Get Rid of Termites Now

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Daly City Termite Exterminator – Daly City Pest Control Pros

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Termite Exterminator Termite Inspections & Removal

Termite Exterminator

Every year, termites are reported to cause damage to property costing millions of dollars to repair. Even so, homeowners insurance doesnt cover termite damage. This is because the extent of termite damage usually cannot be determined immediately. Therefore, preventative steps are important in every stage of homeownership.

Elimination and prevention of termites requires professional services to ensure complete elimination of termites. Professionals detect any signs of an infestation and identify the type of termite present. They also advise on how to prevent termites from infesting your home and causing damage, and when you need extermination services.

Professional termite exterminators are certified and trained to eliminate termites from your home. Professional technicians are screened for drugs and undergo background checks and proper training. Certification is a requirement for their continued advancement. As a result, they provide the most professional work.

Warning Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites are known to be destructive by nature. They change their colonizing behaviors in different seasons and move to infest areas they have never infested before. Most people never notice a termite infestation until it is too late to prevent serious property damage.

Termites are known to cause damage to wood, but also feed on cardboard, paper products, furniture, and boxes. Even if your home exterior isnt made of wood, you can experience termite infestation. This is because most home doors, window frames, cabinets, shelves, and support beams are made of wood, and termites can easily infest such areas.

Warning signs of termite infestation include: a temporary swam of winged insects around your home or and soil, presence of cracks, accumulation of wood shavings, wood sounding hollow when tapped, and the presence of mud tubes on wooden beams or wall exteriors.

Termite Inspection & Removal

Termites mostly target homes damaged by moisture, especially those affected by snow, ice, or rain during the winter season. Continuous damage of structures and other property occurs once termites enter them. It is always advisable and encouraged for home buyers to get a termite inspection before purchasing a home.

Get a termite inspection during the home buying process and every one to three years after. Termite inspectors are trained to easily detect and analyze signs of termite infestation, even in the early stages.

Termite inspection professionals also look for conditions in your home that might attract termites into your home in the future. Termite inspection experts provide termite prevention tips to new or established home owners, such as keeping basement spaces properly ventilated and dry.

Repair any leaks in your home found in water pipes, roof corners, and shingles. Store firewood up off the ground and direct water away from wood structures through gutters.


Most professionally trained termite exterminator Daly City guarantee their customers satisfaction with the services they offer. If the termite problem isnt solved after work has been done at your home, have your service provider continue until you are completely satisfied. Otherwise, you should seek a refund if possible.

Call theDaly City Pest Control Pros for the best termite exterminator Daly City CA services. We are the top local pest controlDaly City CA company.

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Daly City Termite Exterminator – Daly City Pest Control Pros

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Truly Nolen Locations | Pest & Termite Control | Exterminator

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Green Valley & Sahuarita

Lake Havasu


Sun City


Commercial Pest Control Phoenix

Phoenix North Valley


Sierra Vista


Commercial Pest Control Phoenix East Valley


East Tucson

North Tucson, Marana & Oro Valley


Commercial Pest Control Tucson

National Commercial Pest Control



La Quinta

Palm Desert

Moreno Valley

San Diego & La Mesa

Commercial Pest Control San Diego

San Diego & San Marcos


Bonita Springs

Cape Coral

Coral Springs



Fort Lauderdale

Fort Pierce

Ft. Myers Commercial Pest Control

Ft. Myers

Commercial Pest Control Miami


Key Largo


Lake Worth




Marco Island



Miami Gardens



Commercial Pest Control Orlando

Commercial Pest Control Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Pompano Beach

Port Charlotte

Port Richey

Lake Mary




Commercial Pest Control Tampa

The Villages


West Atlanta

North Atlanta





Grand Island


Ocean County


Monmouth County



Rio Rancho

Santa Fe

Las Vegas


Canal Winchester





West Ashley


Sioux Falls




El Paso

Fort Worth







San Antonio

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Truly Nolen Locations | Pest & Termite Control | Exterminator

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